Charges pending after bystanders break up on-field fight at Norwalk soccer game

Prosecutors are considering charges in connection with an on-field skirmish that left an area high-school soccer player with minor injuries to the area near his left eye.
Cary Ashby
Sep 27, 2012


Prosecutors are considering charges in connection with an on-field skirmish that left an area high-school soccer player with minor injuries to the area near his left eye.

The Norwalk Police Department responded to the Norwalk Soccer Complex near Norwalk Middle School on Monday night.

"It looked like it might be a fight among parents," Capt. Dave Smith said about the initial complaint.

However, Smith's investigation later determined the incident happened on the field and involved two players: A 17-year-old Norwalk High School player and a Medina Buckeye boy.

The Norwalk player grabbed the other player in a headlock, brought him to the ground and punched him several times in the face, Smith said.

"Two adult males who were on the sideline rushed out onto the field," he added.

A referee and several players also assisted in breaking up the fight. At the time, Norwalk was down 4-0; Medina Buckeye won the game 5-0.

After Smith interviewed the victim, his parents took him to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. Smith said the boy sustained "very minor injuries" to the area near his left eye.

The victim's father was one of the parents being blamed for being agitated, Smith said.

"Which is what the (initial) yelling was about," he explained.

The officer tracked down a video from a Norwalk resident who had recorded the last part of the fight.

"I saw the worst part of it," Smith said. "It became an investigation at that point."

Next, Smith obtained a video from a Litchfield resident whose video footage was more inclusive and filmed from the ground level. During his investigation, the officer interviewed 10 people plus several more at the field.

Police have forwarded a report to the Huron County Prosecutor's Office and Huron County Juvenile Court for the consideration of charges.



I wasn't there, I didn't see any of what led to this. I do find it interesting though that the video only shows the skirmish on the ground and not any activities that led to this fight, if there were any. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that I find it hard to believe that this fight started and ended with this fight and the one taking the video only taped 2 minutes of the game. The question I have for the Norwalk soccer team though, where are your captains? I'm going to assume that #10 in orange is a captain for Buckeye since he cleared his goalie and #7 (teammate) from the discussion with the refs. While the refs were discussing on-field, in-game penalties, Buckeye was involved in the discussions but no one from NHS, why?

hor mone

Please stay out of this. You clearly make too much sense and have an understanding of the game.
This blog is not for people like you. Leave these things to the Roseann Barrs and other idiots. For christsake what are you thinking.

jack langhals

I just came from Edison/Perkins Freshmen game and a kid from Huron started a fight after the game.Mostly pushing and shoving.

Most Wanted

I really don't think the discussion should be who is at fault...they were kids and it got out of hand. This will happen with kids in sports at times. I think the discussion should be whether or not the law should be involved or not. I for one do not think charges should be brought against this kid. Was it wrong to lose his temper like that? Yes. Was it illegal in a sense that the law needs to be involved? No. It should be handled by the coaches and school.

Most Wanted.

Sorry, but those dirty rotten hooligans need to be taught a lesson. It was a soccer game not a cage match. If our soccer players can't behave like gentlemen, then they should be bounced off the team. It's time to make an example out of them so they'll stop acting like gang bangers.


If someone is getting charged because of what happened in this soccer game, I guess we will be seeing a lot of other players in football, basketball, & wrestling being in court as well..Seriously, things are going to happen in contact sports..I'm not saying what happened was right..I'm saying it should be handled by the school, coaches,parents, & the students involved..I believe our prosecutor,& police dept should be more focused on drugs, murders, assualts,& other more pressing issues..


A night watching a high school soccer game: $6.00
A hotdog and an ice cold Coca-cola: $4.00
A night of the kid from the other team talking trash to your kid and getting PUNCHED IN THE MOUTH: Priceless


A juvenile record, court costs, fines, hospital bills and possibly being kicked off team....not so priceless!!!


I hate to say this but I really think this kid should be thrown off the team but it's Norwalk they will take him to the side and tell him what a great job he did. I don't care what the other kid said he should of never touched him. This was a assault on the player and this kid should get some kind of counseling. What a fine citizen he is going to be.

Seen it All

I'm sorry people.. we no longer live in the "good ol days"! I KNOW this has been going on for decades and the schools always handled it... But in the "good ol days" when a Boy could walk down the hallway and slap ANY girl's @$$ that he pleased without getting punished.. that's NOT TODAY!

A girl does NOT want her @$$ slapped anymore then a competitor wants his nose broke. PERIOD.. TEACH your kids how to respect others.. there will be NO problems. If we let this "student" be dealt with at school.. what happens when he's in the REAL WORLD people?

I had boys playing every sport in HS.. and in NO WAY would this behavior been acceptable, and THEY knew it!

Sitting In The ...

Thank You !!!!! My thoughts exactly....


This is why soccer kids don't play football, because in the game of football....a cheap shot will almost certainly get your bell rung in the next few plays. Sorry, no offense, but its soccer. Also, the Norwalk kid started it.....very easy and clear to see that on the film....but charges? Lawsuit? For what? The kid probably has a few hairs from the top of his head missing and thats about it. It wasn't some UFC fighter throwing punches here. You parents these wonder why your kids are so jacked up and act they way they doesn't fall far from the tree.


Why are you even comparing football and soccer? These kids are not covered in pads & helmets. There's a huge difference.


You don't know soccer! As one who played football in high school and soccer in college and has coached soccer for over 18+ years I would pit the toughness of most soccer players against any football players. As for cheap me soccer players also know how to get even on the field in a nasty way.


That was a fight? lmfao......If nobody bleeds, its not a fight. That was a joke. I cant believe anyone would even think about pressing charges. This goes to show why we have all the lawsuits we have now-a-days. People are pu$$ies.


I miss the days when things could be settled with a fist fight. Damn you America.


if you watch the video, watch for the part right before they're breaking it up, #7 ever so gently punches in on the shoulder, its soooo funny! hahahahah

Smcc Alum

This is the most exciting soccer will ever get.... No one wants to go watch a "Nail-biting", "Thrilling" 0-0 game -_- figured America would have gotten rid of this excuse for a sport ages ago. Let the Euro's play it

Sitting In The ...

I didn't know Fran Drescher watched high school soccer games. I agree with LE you can't allow this type of behavior, just because it a soccer field doesn't give you the right to assault other players. Then his dad comes onto the field, big shocker there...I was waiting for him to start punching kids.

mr derp

eye poop miself evry tyme