Probable cause hearing next for local teen accused of shooting mom

A local teen has been found competent, meaning authorities are one step closer to being able to try him as an adult for allegedly shooting his mother.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 26, 2012


A Willard teenager accused of shooting his mother in the back was found to be competent Tuesday at a Huron County Juvenile Court hearing.

Michael Mason, 16, of 23 N. Main St., was evaluated by two different professionals and found to be competent to understand the charges, according to Chris Mushett, juvenile court administrator.

Mushett said Judge Timothy Cardwell then ruled Mason was competent and set a probably cause hearing for 9 a.m. Oct. 31.

"That hearing could take all day," Mushett said.

At that probably cause hearing, if probable cause is determined, Mason likely will have his case transferred to the Huron County Common Pleas Court, where he will be charged with attempted murder and tried as an adult.

If the case remains at the juvenile level, Mason would face a delinquency charge.

Mason was accused of shooting his mother, Melissa Mason, on May 30 at their Willard home.

Mason then fled and an extensive manhunt took place. The Willard schools and some local businesses were locked down during the pursuit.

Mason was later captured at a Pearl Street residence.

A .22-caliber pistol, believe to be used in the shooting, was found.



This guy is still working thru the system?? I thought they would have him up the river by now! Isn't it tax money holding, feeding, determining, physco test etc.. I vote, STOP the wasteful spending. Smoking gun, an adult crime, against ones own mother? and what? he sorry? Send him away. I realize tax money will support him the rest of his life, but the wasted $ up until the trial is whats sickening. and also, don't feed him so well that he will become 400+lbs either.


About time. Imo, he definately should be tried as an adult


And the deputies still look like they just ate a dookie sammwich.