Charges pending after bystanders break up on-field fight at Norwalk soccer game

Prosecutors are considering charges in connection with an on-field skirmish that left an area high-school soccer player with minor injuries to the area near his left eye.
Cary Ashby
Sep 27, 2012


Prosecutors are considering charges in connection with an on-field skirmish that left an area high-school soccer player with minor injuries to the area near his left eye.

The Norwalk Police Department responded to the Norwalk Soccer Complex near Norwalk Middle School on Monday night.

"It looked like it might be a fight among parents," Capt. Dave Smith said about the initial complaint.

However, Smith's investigation later determined the incident happened on the field and involved two players: A 17-year-old Norwalk High School player and a Medina Buckeye boy.

The Norwalk player grabbed the other player in a headlock, brought him to the ground and punched him several times in the face, Smith said.

"Two adult males who were on the sideline rushed out onto the field," he added.

A referee and several players also assisted in breaking up the fight. At the time, Norwalk was down 4-0; Medina Buckeye won the game 5-0.

After Smith interviewed the victim, his parents took him to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. Smith said the boy sustained "very minor injuries" to the area near his left eye.

The victim's father was one of the parents being blamed for being agitated, Smith said.

"Which is what the (initial) yelling was about," he explained.

The officer tracked down a video from a Norwalk resident who had recorded the last part of the fight.

"I saw the worst part of it," Smith said. "It became an investigation at that point."

Next, Smith obtained a video from a Litchfield resident whose video footage was more inclusive and filmed from the ground level. During his investigation, the officer interviewed 10 people plus several more at the field.

Police have forwarded a report to the Huron County Prosecutor's Office and Huron County Juvenile Court for the consideration of charges.



Ohh...those soccer moms' voices...*cringe*


What the heckkkk.


She sounds like the female version of Peter Griffin when the whining gets really out of control.


There's no punching in soccer!


I understand it's against the rules in soccer to use your hands, but what about scoring a goal using someone else's balls???


Somebody please shut up the fat chick who doesn't know "what the heck" is going on! Also, why do the moronic fans need to constantly be reminded they should be un-biased? I've got news for all the pansies out is a contact sport!


Oh Jesus Christ people....just two young men playing sports. They play soccer because they're competitive. I bet they we're playing each other hard and talking chit to each other. One got pissed and decided he had enough. If you have ever played sports you know exactly what I'm talking about. What happened to letting the coaches and officials disciplinine THEIR players? Lighten up.... Boys will be boys. If you disagree, meet me at the soccer field @ 9:00 so I can put you in a headlock....


Too many adults at the soccer field..better meet them at the bike rack!


how can anyone consider criminal charges? suspend both players a game or two and get over it,its sports!!!

Raziels Wings

Why are you all fighting about it ....these are kids ...and being kids thier brains have not completely finished developing ..they got mad ..It shouldnt have happened but it did ..but reading all the comments is disturbing. And it doesnt matter who started it one is going to own up and admit wrong doing . Why ...because they are kids..and parents believe thier own kid even when that kid is a liar .So instead of all of you fighting about who did what ...just walk away.No matter who started it doing this keeps it going and makes it a bigger deal than it was.


I thought that was RoseAnn Barr talking !!

Cliff Cannon

Help me. Is that quick throwing of a couple punches,what the big stink is all about ? If so,who the hades cares ? After all, correct me I am wrong "some times you have to fight if your a man " as the song says ( Coward of the County: Kenny Rogers)

"Only in America" is normally, a phrase that excites the passions of all that is good in my beloved country. If this video is the extent of what causes 2 competive American boys to face public censure, as well as legal charges. Then " Only in America" embarrass the hades out me.

After all if a man won't fight for a fair victory or what he belives in----no matter,the venue he's in, then what good is he ?

Estrella Damm

4 orange tackles 10 white. 10 white punches 4 orange. 7 orange punches 10 white. Hope all three are not playing the next game.


Do you even know what a tacke is? There was no tackling of the Norwalk player by the Buckeye player. Go get your eyes examined!


I dont know whos who, but the guy in the blue attacked the guy in the orange and proceded to punch him. At least thats what I saw. How do you suspend the guy in the orange. For getting beat up.


The player in the Orange is getting suspended? Unreal..this is the problem today. People make excuses and/or blame the other player. We need to start making our kids accountable for their actions. It is clearly on video what happended. Take appropriate disciplinary action to prevent this embarassment from taking place again.




Just let the officials at the schools handle this..........dang, a bunch of whining adults on wonder our society is so messed up. Parents act more immature than some of the kids sometimes. Kids fight and whoever started this mess by throwing a punch should be the one suspended. Defending yourself is just that and you shouldnt get into trouble for that.


More parents need to teach their kids how to refrain from violence. If Corbin can't handle the pressure of playing a sport he should have never went out. Pressing charges would teach him a lesson before he heads off to college ( if he goes).


Sorry, but after watching the video the Norwalk player would be guilty if I was on a jury. I saw the other player do nothing to provoke the attack. Norwalk player needs serious help.


Sure acrnmcrm. This from a guy who had daddy & mommy get his Dodge Dart Swinger. Did you drink & drive too? (Bet you did....hope you didn't hurt anyone)


Listen pal, I don't think you really know who I am so before you post anything more that has absolutely nothing to do with me (I think you are losing it bud), you might want to get your facts straight, or at least be in the same ball park. Dodge Dart? WTF are you talking about. Are you trying to make a jab at me by posting something about a Dodge Dart Swinger? Dude, I was born in 78, never drove anything Dodge....its junk.


Lawn fairies fighting? Say it ain't so.



believe it

The very first post way at the bottom from goreflect says the Norwalk player was jumped form behind and didn't start it...Ummmm I think I'll believe the video I just watched. Clearly the Norwalk player is the one doing it.


they are acting almost as bad as the soccer moms

former local

No longer live in the area and don't know anyone involved. Just viewed the video. Looks to me like the kid in the white started the whole thing and should no longer be on the team. But then, we are living in the days of "my kid does nothing wrong"!

what the eff

This isnt needed to grow up in norwalk in the late sixtys, early seventies to see real fighting at school. It was very common to see young men adjusting the pecking order as we called it.The punches flew and the blood from busted mouths flowed. No cops were parents got involved..Most times, the guys fighting became more respective of each other and became friends. The boys are young men sewing their oats...nothing more. Nothing to see here..

Sitting In The ...

Punching him in the face according to you isn't okay. Did they carry around wooden clubs and live in caves?.

Really are you ...

Hmmm. Looks to me as if it was a combination soccer and hockey game. Maybe Norwalk should start a hockey team. Just saying.