Local authorities target traffic violators in hopes of reducing number of fatal crashes

Local authorities recently stepped up their efforts to search for and strictly enforce crash-causing violations and seatbelt violations.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Sep 28, 2012


During the past two years, nine people have been killed in Erie County crashes in and around the Perkins Township area.

Alcohol has been a factor in three of these crashes, and seven of these individuals were not wearing their seatbelts. The primary causes of these fatal crashes were driving off the roadway, left of center and failure to yield.

To combat this growing problem, the Sandusky post of the state Highway Patrol worked in partnership with the Perkins Township Police Department. Officers searched for crash-causing violations and strictly enforced these violations, as well as seatbelt violations.

The first phase of the program started Sept. 16 and concluded last Saturday. During the program, officers initiated 297 traffic stops and issued 181 citations. There were 42 seatbelt citations issued, as well as five driver's license-related violation citations.

The second phase of the program is a Problem Site/Behavior Initiative that will last three months. This phase of the program will run on various days and shifts throughout the month. The complete program will conclude at the end of December 2012 and be evaluated.

The goal of the patrol and Perkins police is not to hamper the motoring public's travel, but to ensure the safety of everyone traveling the roadways in and around the Perkins Township area.



Ya might want start putting computer chips/strips on the stop signs too... Like weave them in the metal or something. Just to make sure they don't get stolen. Course, I guess that would cost too much.