Norwalk teen killed in car crash

A Norwalk teen was killed in a traffic crash early this morning.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Sep 20, 2012


A Norwalk teen was killed in a traffic crash early this morning.

The accident took place at 1:08 a.m. at the intersection of U.S. 20 and Medusa Road in Townsend Township, said troopers with the Norwalk post of the state Highway Patrol.

Tyller A. Myers, 19, of Norwalk, was killed.

Troopers reported that Myers was southbound on Medusa in a red F-150 pickup truck when he failed to yield at the stop sign and collided with a westbound 2008 Peterbilt tractor-trailer being driven by Kevin P. Heter, 53, of Clyde.

Both vehicles went off the southwest side of U.S. 20, coming to a rest in a cornfield.

Myers was pronounced dead at the scene by Huron County Coroner Jeff Harwood. Heter was flown by LifeFlight helicopter to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo with non-life threatening injuries, troopers said.

The accident, which closed U.S. 20 for close to an hour, remains under investigation.

Assisting troopers at the scene were the Huron County Sheriff’s Office, Townsend Township Fire Department, Citizen’s EMS, North Central EMS, St. Vincent LifeFlight, the Ohio Department of Transportation and Northside Towing.



@ Kelly this isn't the time to worry about insurance. This poor kid lost his life!! If it was your child would u want to read on here about insurance?!? Think about people who may read your comments b4 you post!


My sympathy to the family. May God be with them to
comfort them. I cannot imagine how they must be feeling
right now.


Fisher Titus is a Trauma Level III Facility, however accidents such as this need a Trauma Level I which is the highest level of trauma center. Why would you want someone be delayed expertise care, think people if this was your loved one. Uturnlouie is correct head trauma and spinal injuries can initially be undetected initially and a delay in sending a person to the appropriate care they need could be the difference between life and death.
Why take seriously injured patients directly to a trauma center?
The definitive care of internal bleeding or traumatic brain injury cannot occur in the prehospital setting or in a routine and timely manner at a non-trauma center hospital
Trauma centers have 24-hour availability of emergency medicine and surgical services which allow the patient to be taken directly to the operating room, if needed
Studies of over 250,000 Ohio trauma patient records have shown that trauma patients taken to a non-trauma center hospital spend, on average, over four hours at that hospital before transfer to a trauma center is initiated.
This is taken directly from the Ohio Dept of Public Safety Division of EMS.

whatever you say

Please give this family time to accept this horrific tragedy. I can not imagine the nightmare they are currently trapped in. This was a well loved kid who is now gone. These parents, all of them, are just starting the process of learning to live without their son. He has brothers and sisters who are never going to understand why their big brother was taken from them.
So before you pull on your judgement pants, or your know it all panties, stop and think how you would feel or be in this situation.

Seen it All

Prayers to all involved. So sad to see a life so young taken.


My prayers go to his family, i've hung out with Tyller before, he was so nice and sweet, this is soo horrible, i'm very upset about this.. it happened to the wrong person. R.I.P <3


Thoughts and prayers to this young mans family.

mom of 4 g8 kids

we will all miss you Ty. you are loved by many. what a tragic thing. prayers for the family. i can not imagine the pain. may god be with all who loved him and knew him. my the lord keep the family close and give them strength. i luv u myers family... i am here for you.


Such a terrible tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to this poor family.


Sad situation.. Not a good thing for ANYONE! Since no one else has and there seems to be enough sorrow regrets for the young man, I will send out a message of hope to the trucker. Do not live in a life of what if's. The scar of another life lost by no fault of your own, will be very hard to over come, be strong. Hope you wombs physical/mental heal. Hope you weren't the only means of income and support for your family. Since God has sent a blessing for your survival, i hope life has blessed you with the foresight and opportunity to have a few months of income stuck back, for if and when your pain and anguish subside, you can pick up and regroup..Without a life time of financial woos for you and yours..Hug your kids, as life is very precise. Truck it up.


my husband was in an accident years ago in Indiana...a cargo van went over into the medium and hit my husband, who was driving a semi, head on.. the boy, who was only 23 died husband, whos blood pressure was way up got out of his semi and ran over to the van and the young man (being an off duty firefighter) he checked him and when he found no pulse, took his jacket off and covered him up...whent he ambulance got there they took my husband first because he was sitting against the tire in a daze...we felt so bad for that young man...and we never knew why he did what he did but that will be burned into my husbands head forever.. he had nightmares for weeks here is to that trucker that was in the wrong place at the wrong time... please don't let what happened take over your life... if need be, get some help... there is nothing that can be done for the young man who lost his life....God bless the trucker and his family and the boy and his family... May he RIP....


Well said, railroad train crews go through the same ordeal when someone tries to cross tracks and they cannot avoid a collision. Truckers and other transport workers along with medics and ambulance drivers need some kind of support system to help them deal with this kind of thing they see everyday on their jobs. It's awful, awful tough out there.


AMEN TRUCKIN... well said...


May God hold the families of both these people. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of the young man and the driver and his family as well. Hopefully he doesn't have any hidden injuries somewhere. May they comfort one another in this time of sorrow and pain.


@ Kelly;
I think that they sent for the life flight already, and then decided to take the survivor. This happened a week or so ago in a different accident. I don't understand the hostility at your question. It was legitimate and meant no harm.


Thank you. I don't get it either. I just wondered why they do it so much in this area.


CYA mentality. If they don't extend the highest level of care even if the case doesn't warrant it, and something unusual goes wrong they are left open to some bloodsucking attorney convincing the family to sue. Seems like today someone gets a little bump on the head and they're expecting a helicopter ride.

what the eff

i understand the hostility...its just not an appropriate comment or remark for story about a horrible and fatal accident that family and friends will read..pretty cut and dried..


That is a stupid argument since I wasn't asking about the person that passed away. The only thing cut & dried is that several people on here need to take a class on reading comprehension.

what the eff

If it didnt bother you..why are u defending it so much?...U prob outta take it is kinda pointless..


Who are you talking to? You make no sense.

what the eff

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LOL Nope, you still don't make sense


Thanks. I really have no idea why some of the people on here can't understand a simple & totally legitimate question. Funny thing is, most of them make nasty & quite inappropriate comments all the time yet decided to accuse me of something bad when there was nothing wrong with my question. It's their problem if they took it the wrong way & quite honestly I find their attacks rather amusing and also kind of pathetic. Some can't even make a coherent comment and I'm unable to even figure out what it is they're babbling about. I feel sorry for them.


TO Lifeflight or not to Lifeflight? That is THE DUMBEST thing I think I have ever seen on one of these comments. Lives are saved. We are in a rural area. Get a clue people. Keep your mouths shut & be sorrowful for the families of these poor victims. Pay your respects & leave the arm-chair ignorant comments off of here! Here's to hoping you don't EVER have to experience such tragedy! Not a forum for whether someone can afford to be alive!


We use Life Flight because it is a life saving tool. Non life threatening injuries are not determined on the scene by medics. They do not have the equiptment to determine if a patient is suffering an injury which may ultimately prove fatal. By the time this article is written the victim has already under gone numerous precedures to determine the extent of his injuries and there for it is reported that the injuries are non life threatening. That information is not known at the time of the incident but is determined at the hospital. As medics we are not a rolling hospital on wheels. You seem to be under the impression that non life threatening means the other driving is walking about the scene scratching his head trying to deterime what just happened which is not the case. Non life threatening means he will live. It doesn't mean they were not injured. Your femur sticking out of your leg, your scalp taken off or possibly your face smashed in to the point it is unrecognizable. All non life threatening but the paper doesnt report that nor do you folks at home have any idea what injuries were sustained. Several years ago there was an mva. Serious accident, broken ankle, no outward appearence of any serious injuries. He was awake and alert. We loaded him on a helicopter and 15 minutes later he was dead. That is why patients are flown from a scene. To save their lives from injuries which are hidden to the outward eye by those of us on the scene.


I know there's a lot of question as why things are done the way thay are. But I want to say thanks for all the E.M.T.s and Firefighters that are there at 1 a.m. to answer the call. Running into the chaos and making sense of it all. Prayers to all involved.


Prayers to Tyller's family...and for the truck driver and his family. As for all you people just wanting to bash on life flight and fisher titus you are way off track. This poor family lost a son and you should not be focused on life flight and the hospital what about the family? If this was your son how would you feel?


He was my oldest brother. I hate that he died this way I can't take it i brake down in tears from hearing his name or even see just a pickture of him....this isnt fair!!!! I love you Tyller!!!!! Please don't leave me.


Honey this is Tyller's mommy. I completely understand how you are feeling right now sweet heart because I feel the exact same way! Please look to your mommy and daddy they will hold you and help you make it through this. It will be a very long and very hard road to travel! Just know that your momy and daddy love you more than life itself and will do absolutely everything they can to help you!