Woman arrested on forgery charge

A Norwalk woman is in custody and facing forgery charges after several recent incidents at a north-side Norwalk business.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 20, 2012


A Norwalk woman is in custody and facing forgery charges after several recent incidents at a north-side Norwalk business.

Jennifer Lang, 39, of 5 Westwind Drive, was employed at Rogers Rides, which is located on U.S. 250 across from the former Cook's store, according to Huron County Sheriff's Detective Josh Querin.

Querin said Detective John Harris conducted the investigation.

"Jennifer Lang, an employee there at Rogers Rides, was getting checks for the company and if the check was for $300, for example, she was putting a '1' in front of the '3' and then cashing the checks," Querin said.

"She admitted to Detective Harris she did this on four occasions," he said. "She was altering the checks and then cashing them for more money."

She was arrested and booked into the Huron County Jail.

The investigation took about a week, Querin said.

The charge is a fifth-degree felony.

"Detective Harris did an excellent job," Querin said.



I was taught that "good people" help others NOT steal from them.


Does anyone know what happened with this case?




Do not tell everyone what a wonder person a thief is and how she is better than anyone else.
This is just the things that we can go look up on the clerk of court site and or the norwalk muni site. If she is better I do have to wonder what your moral upbringing was like??? Bird of a feather sorta thing.


This is not her 1st rodeo. What about a bad check charge in 2011?
I wonder if she will have to spend her 3 day suspended jail sentence since she did
not follow the terms of the last probation. She was supposed to be a good girl for 2 years.
hmmm??? I do not think she is dangerous, just not the sharpest tool in the box. As far as her being
better than anyone else, I have never written a bad check, nor have I stolen money from anyone and my children at least have a good example, which I might add they follow. People with moral values do not steal or set bad examples for their children.


She also had credit card fraud. Lucky Ohio dosn't have a 3 strikes law. She'd be looking at very long prison term.


So you created an account to defend her? How sad. You have to love the "don't judge her because you have made mistakes too". First off lady type in English, not some abbreviated texting, it makes your defense of her look pathetic. Secondly, everyone does make mistakes. I have got a couple speeding tickets in my life and once hit a baseball that broke a window when I was a kid, but STEALING from other people......come on lady. At her age this isn't about "making a mistake"....its about STEALING and knowing right from wrong. Just more Reflector WHITE TRASH!!!!


@cliff......gotta love the losers that defend a thief. You are no better than her for defending her. If you are close to this person the best thing to do is keep your idiotic fingers off the keyboard and let this pass instead of making yourself look like a thief yourself.

Cliff Cannon

@ Arnmcrmn: Did you drink some vinegar before writing ? Yes, Jen is my friend. And if a "friend in need...." can't count on me,then I am not a friend,am I ? She has also,if you read the article admitted guilt,so obviously will be punished legally. She also,has to face her family,then friends,then get publically ridiculed here in 'blogville' as well as in 'real life'. Then,if that isn't enough,when she applies for a job in the future,geuss what she puts on her resume ? So how much more punishment would you have her recieve?

P.S. I truly never expected you to dip to such a low level personal attack . I also,think your man enough to apologize.So here's hoping


apologize....for what? Did I hurt your feelings? She's trash, plain and simple. There are 3 types of people that I absolutely hate and a thief is one of them. She gets what she deserves.

Cliff Cannon

@arnmcrmn : So there are 3 types of people you hate with a thief being one of them. Yet,recently when Mr. Stackhouse was getting kicked around here in" blogville" for darn near-----the exact same crime--- on a much more massive scale. You were on here supporting your friend.True? Yet,why ?

Because, if I understand your logic correctly: Because,he stole you secretly think Mr.Stackhouse,is "trash, plain and simple" ( to use your words) who ( paraphrasing you now) "gets what he deserves" Am I correct ?

Of course,maybe I am not correct on your inner feelings towards Mr.Stackhouse. Which would make you a cold hearted hypocrite who sucks up to rich people,would it not?

P.S. If any members of the Stackhouse family read this. I apologize in advance for bringing this sad event up.However,I feel an important point needed to be made.


Well if you would go back and read what I wrote I never once defended his actions, so you might want to go back and reread what I posted. The only thing I ever said is that he worked hard to build his business to the size that it was and that he was not a slum lord and that some people will always be jealous of those that have more and will make jabs anytime they can. I'll wait on a response and would LOVE for you to find anywhere where I supported his most recent actions. I wont hold my breath.

Cliff Cannon

@ Arnmcrmn: I too would "love" to see where I thought forgery was a good thing.As well as I won't hold my breath,till you show me where I wrote that it is.

I'll just say this; I am neither embarrassed for supporting a friend, nor will look for excuses (as you have provided ) as to why I did it. For I know why I did it: She is the daughter of a man I admire,the wife of a man I admire and the mother of a man I admire. And they already know she screwed up.(which comes with a heavy price tag) So what they really need to know is who their friends are and I am one of them.

Pardon me for not answering a direct question in my earlier reply.You asked if your comment hurt my feelings,correct? No they did not. For this is 'blogville' and one never knows what to expect do they?

Yet,principally because you had so vemently defended your troubled friend,I thought you a much better man.And I am very sorry--for your sake--- I was wrong about the caliber of man I had percieved you to be


Im not on here posting to make friends :). Most on here that read this from the Willard area know who I am and I call it like I see it. Im not perfect and everything I post isn't what everyone else will agree with. I just really dislike people that steal. She will have many many many rough roads to go down because this will stay with her for a long time.


Wow what a surprise! People would notice money missing form a bank account. In the day and age where every penny counts.


Here's a real smart one for ya......I just don't get people like this trash....did she reallly think she wouldn't get caught.

Sit n Spin

Her face says it all....DUH !


... her hair, her coloration... she'll look good in jumpsuit orange...

U get what u give

She acts like she better than others hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol!


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crazyj 2012

dum da dum dum dum!


I've known her for a long time. She's a good person. This makes me sad.


she might of faked you out into believing she was a good person....but this proves she is NOT a GOOD PERSON

Raziels Wings

Good people sometimes need help ..and commiting this crime indicates that she needs help..Doing what she did is also a lack of self restraint and control..And to try to whitewash it by saying she is such a good person doesnt help anyone.she like anyone else is not above the law.


these people makes me feel smart


How embarrassing for her kids! Funny thing is this chick walks around with her nose in the air like she is mrs. perfect! LMAO!

Sitting In The ...

Nearly 40 years old and this criminal mastermind thought no one would notice that their car payment went from 300.00 to 1300.00 a month. This is exactly what wrong in America; everyday you read something and say " that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard" and the next day there someone even dumber.


I wonder HOW people did NOT notice this? If someone tried to cash a check out of MY account for that much it would BOUNCE.....if I make a payment and she adds a "1" infront of it, it would NOT clear the bank. The only time I would have THAT much money is payday before anything else is paid. How could people not have noticed? I have never had an extra thousand dollars in my account.


Ive known her for a really long time I was friends with her daughter, n shes a good person, n a good mother, n to all u who think she walks round like shes better then u its bc she is. People make mistakes dont sit here n judge her based on hers uve made mistakes to.

Cliff Cannon

Remember Jen no one can keep a good person down. Looking forward to your great comeback . Best to you always