Zebra mussels invade Norwalk reservoir; boating banned in lower reservoir

The city of Norwalk water department discovered this week that there is an infestation of zebra mussels in Memorial Reservoir.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 20, 2012


The city of Norwalk water department discovered this week that there is an infestation of zebra mussels in Memorial Reservoir.

A preliminary investigation indicated there are no zebra mussels yet in Upper and Lower reservoirs.

In an effort to slow their spread, boating is prohibited in Lower Reservoir, effective immediately.

Zebra mussels were first discovered in the Great Lakes in the 1980s. They have since spread throughout the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys. They attach themselves to any hard surface, including boats. The infestation at Memorial Reservoir is most likely due to boat(s) bringing them from Lake Erie or some other infested water.

Zebra mussels create several potential problems for the water plant. The most immediate is their potential to block off the pipe that moves water from Memorial Reservoir to Lower Reservoir. There is no evidence that the pipe is being blocked yet.

Zebra mussels are attracted to running water and reproduce exponentially. One female lays about a million eggs. It's practically impossible to eradicate zebra mussels from a body of water.

Water plants along Lake Erie and at many other locations have had to retrofit their facilities to keep their intakes from clogging up with zebra mussels.

The water department is studying the various mechanical and chemical techniques to combat zebra mussels to determine what would be the most cost effective for the facilities here.

The city apologizes for any inconvenience, and appreciates boater's cooperation in keeping boats off Lower Reservoir in the mean time.



Sit n Spin

Clean your boats ya morons, empty bilges and livewells after boating in Lake Erie ! Especially if you plan on using it in other bodies of water besides Lake Erie ! Some people just don't have a clue anymore, unreal.

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swiss cheese kat

You have no clue spit n sin. Did you know that zebra mussels have also been known to attach themselves to the crayfish bait?


Theres water at the Norwalk reservoir? I remember about 10 years ago you could go fishing anywhere in the Res, and catch decent size fish, all sorts of species...I took my 3 year old stepson a week ago, and was sadden by the lack of water. I was so sadden by it I took pictures on my cell phone of the place I would fish with my father. Why is all the water gone? Dont say because of a lack of rainfall, this has been going on for several years.


Someone will complain no matter how much water is in the reservoir. Too little or too much!


... next thing you know, the zebra mussels will invade our kids wading pools...

mister wizard

Put some Gobies in there !