Credit card thief placed on probation, gets no further jail time

A man who attempted to cash a check stolen from a birthday girl faces six months in jail if he violates his two years of basic probation. Indicted on a pair of felonies, he accepted a plea bargain in which he admitted to a first-degree misdemeanor charge.
Cary Ashby
Sep 27, 2012


A man who attempted to cash a check stolen from a birthday girl faces six months in jail if he violates his two years of basic probation.

Joseph M. Mira, 21, of 505 Sandusky St., Bellevue, pleaded guilty Monday to attempted receiving stolen property. He also was sentenced that day, with Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway ordering $75 in restitution and a $500 fine. The restitution covers the female victim missing a day of work and the cost of some Xanax pills.

"The state would not be asking for additional jail time at this time," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said.

Mira was celebrating the 27th birthday at "a young woman's house" the night of April 19 and may have fallen asleep there. The next morning, the woman woke up, "realized she missed work" and was missing four checks, her cell phone, car keys and some Xanax pills, Leffler said.

Mira and his co-defendant, Kirstie R. Clift, attempted to cash an $80 check at a Bellevue credit union, Leffler said, but the clerks determined someone forged the check.

"The attempt was unsuccessful. The check wasn't cashed," the prosecutor said.

Mira's accomplice, Clift, 22, of 620 W. Main St., Room 12, Bellevue, was sentenced to 33 days in the Huron County Jail through Bellevue Municipal Court. She had a 57-day term suspended. Clift also was fined $500 for theft, with $350 of it suspended, according to court records.

"I can't tell who was running the show of these two," Leffler said in court Monday.

The prosecutor told Conway there were other incidents when Mira wasn't present so Leffler said he assumes Mira "got scared and tried to do the right thing." He credited Mira with helping the victim find her vehicle.

Mira told the judge he failed to show good judgment.

As part of a plea deal, the state agreed to dismiss the remaining forgery charge in Mira's indictment. The defendant pleaded guilty to a first-degree misdemeanor.



That will teach him! Way to go judge

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Too bad these two never learned about how to get checks made out to them that they can cash in legally and spend on whatever they want. It is called GETTING A JOB. Of course, you may need to pass a drug test so never mind...


More plea deals . . . yippee!!

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