Local man arrested, accused of raping child

A local man is in custody and accused of raping a child.
Scott Seitz
Sep 23, 2012


A local man is in custody and accused of raping a child.

Victor Veliz, 39, of 131 Hobson St., Bellevue, was arrested this morning by Detective Eric Burt and charged with two counts of rape, which are first-degree felonies.

Veliz is accused of having sex with a child less than 13 years of age and also forcible rape of that child, police reported.

Veliz was arraigned today at Bellevue Municipal Court and received $50,000 bail on each count, “cash only, no 10 percent,” interim police chief Matt Johnson said.

Johnson said he could not release any more details due to the ongoing investigation involving another victim.



If the kids are soooo GREAT, why should people candy coat this??? they should realize there dad is a bad BAD Man. So now, you say the bloggers are to be wrong in voicing there feelings?? Maybe... just maybe the father should have thought about his kids. Instead of using his kids to lure "kids". What else can i say or you?? Daddy's an "accused" child molester?? The end.

what the eff

Norvells brother from another mother..

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swiss cheese kat

He wont be picking any beans for some time.


So is it true there a quite a few 11 year olds in Celeryville who are prego in the farm camps?

believe it

What the hell?


I use sarcasm and cryptic alot, sorry if I cornfused you. :)


hang this puke!!!!too much of this crap going on!!!


my heart aches for what was done to these girls, there is NO excuse for it.
BUT, this guy is a father.......
He has some pretty amazing kids who are grown enough to read these comments.
This has got to be paralyzing for them, please be mindful of your comments.


Reflector error as "interim police chief" Johnson is not the interim police chief as Chief Brandal is back in service.


My heart breaks if these accusations are true. Please remember that this man does have a family with beautiful children who are wonderful kids. We need to remember what they are going through at this time and don't need to read or hear vulgar, racist, smart __ comments. Prayers are with all families involved and for the children involved in which this effects the most.

grannie G

It is possible he abused his own children.Some families have big secrets

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Listen here. Unless you know this man and his family DO NOT make accusations about anything.


I know nothing of this guy, but...."Inocent untill proven in a court of law". NOT, "Guilty says people in the Reflector blog".

grannie G



"Inocent untill proven guilty in a court of law:

grannie G

guilty until proven innocent

grannie G

innocent until proven guilty NOT INOCENT until proven guilty 2 n's

grannie G

Is it INOCENT or INNOCENT? What grade are you in?


I dont believe it! Known the man for 15yrs! Never have i ever even seen him flirt with a female! Him, his wife and kids seemed like the perfect family! Im in shock!

grannie G

Predators are very clever.That is why they don't get caught.


grannie g: Guilty untill proven inocent? No, if you think like that, move to someplace like Iran.

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Why do you always stick up for these child rapists? James Perry was another creep you defended, but when he was found guilty, you didn’t comment. Oh and don’t forget about your inappropriate comment on the bicyclist grabbing girl's butt article. Really makes one wonder about an ignorant, mouth breathing dope like yourself.

Robert Banks

No doubt truckin is a dope.

Seen it All

Yes Robert, he is! LOL I agreed with his FIRST post! Then he had to open his mouth again! LOL He must of remembered how hot that lil 12 yr old was for HIM, then changed her mind and cried rape, huh? LOL


besides. you seem to say you know who i am.. Why is it you never say HI? and let me know how you "really" feel. Just curious


Call me names, but what i say can NOT be disputed..


Thinkagain.Listen you ignorant bigot, I'm not defending anybody. In the US you are inocent untill proven guilty, sorry, thats the law. Oh, bite me.

grannie G

44846GWP say it spell it right ( INNOCENT) not inocent

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You’d like that wouldn’t ya perv? Sorry dope, I don't swing that way.

grannie G

@44846GWP Thank God you are not defending me .INNOCENT !! not INOCENT