Is mechanic a pawn in political war between sheriff and commissioners?

Huron County mechanic Lon Burton is caught in the middle of a political war is between the county commissioners and Sheriff Dane Howard.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 27, 2012


Huron County mechanic Lon Burton truly has himself caught in the middle.

"It's a political war and I can't say a whole heckuva lot," Burton said Wednesday.

Burton said the political war is between the county commissioners and Sheriff Dane Howard.

A story about this subject was published in Thursday's Reflector.

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No offense to Mr. Burton, but on his retirement, this position should be privatized and contracted out.

Save the county taxpayers some $ along with improved accountability.

Guy on a Buffalo

Really? Never been ripped off by a garage before, have you. I'd trust an employee before trusting a garage.


@ Guy on a Buffalo:

And taxpayers never get ripped off by the public bureaucrats do they????. LMAO!!

As far as auto repairs, I use referrals and get to know the service manager.

Also, note the word "accountablity" in my post.


When I hire a person their job description is whatever I tell them to do.Mr.Burton would be looking for a job if he told me "it wasn't in his job description"like he told Sheriff Howard.Don't let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you!!

Lillie Chaos

@ Hankster....apples to oranges. If you were the janitor at county office building and you were told to change the hard drive in the commissioner's computer would you be inclined to do so?

jack langhals

My personal experience with Lonnie when I worked for the county was very good.Most of the communications with the dept employees seemed to be as well.I was not there all the time but quite often!

Lillie Chaos



all pays the same don't it


Just another reason to get rid of 3 county commissioners in November!! Lets see here...the airport crowd, 4H crowd, and now the sheriff all have issues with the current commissioners Silcox, Bauer, & Hintz. I see a trend.


Good grief, more conflict involving the "three stooges". Vote for DUNLAP and WARD in November!

jack langhals

If we do get new commissioners, what day do they take office ?I will start complaining the first meeting because that is what we do.That is how this country is run,I doubt if any person could please most of you !Actually I am kidding because I like everyone as long as they are doing their job.

Lillie Chaos

I agree we need to get pro-active commissioners but we also need to look at the bottom line and expenditures of the Sheriff's dept. The Sheriff wants more and more money but the concept of "protect and serve" is just not happening. Ask any rural dweller---we are definitely NOT protected. The roads are full of atv's and racing cars and drug deals at all hours of the day and night. We are running the Huron County Hotel to help pay expenses...Tax payers are paying high taxes to support the department. Yet the Sheriff is accomplishing less and less and still wants more and more. I am a supporter of Dunlap and hope he can make some sense of this situation. PR over the last year speaks for itself.


IT IS TIME WE GET A NEW SHERIFF! Gimme Dane More $$ is out of control! And when he does not get his way he makes others look bad. Lon is doing his job!
All the cars are up and running! It is just he is not VASU and is not trained or authorized by the FCC to install radio's and emergency equipment. If Dane wants more cruisers don't take it out on Lon, look at the fact he is spending his budget like a child with candy.. He has 1 million dollars more in his budget than the surrounding counties, as still cries he needs more. Tough did you see that this county would loose 1/2 Million Dollars soon, It is time for the Sheriff, to manage his money better. Not pick on the one and only person working in the garage as a mechanic, he does not have a parts person, a secretary, or billing clerk. And the Sheriff has had as many as 6 secretaries in the last few years. The Sheriff gives cars to corrections officers, that are not road deputies, give us Taxpayers a Break with your Cry Baby Attitude Sheriff Howard!


Agreed...Every Elected Official is solely responsible for their own budget. This Sheriff has the largest budget EVER and yet it is still not enough.
After crying wolf, other departments gave him additional funds out of their own budgets (making it 4.7) yet still he complains. No one, not the Commissioners or anyone has anything to do with how he spends his 4.1 to 4.7 million budget.
If he is short somewhere, it is by his fault and design. He needs to be held accountable for why he is shorting road patrol and other priority areas (while transport and jail staff are driving home vehicles, just to name one example).