Woman arrested on forgery charge

A Norwalk woman is in custody and facing forgery charges after several recent incidents at a north-side Norwalk business.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 20, 2012


A Norwalk woman is in custody and facing forgery charges after several recent incidents at a north-side Norwalk business.

Jennifer Lang, 39, of 5 Westwind Drive, was employed at Rogers Rides, which is located on U.S. 250 across from the former Cook's store, according to Huron County Sheriff's Detective Josh Querin.

Querin said Detective John Harris conducted the investigation.

"Jennifer Lang, an employee there at Rogers Rides, was getting checks for the company and if the check was for $300, for example, she was putting a '1' in front of the '3' and then cashing the checks," Querin said.

"She admitted to Detective Harris she did this on four occasions," he said. "She was altering the checks and then cashing them for more money."

She was arrested and booked into the Huron County Jail.

The investigation took about a week, Querin said.

The charge is a fifth-degree felony.

"Detective Harris did an excellent job," Querin said.


Raziels Wings

Where are you hoping she comes back to??Not a bank I hope ..and not a business ...so where?..Walmart??


Wow....... Anyone with anything between their ears would know you are going to get caught! I do have a question though. So you put a "1" in front of a "3"....how do you change the second line where you have to write out the amount? It's hard to change "three hundred dollars" to "one thousand three hundred dollars". Seems to me the bank would catch this and question it immediately. Regardless.... Wow.


My thoughts also..and if I find out it was my bank I'm changing banks! I would hope my bank would catch that if it happened to me.

Raziels Wings

Her actions indicate a problem with knowing right from wrong. Some people are known to be functioning sociopaths...sociopathic tendancys include No remorse ...no guilt ..no concern for the victim ..self centered behavior ..only seeing thier own want and desire ...doing whatever pleases them ..feeling as if they are superior.
Her actions tend to lean that way ..dont you think?
There are many other tendancys to a sociopath ..but these indicate cause for concern .


Look at the bright side here folks....... (A) This is an article that wasn't drug related or sex related (B) The detectives did such a great job with this one (not that they really had to wonder "who dunnit'?). Also, word on the street is that there is a job opening in Norwalk - Whoo Hoo - someone gets a job!


Someone that has good moral values a "good person" would not walk around thinking they are better than others or try and take advantage of others, good moral values would help people be humble and put others before them. They will also help people forgive those who show sincere repentance.

Raziels Wings

Thats the thing ...she doesnt look like shes at all sorry ...she looks smug ..and if it was me...and it wouldnt be ..but if it was ..Ide be remorsful...humiliated..upset.Because my conscience.would be bothered..but some people dont have a conscience. and it takes one to be a good person !!!!!!!
Without a conscience one is a sociopath ...a danger to society and the rest of us.
It is the definition of a sociopath !!!
lack of concience and remorse


Some people are getting desperate


I do not think this was desperation. I was told her husband has
a good job and is considered a very responsible person. I do not know
her personally and do not want to. I feel bad for the rest of her family,
they usually are the ones who get hurt the most. I hope she does feel sorry
for her actions and not just because she got caught. I guess the only reason
I am even blogging is I am so tired of people getting away with crimes. Look at
what has happened in Norwalk in the last month! So sad.

Blart gets it

Lets look at it differently shall we. I can not help but wonder how Rogers Rides did not notice it.. Could it be possible Jen is an excape goat for a douche. The checks were written to Rogers Rides not to Jen herself. That means Rogers Rides was the benefactor of the extra funds. Jen might just be a dumb-a$$ for doing what her boss told her to do. Looks like thoughs buying cars at Rogers Rides may want to be VERY CAREFUL.


cliFF being from this area heard of another that got caught stEEling - won't say who it was though. sEE my ways are ancient, proven & true.

Cliff Cannon

@kURTje : I don't doubt for a second, your ways "are ancient proven & true" . I feel your the type of man who needs only 11 laws in his life ( The 10 commandments & the "golden rule") to live. Am I correct? I also believe it would be a blast to sit around a campfire drinking beer and laughing with you, am I correct here?

Got to say again,just love the way you capitalize some letters.Because everytime I see you do that,it reminds me of your teasing me with the e.e. cummings post, which ranks as a classic to me. Great day to you sir.

P.S. As the times get tougher,sadly we all are going to be hearing of others getting caught for stealing aren't we?


HeLLo cliFF. Understand your logic 100%. sEE some got my posts eliminated when facts about them were posted. Remember Peter cursing & denying Christ? sEE aLL have flaws tOO. Someday you & I might stand by the fire & converse, though coFFEE is gOOd though a bEEr or isn't bad tOO. We both have wisdom don't we? We both know when venom is spewed. As Anton LaVey said, "What the world nEEds is a gOOd whiPPing." SmaLL element of truth there. sEE ya.