Local man arrested, accused of raping child

A local man is in custody and accused of raping a child.
Scott Seitz
Sep 23, 2012


A local man is in custody and accused of raping a child.

Victor Veliz, 39, of 131 Hobson St., Bellevue, was arrested this morning by Detective Eric Burt and charged with two counts of rape, which are first-degree felonies.

Veliz is accused of having sex with a child less than 13 years of age and also forcible rape of that child, police reported.

Veliz was arraigned today at Bellevue Municipal Court and received $50,000 bail on each count, “cash only, no 10 percent,” interim police chief Matt Johnson said.

Johnson said he could not release any more details due to the ongoing investigation involving another victim.


Nic Williams

No one cares how its spelled you ignorant flake we all know what they are saying


Thank you. Gotta admit, that was more annoying than any spelling error.


Your charged for a crime and after your name drug threw mud, several hundreds/thousands of dollars to PROVE your innocence. Then what...?? NOTHING, your out money and time. Do the cops or courts apologize?? NO.. refund any lawyer fees, lost wages etc.?? No.. any payment for possible jail sitting waiting on court date?? NO. So how can one REALLY say "innocent till proven guilty"??

grannie G

@44846GWP Guilty until proven INNOCENT.i am not moving I love where I am.When I was a little girl and did something wrong my parents,or school did not say to me you are innocent until proven guilty.The choice was guilty until proven innocent.Think about that!!!


grannie g. I can't help you had rotten parents.


Yeah, Granny...There's this little thing called the Constitution, see? Adopted in 1787? Then there's this thing called the Bill of Rights. In that, there's the 14th amendment, written circa 1868. In THAT, there's this little thing called the Due Process Clause. Ever hear the phrase 'Beyond a reasonable doubt?' The standard that must be met by the prosecution's evidence in a criminal prosecution: that no other logical explanation can be derived from the facts except that the defendant committed the crime, thereby overcoming the presumption that a person is innocent until proven guilty. So let's quit the grandstanding. Everyone on this darned blog wants to complain about politicians ignoring the Constitution, but the second someone is accused of a crime, they wanna throw it all out the window. I don't know a thing about this case, or the accused, but just once, put yourself in the shoes of the accused: Because no one has EVER been falsely accused of a crime before, right?

grannie G

INNOCENT spell it right not inocent


What is going on now a days... Lock these mother fers up and let them get raped... I'm sure big bubba would love to have these creeps in his cell..!!!! I hope all these little girls are going to be ok physically and mentally... praying for them..


This stuff went on all the time back in the day folks. Its nothing new. What is new is that our population is growing, and with that so has the media and technology to hear and find out about these monsters. Child rape should automatically be a death sentence in my eyes. Besides murder there is nothing worse.


Face of scum. Arcrmcm sure it did. Remember Mr. R *d****? from junior high? Regret never doing anything about that Pfhat blo-hard, though he got me questioning authority. (His *hitty atitude)


I'm sorry for all the idiots on this page who keep saying think of his children before you comment on this story. Really people was he thinking of them before he put himself in the situation were he is being accused of raping a child. I'm sorry but it is this kind of thinking that lets scum like this fall through the cracks. I feel terrible for his children and his wife, no family should have to go through this, but I feel worse for the child/children that were his victims. I do not say alleged because in crimes like this, he sould have to prove his innocence. If we don't stand up for our children who will?


This is scum scum scum and I hope the same thing happens to him that he fing did to that little girl


His children cannot help what has just been thrown at them. Just like those innocent victims, his children's lives are forever changed. Show some respect people! Soo Soo many prayers to ALL these children!


well if this is who i think it is i have known him for yrs and he is my family and i don't think he would do something like that he has been a good guy every scence i have known him.......


@ tweety.. What??? You don't know if you know him? uncertain if he's your family? Yet your sure he's a good guy who wouldn't do this?


I hope some day somebody pays attention to this, these perverts that molest children and ruin said childs life need to be put on an Island with no way off. They cannot be rehabilitated, drop them off on the Island and then maybe once a month, a helicopter can air-drop a crate of the bare neccessities to barely survive. They can abuse eachother until there little pervert hearts are content!




Well Truckin their are alot of guys that have the same name when i read the paper there was no picture of the guy so i didn't know well i do know that he is my family and when i was around him he wasn't like that but i haven't seen him in a real long time........

Concerned For A...

But when you commented on here there was a picture. And just because your related don't always mean you "know" someone. You have to be around a person to know them, and even sometimes then you don't know everything about them. Most of the time child molesters family and friends come to their defense because of course they think he wouldn't do something like this. He isn't going to serve up that info about himself at sunday dinner. "Oh family, by the way, I have taken up raping and molesting children in my spare time).....If you are related to this guy, i wouldn't yell from the rooftops about it, I would be ashamed for people to know!


You need to calm down, granny. It's just a freakin' word.

Nic Williams

no its a freaking word freakinG. aaaaaahhhhhhhh

grannie G


Nic Williams

i was making fun of you not agreeing with you nit wit

grannie G


Concerned For A...

I think I just got less intelligent reading these comments...@tweety..your not the brightest crayon in the box, are ya....


wow how sick


It's so funny to me how no one seems to suspect the molester until they are caught! We all look for the blatant in your face molester types. We warn out kids of stranger danger, but forget that much of childhood abuse happens in or about a child's own home! The unsuspected uncle, or brother-in-law, step parents, or now days...school teachers! We don't expect a crime so sickening as child abuse or rape to be committed by someone "nice" I guess what I'm trying to say is, when it comes to my children...everyone has a potential to abuse! I'm vigilant when it comes to my children's safety, because it only takes a moment to destroy a childhood...I am a witness to this devastation, and I will not allow some sick, twisted individual to use my child to fulfill their self absorbed, demented needs.!! We should be quick to protect those who cannot protect themselves...if you have the slightest inkling that a child you know is in danger, please speak up! I lived among highly educated people who turned a deaf ear to a little girl because it would bring reproach on our family name...raping a 5 yr old little girl is reproachable, but your family name was saved!! So sorry, just wanted a voice from the other side to be heard..in my book it's guilty until proven innocent when it comes to defenseless children!

grannie G

@ topsyturvy1 Your comment is excellent.Thank You


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