Huron Co. jobless rate falls to 8 percent, below national average

Huron County's unemployment rate fell to 8 percent in August, which is a hair below the national average.
Scott Seitz
Sep 28, 2012


Huron County's unemployment rate fell to 8 percent in August.

That number was down from 10.3 percent in July and 9.8 percent in August 2011.

In Huron County, there are 27,700 members of the workforce, with 25,500 employed, leaving 2,200 without a job, according to figures released this week by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS).

"It's certainly encouraging," Huron County Commissioner Larry Silcox said. "That's closer to the national average, which I think is around 8 percent."

The U.S. unemployment rate for August was 8.1 percent, down from 8.3 percent in July, and down from 9.1 percent in August 2011.

Ohio's unemployment rate was 7.2 percent in August, unchanged from July, according to the ODJFS. Ohio's nonfarm wage and salary employment decreased 2,000 over the month from the revised 5,189,600 in July to 5,187,600 in August.

The new 8-percent figure for Huron County leaves it tied for 19th-highest among the state's 88 counties.

Erie County was at 5.5 percent, making it the eighth-lowest in the state.

"I like to see that, but yesterday we got the numbers in Huron County and there still were 1,000 people who went through the Job Store," Silcox said. "I know across the county there are jobs available."

Silcox said he's concerned when December arrives because many residents will exhaust their unemployment benefits then.

"There are also a number of construction jobs in the county and we're coming up on the end of the outdoor season," he said.

Silcox said anyone needing a job or a better job should go to the Job Store at Job and Family Services.

"I think it's a great tool," he said. "If you need help with a resume they can teach you that.

"It's absolutely amazing," Silcox added. "They had a job fair there, and four people were hired right on the spot. I know the employers were very pleased with the job fair. In the first hour, 90 people went through there."

Commissioner Gary Bauer also said he was happy to see the numbers.

"I know we've bid a couple projects in the county in the last three or four weeks and we haven't got the same number of people bidding," Bauer said. "And the ones that did bid, some couldn't do the work as soon as we needed it."

One of the projects was work at the retention pond at the transfer station.

"So I do know with less bidders, there is some work out there for contractors," Bauer said.

Bauer is often skeptical of the unemployment figures, which he said are calculated by a formula.

ODJFS officials said ll data cited are produced in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor. Data sources include current population survey (U.S. data); current employment statistics program (nonagricultural wage and salary employment data); and local area unemployment statistics program (Ohio unemployment rates).

"If they really dropped those (2.3) percentage points, that's marvelous, really good," he said.



Some "back of the envelope" calcs (literally):

According the the U.S. Census Bureau, HC has a 2011 estimated population of 59.5K

Approx. 36K are of "working age" (over 18 and younger than 65)

According to the article there are 25.5K employed.

36K - 25.5K = 10.5K or 29%.

The "unemployment rate" doesn't include those who have exhausted their unemployment benefits or those who have given up looking for non-existant jobs.

IMO, the 'true' unemployment rate is in the 20th percentile, not in the 10th, i.e. economic depression levels.

In 2012, Govt. "checks in the mail" and food pantries have replaced the soup lines of the 30s.


Statistics of always included this this is nothing new. You need to look at trends.


You said it. That was just my thinking too. We will continue to see a drop in unemployment due to exhaustion of benefits. Now, forced to accept any job to keep the lites on and food on the table. I am sure there are still alot who receive welfare on the back side. But hey atleast they have to contribute and work for part of it. That i don't have a problem with. I feel as i believe many others do. I would not have a problem with soooo many people in this county on the dole, if i would see the same people out picking up trash or helping the county/ city with lawn mowing and such.


@ truckin:

I understand.

However, the govt. statistics are telling us that the "dole" is fast becoming a way of life for an increasing number, not just a temporary "hand out."

One person's subsidy is another person's tax.

With over 47 million on food stamps and many older jobless adults claiming SSDI. The country has more than likely reached a "tipping point."

We may have 'achieved' a permanant "underclass" in this country.

The unintended consequences of which are the result of govt.: Taxing what it needs and subsidizing what it doesn't want.

The "poster child" of the week was the "Free Obama Phone" woman:


I sure see alot of people drivng new SUV's then, who are supposedly hurting. Damn, must be nice Both our vehicles are over 13 years old, thankfully all paid for and well maintained.


@ starryeyes83:

Auto cos. like GM are making sub-prime loans and "channel stuffing" (dumping) vehicles on dealers in order to move 'em.

Sub-prime loans worked out well for the housing mkt. didn't it?


@Contango, nope it didn't. ITA. I'm glad, mine are still in good shape.


Yea, right Winnie, sure. What orffice did you pull that out of?


I should have known, good old "cut and paste Winnie" was at it again. Well if its on the internet it HAS to be true. Keep drinking your Kool-aid Winnie. GM is alive and well, and Osama is dead. OBAMA 2012!


@ Zippy:

So I should continue to disbelieve anything you write because it's on the web?

Pres. Obama is 'very' proud that you were able to memorize and can regurgitate those simplistic phrases.


There's a big ol' jobs bill, once again, on the desks of congress, but as usual, the repubs won't sign it until it contains huge tax breaks for the wealthy.

Cliff Cannon

@ betrump: One must ask : " Why is there a 'big ol' jobs bill" on the desk of congress,when America is the supposed home of free enterprise capitalism?

The real fact of the matter,is the %#@$%^&@ politicians in Washington--- irregardless of party----are playing the American people like we were banjo's.( Watch the start of the movie "Pelican Brief" to see ----exactly--- what I mean)

After all,why does the land of the free and the home of the brave need the federal government to attempt to control the economy like we were Soviet Russia ?


So you are on that let's keep spending our way out of this team. Hint hint... Stimulus 1 didn't work.


@ betrump:

As Pres. Obama joked and laughed about the first $840 billion stimulus jobs bill: "Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected,"

So the U.S. should go further into debt by printing and borrowing hundreds of billion of dollars more for yet 'another' expensive political farce?


Dems want to pass it, but want it paid for with taxes. Repubs want to pass it, but only if taxes are lowered, so in effect, NOT paid for, raising the national debt even more. That's always the way it works. Dems use the credit card, but make sure there's money to pay for it. Repubs use the card and pass the debt onto future generations. Which side are you on?


@betrump....Oh really? What about Obamacare? Hint...its not deficit neutral. Dang, every time you open your yapper, false things come out. GM bailout...did that cost the taxpayers? Yup....billions. How about Obama wanting to pass Bush's tax cuts, which he did.

Obama has tripled the debt on our money clock....sure looks like he is using the credit card and its beyond maxed out. But you're going to vote Obama again no matter what so its pointless to argue with you.


You need a calculator, or maybe a basic math class. The debt went from $10T to $15T, and you call that 'tripled.' Hope you don't do your own taxes.


@ betrump: Keep working on that "civil" tone.

Actually, the U.S. debt "officially" stands at $16 trillion - a 63% increase from $10 trillion.

Debt-to-GDP ratio is a better guide. It stands at 102%. We're spending more than we are producing.

Throw in projected unfunded liabilities of Medicare, Medicaid, Soc. Sec. and other "entitlement" programs and we're over $100 trillion in debt.

(The GDP of the entire world is currently about $55 trillion.)

Interest payments alone on the debt is soon to reach $1 trillion annually.

The U.S. has went from the world's biggest creditor nation after WW2, to the world's largest debtor nation.

Just "taxing the rich" ain't gonna cut it.

BTW: I use Turbo Tax.


@ betrump:

So if you "run up," the balance on your credit card buying stuff and then force your rich neighbor to pay the bill, that would be justifiable?


@ contango.....yes it would have to truly understand the mindset of the people....koooooo kooo


You're right: Obamacare is NOT deficit neutral. It lowers the deficit. And asking the rich to pay the same percentage in taxes as the middle class is not a bad thing. You really, truly, have no idea what you're talking about. Please, do some fact checking. (I know, FACT is a dirty word for right-wingers.)

Cliff Cannon

@betrump: If in fact it is true medicare monthly costs to senior citizens will nearly triple by 2015 under 'obamacare' .That would in fact,lower the federal cost (i.e. the deficit)all the while burdening the senior citizens who actually worked to build this country,wouldn't it?

Since,the auto bailouts have been a big part of this debate : May I point to the empty building on rt.250 where " Dorr Chevrolet" was. (Of course, " Dorr Chevrolet" was a Milan institution for decades.)

Under,the auto bail out program,for ----reasons known only to them---the bailouts insisted that G.M. as well as Chrysler shed some 1300 small dealers like 'Dorr' that made money on service,while selling a few cars.

So 'Dorr' tried 'Hundai" (sp) then folded. Leaving another empty building,killing a local institution and putting how many people out of work? Question is " Why" ( Then mulitply the problem by 1300 dealers)


@ betrump:

You provided no "facts" only opinion, ad hominem attacks and polemics.

Kindly explain how expanding the number of those covered, increasing both the quality and the covered services provided free of charge will lead to lowering of costs and the U.S. deficit.

ObamaCare reads more like the Democrat version of a political perpetual motion machine - increased output for less input.

A business seeks to compete by providing the following:

or Service

Pick two because it's financially impossible to have all three. One will suffer at the expense of the other two.

As my late and very wise father-in-law used to say:

"If Cadilacs cost $1.00, we'd all be driving one."


@betrump, You do realize that most middle class people pay nothing in federal taxes yearly right? You really need to do your homework before you start bantering on here because every time you post its wrong. Let me guess, you probably still believe Romney paid nothing in taxes either? This is what is wrong with politics these days. Instead of having a factual argument, people like you start the name calling when you AGAIN have been proven wrong. The top 10% of earners (RICH people) pay close to 80% of the federal tax bill each and every year. Taxing the RICH even more, like Obama wants to, will only raise 80 Billion over ten years...thats 8 billion a year. Do you realize that we pay 4 billion a day just to cover or interest on our national debt? So that covers, what 2 days out of the 365. Its peanuts and wont fix anything at all. Hey I bet you want America to follow France and tax the rich at 75% dont you. Bet you think thats the fix for America huh?

Check with the national insurance rate database....since Obamacare was put into law, rates are going up at a staggering rate.

I wont hold my breath for something factual to actually come out of your mouth...I might pass out.


Leave it to Winnie to spin it to gloom and doom.


@ Zippy:

So are ya still buyin' silver?


Winnie, no I have plenty. I'm a coin collector, not a right wing nut job who thinks I'll have to buy bread and eggs with silver bars or junk silver coins.


@ Zippy:

So your "hobby" is to purposely overpay for silver purely for it's questionable numismatic value? Not surprised at your financial ignorance.


How soon most forgot....Furniture, CVG, Janesville gone. All before prsent CIC. Wonder how those owners voted? Who tried to keep those employers here? (answer will be given @ a later date)