Boose understands local frustration

State Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township) said Wednesday he remembers what it's like to be a county commissioner.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 22, 2012


State Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township) said Wednesday he remembers what it's like to be a county commissioner.

Boose served in that role in Huron County from 1997 to 2004.

He added he knows cuts at the state level have trickled down to the local municipalities and created hardships.

On Saturday, the Reflector published a story about Boose's side of the current and future cuts in local government funds that are hammering locals.

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Yep, The county already has three commissioners who have gone senile.


It's pretty simple "trickle-down":

"Stimulus" bucks are down from the Feds and the State doesn't have 'em to pass down to the local govts.

I guess we could always be like IL and raise state income taxes by 66% instead to help make up the deficit.


Any type of "trickle down" has never worked. Reagan cut federal dollars to the States and State taxes went up. Kasuck is cuting State dollars to local governments and I'm sure local taxes, user fees, and any other added on costs that local governments can use to raise money will go up. The politicians just keep kicking the can down the road and claim they've solved the problem. You can fertilize a farmer's field with that kind of thinking.

Boose use to actually think for himself but now he's become a party tool and does whatever the party tells him to do. Huron County needs someone else in Columbus who works for us and not his political party.


Whatever level of government you look at the money CAME FROM US!!!


@ jas: Get it straight: Pres. Reagan encouraged the use of "block grants" and allowed the states to decide how to use the funds for certain mandated programs.

Also, states have a tendency to tax and spend excessively regardless of whether the economic conditions are good or bad.

"Kick the can down the road"?

So what's your suggestion, more and bigger intrusive govt.? If we just create thousands of more pages of central govt. command and control regulations we'll eventually get it right?

Fed Chair Volcker said QE3 won't work:

Pres. Obama appointed Fed Chair Volcker to his advisory team strictly for window dressing. Mr. Volcker was eventually heard to comment that he wondered why he was even asked to be included.

Fed Chairman Volcker's brief analysis of the financial crisis and some solutions:


why don't we just elect a person that puts our interest first instead of a bobble head party yes boy.

Most Wanted.

I'm glad Mr. Boose can remember what it was like to be a commissioner. The last thing we need is a state representative turning senile.


Gee, guess which candidate the NR is backing . . . .

Guy on a Buffalo

I can't read the whole story - did they print anything from Lark or Sherwin, or is this a free ad for Terry because his wife used to work at the Reflector?


@ Guy: It's easy to read the "whole story" - subscribe.

Estrella Damm

Incorrect. Terri's wife used to work at Charlie's Bar, or at least that is were I saw her all the time.


@ Jas.. you say trickle down doesn't work.. Well guess what?.. This kind WILL.. Because when the pot is empty, it's EMPTY. Hardships will happen! at all levels. The so called rich have starting mowing there own lawns and cleaning there own houses. (means less jobs). Middle class have stopped taking vacations, buying new cars every 2 yrs. cut back on cable packages (means less jobs). But yet the Poor/poverty... they have yet to cut back?? Don't get it.. still have cell phones, still have big cable pkgs, still have gas to run around town. etc. etc. Well guess what? TRICKLE down is going to happen this time Like it or not.. Learn to can, learn to do without.. Matter of time.. When the pot is empty. It's EMPTY! That is when the riots will begin.. The poor/poverty have this mentality of entitlement. Not all, but MOST, feel that there mere existence, requires someone to give to them..Rude awaking


truckin, you're wrong. The poor have no more of an entitlement mentality than the rich. The rich use every government subsidy and tax loop hole they can to maximize profit. The poor use every government program they can to maximize income so they can feed their families. Go and actually talk to people who use government programs and you might learn something. 99.9% of them want jobs to support their families but there aren't any available. Whether "trickle down" happens or not, it isn't a solution to the problems.

Reverse Robin Hood policies don't help the economy but simply destroy the middle class's buying power. The wealth of the middle class has been going down for the last thirty years and the wealth of the rich has continued to grow. The gap between rich and poor is the greatest it has ever been. Every economist knows that is not good for the economy. We need to put more money in the hands of those who will spend it to get the economy moving and that group is the middle class. Tax cuts for the wealthiest has done nothing to help the economy because they don't spend it like the middle class does. They hoard it which does nothing to help the economy.


Man, you really need an economics lesson. The "rich" spend way more than the middle class. A study showed that people making $200,000 or more spend 25% more of their money than those that make less. Most of the middle class pays nothing in federal taxes as it is, so your solution is to give them back more than they paid in? Wow, there is a good business plan for this country. If you mean hoarding as in the rich re-investing their money in the market or their business's, then yes thats what many do. If you think they have gobs of cash sitting at home in a safe or under the bed, you couldn't be more wrong. What you are posting is opinion and not a fact. Jobs are out there....there were probably close to 100 jobs available at the muck farms this summer but guess what....our society is to lazy and doesn't want to work in the heat for long hours.....sad...but true. Stop at your local grocery store and watch what people using what I call the "lazy card" buy.....most of it is junk, processed, high sugar foods and drink. Oh and lets not forget about the cigs most buy with their own money when they are done using the card. Welfare is up 44% under Obama.


@ arnmcrmn:

The Dems 'conveniently' forget how many thousands of jobs were lost and hundreds of businesses closed because of their infamous "luxury tax" on jewelry, cars, planes and boats back in the 90s.



But if they were union jobs then it's ok, right? It's ok that Mittens wanted the auto industry to go bankrupt. I don't understand people like you. If a company does well, it's "I built this." If a company fails, it's the government's fault. Why do you think you're entitled to have it both ways?


But if they were union jobs then it's ok, right? It's ok that Mittens wanted the auto industry to go bankrupt. I don't understand people like you. If a company does well, it's "I built this." If a company fails, it's the government's fault. Why do you think you're entitled to have it both ways?


@ betrump: Who wrote anything about union jobs involving the Democrats luxury tax? It was/is bad policy.

GM and Chrysler DID go bankrupt!!!!

There are bankruptcy laws on the books, Mr. Obama circumvented them and risked taxpayer money in the process.

There's that 'crony capitalism' again.


But remember taxing the rich a little more (Obamanomics) it will solve our problem. Haha...that was a joke. It will only raise 80 billion over a ten year period. Thats 8 billion a year....and each day we are 4 billion in the hole just on interest to our debt. So thats 2 days out of the 365 that raising taxes on the rich will cover....sound economic plan Obama. Oh and another thing to think about. Remember....most middle class people do not pay a dime in federal taxes. Sure you work and pay in during the year, but then with deductions, kids and debt you get all of it back in April. So how is Mitt to give more tax breaks to the people in the middle class that are already paying $0.00. These negative ads by Obama kill me because they are so misleading.


@ arnmcrmn:

Also, millions may not pay Fed income tax, but their wages are being systematically destroyed by dollar value depreciation. Inflation - the silent tax.

We have serious systemic fiscal and monetary issues which are potentially catastrophic that neither political party is willing to address.

"Taxing the rich" is a rhetorical bone thrown to the masses. Let’s see if it solves France’s financial problems eh?


Here's an idea:

Let's put up trade barriers and only allow residents to buy what OH produces and then let's tax the heck out of the rich.

Do you think this economic plan would help the state economically or do ya think that companies and wealthy individuals will just leave for elsewhere?

This is the same dopey policy that many Democrats advocate. If it'll work for the U.S., it oughta work for OH too, right????


Isolationist policies have always been the monster of the GOP, so you've got that completely backwards.


@ betrump:

So you support NAFTA and other free trade policies? Or, do you believe in protectionist trade barriers?

Brock Lee

not much made in ohio were in truble


Once again I say scrap the current tax system. It does not work. It puts the burden on the employers, the small mom and pop shops all the way to big corporate America. Businesses can't hire or expand when they have to match every dime they hold out of someone's pay check. Most people work but get the taxes that are held out back when they file their tax returns. So then who really paying your taxes? Your employer. It's crazy. Also, How many millions of people work under the table and pay nothing???? Implement a flat tax system. Tax your money when you spend it vs. before you get it. Our economy is based off spending. Everyone does it. This way everyone pays their fair share. Takes the burden off the employers, frees up money, allows them to expand, make improvements, etc. and CREATE more jobs. More people working, more people spending, more taxes collected from ALL.....that's fair.

Brock Lee

cane taked about a flat tax an the news ppl chase him out of runnin


jas writes: "They hoard it which does nothing to help the economy."

So where's this "magical mattress" where the wealth is hidden?

70% of the U.S. GDP is based on consumption and the rich account for 30% of it. Tax 'em and watch the economy's GDP decline.


@ JAS I'm not buying the poor want jobs? Till one comes along then a whole array of excuses "not" comes along. and Middle class "wealth" down? That is because along the way (30+ yrs) people felt there wealth was determined by how much CREDIT they had! Life, Pay check to Pay check began. So take it from the rich or basically one who saves (for rainy day) or (so they can pay cash and save the interst), some how is unfair, so give it to someone who will continue to spend (credit) like no tomarrow, that is your economic plan?? That has even became Washington's theory.. Isn't that where "bubbles" come from? and I'm called the town idiot?


@ truckin:

Reminds me of: Being 'poor' is a financial situation, but 'poverty' is a state of mind.

Too many 'wrong headed' people have been taught to believe that money is the cure all.

How many lotto winners end up dead broke after a couple of yrs.?

My motto: It ain't what ya make, it's what ya keep.