Teen driver charged with DUI, marijuana possession

A local 17-year-old faces drug and alcohol charges after a speeding-related traffic stop in Huron County.
Cary Ashby
Sep 26, 2012


A Willard teenager faces drug and alcohol charges after a speeding-related traffic stop early Sunday.

Adrian M. Robles, 17, of 819 Maplewood St., was stopped by Trooper Evan Stevens, of the state Highway Patrol, at 12:08 a.m. The traffic stop happened at the intersection of Main Street and Townline Road 12 in Willard.

Robles, who had a loud exhaust, was charged with driving under the influence, speeding (40 mph in a 25 mph zone) and possession of marijuana.

One of his passengers, Cody T. Hall, 18, of Ashland, was charged with underage consumption. Stevens reported there were five people in the back seat with some occupants sitting on others' laps. It's unclear where Hall was sitting.

The results of urine samples submitted by Robles and Hall are pending.



great job troopers...this could have had a tragic ending.


Why is it ok to post about minors in the paper now ?


When a minor wants to do adult things they must be ready to be treated like an adult also.....

Nic Williams

While I dont agree with the drinking part at all I dont think anyones life should be ruined over some weed. And as far as having to many people in the back without the alcohol facter thats not that horrible either. Its rather normal. Look at it this way they where saving gas and being energy efficient.


1. It's law that you have to have a seat belt for each passenger. 2. Weed is illegal. 3. Drinking n driving is illegal. 4. Drinking under 21 is illegal. Pretty much just ate your post up in 30 seconds. Next.


Here's the thing. For you younger people. When you drive around with too many in the car and a cop sees you, you will be pulled over. If your car smells like you just burned leaves or incense, they will search your car. If you have too many things hanging on the rear view mirror, you will get pulled over. Especially for beads and flower chains. It SHOWS PARTY!

Just sayin', don't advertise.