Recent prison inmate charged with sex crime

A local man is accused of sexually abusing a 10-year-old relative and fleeing to Michigan soon after an arrest warrant was issued. The man recently was released from prison.
Cary Ashby
Sep 28, 2012


A Willard man fresh off a lengthy prison term who is accused of sexually abusing a 10-year-old relative absconded to Michigan soon after his local arrest warrant was issued.

Ronald D. Ruff, 34, of 2560 Niver Road, is charged with gross sexual imposition, which is punishable by one to five years in prison. Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Shannon Lyons investigated the suspected Aug. 8 incident involving a 10-year-old girl.

"The initial investigation took place Aug. 12, 2012," Sgt. Todd Corbin said. "He just wrapped it up Sept. 22."

Corbin said the sex offense is likely a one-time incident, but there have been similar allegations involving other victimized relatives.

Lyons interviewed Ruff, the girl and her mother during his 10-day investigation.

"He tried to get information from other people, but they didn't want to cooperate," Corbin said.

Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel filed one count of gross sexual imposition, a third-degree felony, Aug. 17 in Norwalk Municipal Court and Judge John Ridge issued a warrant for Ruff's arrest, according to court records. Christophel hasn't returned repeated requests this week to talk about the case.

Soon after the warrant was issued, Ruff "got wind" of it and absconded to Michigan, Corbin said.

The deputy was asked how long the suspect was in Michigan.

"It's hard to say. He was back and forth," Corbin said.

Eventually, the Willard Police Department was able to arrest Ruff. Police records indicate officers had the suspect in custody just before 9 p.m. Sept. 21 at an unspecified location in the city.

Corbin said police apparently received a tip about Ruff's whereabouts. The deputy said Ruff left the Willard residence to keep officers from arresting his brother on local warrants on one count each of failure to report to jail, driving with a suspended license and menacing. The brother hadn't reported to jail to serve time for a possession of drug paraphernalia conviction.

Ruff recently finished serving a 17-year prison term in Michigan.

He was discharged July 19 and isn't on parole. Prison records show Ruff was convicted of armed robbery and a felony firearm violation for a Sept. 11, 1995 crime in Wayne County.

"He's been locked up for the last 17 years. He hadn't been out of prison for too long," Corbin said.

Ruff is out on bond, having posted a $15,000 Monday at the Huron County Jail. His preliminary hearing was this morning.



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Sitting In The ...

You left out parents who would rather protect the accused over their own children but other then that I agree with you


I agree rickross,i say we should start in Erie County.
The fairgrounds would make great stage for several ol fashioned hangings and lynch mobs over there...some should just suffer endlessly until hell spits them out too.

swiss family

the facts tell us that rape has more to do with domination and control than sex... so it is clear what the thrill is to the raper... , they really enjoy controlling people, and who are the easiest to control??? children are... that is why there should be at least one bulletin board in each school to show pictures and locations of the convicted sexual offenders.. so the kids have at least a small chance of being protected from these pervs..... it is NOT enough to have a board like this inside the teachers lounge.. how are the kids supposed to know who is on the board if they can not see it.???I would think that any teacher who knowingly has the information inside the teachers lounge area, and any child is molested or attacked in any way by one of the criminals on the hidden boards, should feel partially responsible, for having the information and not seeing to it that it was used to protect the people they are supposed to be protecting...


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Sitting In The ...

Corbin said the sex offense is likely a "one-time incident". Did you read that portion of the story?. They charged him and the paper reported on it. My question would be if you are in fact the mother why would you not cooperate with LE? I find it interesting that you only mention two things, you do realize that he can still be guilty of this crime without doing those two things?. It appears to me you would rather protect this loser over your own children, normally parents of the alleged victim are very hostile toward the accuser. I hope your children are okay and I can't emphasize this enough I hope the state of Ohio removes the children from your custody.


I am cooperating, if I was not then they would never know of the incident to begin with. I am tired of the Norwalk Reflector twisting stories of people I know and making thier stories sound better. They don't always use facts and we all are aware of this. I bet I could find several other people who would stand behind me in saying so due to their own experiences. I am protecting my children and we are lucky enough not to live in the State of Ohio and would never willingly do so.And yes, I feel that when a child is involved and you lie to soup up a story and post it on a front page , now everyone is going to assume the worst. You don't know what happened. And you won't. My daughter is not up for being on the front page of the news. Thank God she doesnt have to go to school and explain this situation to classmates thanks to Cary Asby. The place is so eventless they have a police log telling every call and things the public doesnt need to hear. Obviously they had to create something to write about in order to have a career. My kids are fine and as for your fine State, I have watched towns overtaken by herion and people dying left and right so write about that. I find it pretty interesting that no one is enraged at how your death rates are higher than those in large cities in your little townships. And how theft and burglary are just as high. Get a Life.


Maybe the mother doesn't want allegations that aren't true spread to protect her child and not the offender! You can read her post two ways. I'm sure she doesn't want those who know her child's identity to think worse than what really happened and to talk and make things worse.


Thank You and that was exactly what made me angry.


I'm sorry this happened to you and your daughter...i hope if he guilty and was inappropriate with her,he gets punished and i hope for healing and peace for your family.God Bless