Stolen ATV leads to drugs, arrests

Several individuals are facing a variety of charges after sheriff's deputies followed up on the report of a stolen ATV.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 26, 2012


Several individuals are facing a variety of charges after Huron County sheriff's deputies followed up on the report of a stolen all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

On Monday, the sheriff's office received a complaint of a stolen ATV from an Ohio 162 residence in rural Monroeville.

During the investigation of the theft, deputies were led to the William Faulkner residence, located at 144 Ohio 99, Willard.

While investigating the theft at this residence, deputies located a marijuana grow operation on the property, along with suspected stolen ATV from Shelby.

Also located was the stolen ATV from the Monroeville residence in a ravine to the east of the residence.

Sheriff's detectives were called to the scene and a search warrant was obtained. During the search, numerous drug instruments, suspected heroin, marijuana and prescription pills were located. Assisting in the search were the Shelby Police Department and Ohio Department of Natural Resources, which was investigating a poaching complaint.

Arrested at this Ohio 99 location were Jamie L. Brady, 20, on a charge of tampering with evidence, and Jaquelyn D. Faulkner, 23, for receiving stolen property and trafficking in drugs. Also charged were Paulette M. Faulkner, 44, and William A. Faulkner, 51, for possession of marijuana.

The sheriff's office is continuing its investigation. and more arrests are anticipated.



guess this family took the 'gateway' way too far...glad the stolen property was recovered.


Wow!! Is this family ever gonna learn?!

proud mother of 3

I was there when this went down and there are many inconsistancies in this report about this family. This all happened due to their sons behaviors and this family took all the blame for his actions. His sister Jaqui is not a drug dealer, his girlfriend Jamie got caught lieng about him because she was scared, and his parents went thru pure hell. This family is not what this paper made them out to be, and several of the facts mentioned was false. This is what drugs will do to good families.

Yall Make Me Sick

I know the family also & I agree with you 100000%. Just because one family member messes up doesn't make the rest of the family guilty. Clean your own back door before trying to tell someone else there place is a mess.


So your telling me the parents and other family members didn't know about the pot that was growing on their property?! Aslo I'm sure they didn't know ANYTHING about the stolen atvs!! Come on who are you trying to kid here?

Nic Williams

Its not that unlikely that the pot wasnt noticed. And its not that hard to hide an ATV. So I have to disagree with you here. Not everyone knows what pot looks like or smeels like. All these things could have easily been hidin from the parents. Not to mention its pot who cares. To many families keep getting torn apart over a harmless plant. Sorry to the family. Hope all turns out well.


Hey....where did these ATV's come from? Must of just fell out of the sky! Morons these people are.

Nic Williams

I dont know maybe we bought them or borowed them from a friend. Maybe the parents never where even told or noticed they where there you dont know. Anything is possible Kids and young adults are crafty these days. And your inability to see any other possble reason for these things to go unnoticed makes you look more like a moron in my eyes. And I dont know these people at all so I'm not standing up for someone I know I'm standing up for their right to be innocent till proven guilty.


If they were bought or borrowed they wouldn't be stolen now would they. Go on and get back to drawing on paper with your crayons. Nap time is soon too.


Well for you all who want to run your mouth it does matter its none of your business. You weren't there so you have no room to talk because i bet every single one of you have done something wrong because none of you are perfect so thank you all the ones who show sympathy and the rest of you can go somewhere with yourself. And just like she said just because one of the members screw up doesn't mean all them are guilty.

Yall Make Me Sick


what the eff

Without knowing anything about this family or the real circumstances in the sure the NR flubbed the story or got half the facts wrong...I think the ironic thing is that half the people in here posting comments defending this family..Go to comments on other similar stories and bash people regularly they dont know from a load of hay.It's funny how feelings change when its someone you know or care about..

proud mother of 3

For everyones info. there was no stolen 4 wheelers on the property whatsoever, as you read you will notice that there were no charges on that. The facts in the paper are all messed up. However, the parents are guilty of loving their herion addict son too much and being dumb-asses. They are good people, they are not drug dealers like it implies. I just hope this does not take this family down like so many other families dealing with addictions.


Mother of cops hold suspects for fun? The Reflector prints non-facts? imo most would not do that because of lawsuits.


i am one of the persons in this article that had gotten arrested. and no, most of the shit that the NR has said in this article is a LIE. and no, no stolen fourwheeler was recovered on the property. i had gotten charged with something that i DIDNT do because someone had to take the charge because the person who did it was not there. everyone who got charged in this article DID NOT DESERVE that! and believe we are all fighting this. wow. you people are so messed up in the head to believe everything this paper has to say. NONE of you are perfect and i bet ALL of you have done something or another illegally and have gotten away with it.. hmmmmm like maybe drinking and driving?! most can say that they havent drank n drove.. remember that IS illegal and im sure all of you have done that before and never got caught. well guess what.. it will catch up with you at some point in time and you will serve your time for the illegal things that you have done. i wish i could meet someone who thinks that they're perfect n that their shit dont stink, but NOBODY is perfect in this world and everybody makes mistakes. stop bashing people because of what you read or hear on this website. you think that they arent going to make up lies to make the story seem more interesting?! yeah.. uhm okay. if that is what you're thinking then get your head out of your ass.


If you guys did decide to take the blame for others, then in my eyes, you're just enabling them even more. I come from a family like that. My parents were enablers for years. They didn't want their poor little daughter to have to go to jail or get beat up by drug dealers, so they paid their fines and did anything they could to get them out of trouble. They didn't realize they were making it worse. Sometimes if you love someone, you have to let them hit bottom and get in trouble....because you love them and you want them to get help. I think it was stupid of my parents to let it go on for so long, but they couldn't see it. They had to nearly lose the rest of their kids because we couldn't take it anymore.
And for your comment on drinking and driving, I know way more people who haven't done that than those that have. I doubt as many people do it as you think...maybe a lot of people you know, but nobody I hang around. Most people are smart enough not to drink and drive.


Well, the stupid criminal award (family category) goes to .. ps. I don't drink or do drugs. And both of my hands are on the wheel and both eyes on the road at all times.


You just have to enjoy reading the comments by one of the individuals who got arrested. I would only pray that your low life would steal something from my property just off 99. You won't have to worry about the judge slapping your wrists because you wouldn't have any left.


wow, to bad im NOT a thief. im definitely NOT a low life. my life is probably ALOT better than yours actually. check YOURSELF before you come at me. im the WRONG person to come at. believe that. now mind your OWN BUSINESS. and stay out of this. it has nothing to do with ANY of you. so do all yourselves a favor, and mind your own. k? thanks. (:


@ l..l..l. Now your just an Internet tough guy. Dime a dozen chump. Lol.




They knew that their son was a low life just out of prison piece of crap and they still let him back in the house with his sister living there. Not the kind of foster parents this county or any other one needs. They were told years ago that he was a thief with stolen 4 wheelers on their property. Just took a little longer to catch up with them thats all.