Man convicted of crime related to having synthetic drug mailed to home

A man accused of having crystal meth mailed to his Huron County home has been convicted of a crime.
Cary Ashby
Sep 25, 2012


A former Bellevue man who had a synthetic drug mailed to his home pleaded "no contest" Monday to an amended charge.

Based on the evidence and plea, Jacob T. Frost, 21, now of Cleveland, was convicted of attempted possession of methylone, a third-degree felony punishable by nine months to three years in prison. The conviction pertains to a Jan. 13 incident.

Frost used the Internet to order the drug from an overseas location using the Internet, Bellevue police said earlier. Officers had called the drug crystal methamphetamine at the time, which they tested.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler offered more details Monday, saying Frost ordered a package from China, which contained a "number of items," including 293 grams of methylone.

"It was interrupted in its arrival by federal (officials)," Leffler said.

Citing the reason for the "no contest" plea, Huron County Public Defender David Longo added further clarification. He said his client did order drugs from China -- but not the ones that arrived -- and it arrived in a package labeled as something else and was "intercepted" in the Cincinnati airport.

"He expected J-Dub. He got methylone," Longo said.

Before Frost was arrested, Detective Capt. Matt Johnson received a call from Agent Mike Thomas, of the Department of Homeland Security. Johnson has said Homeland Security officials advised him they had "an anticipatory search warrant" ready after a delivery would be made to Frost at his Bellevue residence.

Frost, who is out on bond, is subject to random drug screens. He faces a mandatory minimum fine of $5,000 when he is sentenced Nov. 8.


Nic Williams

What on earth is J-Dub? now I know im getting old. losing track of all the drugs these kids r making these days. lol

Yall Make Me Sick

I was wondering the same! Lol sounds like some booming loud speakers. Must be getting old myself! :(


JWH-018 was the original, and has since been made illegal there are a bunch of other variants but they are synthetic cannabinoids, JWH-018 is what they were putting on the vegetable matter to make K2

Yall Make Me Sick

Thanks for explaining to us.


So everyone "jumped the gun" assuming this kid was some idiot ordering crystal meth from the internet... Cops included... This is why there is Supposed to be, "innocent until proven guilty."
Granted, he was trying to order some type of weed, but not the stuff they accused him of.
IDK the kid or his family, but, I hope he learned his lesson on ordering from China, especially from the internet!


...hope he gets off... (excuse me) hope he is proven innocent...

Brock Lee

he is 21 look more like 16 a life ruend