Norwalk man arrested at gunpoint after rifle fired during argument with wife

Norwalk police arrested a man who reportedly fired a rifle in his home during an argument with his wife.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Sep 28, 2012


Norwalk police arrested a man who reportedly fired a rifle in his home during an argument with his wife.

Brandon Reilly, 31, of 63 Cline St., was taken into custody on a felony domestic violence charge Thursday evening.

Reilly and his wife reportedly had been arguing in their home when, according to his wife, he choked her. Reilly also allegedly threatened to shoot her and fired a .22 caliber rifle into the closet floor.

Capt. Eric Hipp said Reilly’s mother-in-law called 9-1-1 after she heard the gun shot. Reilly’s wife was able to wrestle away the rifle, Hipp said.

Reilly complied with officers’ orders and had calmed down by the time they arrived, Hipp said.

A report was sent to the Norwalk law director for the consideration of additional charges. Reilly remained in custody Thursday night at the Huron County Jail.



Love the jammies.

what the eff

love it...o'lady beat his azz and took the gun..what a puzz..


Wow this could have ended so badly...I'm happy it's a domestic violence and not a murder we are reading about today!

jack langhals

GOOD FOR HER !I am glad we don't have to take care of that situation !

jack langhals





At least they got him before he killed the dog....

Cliff Cannon

" A picture tells a thousand words"

Look at the picture : Chief Light( an amazing man in his own right) is running the show, as 2 of Norwalk's--- amazingly,incredibe policeman---lead the criminal with a gun,away from his own crime scene.

Correct me if I am wrong : We the citizens of Norwalk,are truly blessed to have such courageous people protecting us in these troubled times,aren't we? So thanks N.P.D.

swiss family

I'm kind of surprised Cliff... why is it that with some criminals you see" a lost young man who is troubled and can and will turn his life around"???? and with others you see them as criminals???????? confusing, or hypocritical... decide for yourself...