'Sneak theft' burglar says he's sorry, gets fined and put on probation

The convicted burglar said he was sorry for the hardship he has caused the victim, "a long-time family friend." For his crime, the local man was fined and put on probation but received no jail time -- despite the prosecutor's recommendation of a two-month term.
Cary Ashby
Sep 19, 2012


The convicted burglar said he was sorry for the hardship he has caused the victim, "a long-time family friend."

Joshua Q. Case, 22, of 4247 Zenobia Road, Wakeman, pleaded guilty earlier to burglary. Since his early August guilty plea and after spending 94 days in the Huron County Jail, he started attending GED classes and started working part-time.

Huron County Sheriff's Cpl. Jeff Kerber handled the investigation of the May 2 incident.

"Mr. Case cooperated with authorities. He told them where everything was," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said at Tuesday's sentencing hearing.

"I think he's sincere in being remorseful. ... I think he's sincere in wanting to turn things around," said Longo, who earlier described the crime as "essentially a sneak theft," which didn't involve any forced entry.

Case violated the trust of a friend, Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said.

The victim wasn't in court Tuesday and didn't request any restitution.

"The state thinks this is a serious matter, going into a home and taking items," said Leffler, who recommended a 60-day jail term.

After hearing from both attorneys, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway said he didn't think Leffler's request was out of line, but imposed no further jail time. The judge credited Case with furthering his education and getting a job.

As part of his three years of probation, Case was fined $500 and ordered to obtain his GED. The judge ordered him to undergo substance abuse counseling and random drug screens.

Case is prohibited from having any association with the victim for the next three years.

"He was a long-time family friend," Conway said.

If Case violates the terms of his probation, he faces 18 months in prison.



@alwaysnforever....Not only do we have a thief in the family, but we have a fiancé who cannot use proper English. Y'all are happy this happened? Y'all are proud of him? Wow our society has decayed so much that we are now proud of our thief's and happy they stole and have to get on a forum and tell everyone about it. Straight up WHITE TRASH!!!!! Oh and you created a profile just to defend him for stealing.....again....white trash.

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Wow, thats really great. He passed his first drug test!! {ever in his life) Whether or not he stays clean and stops robbing his friends and family is a different story.Wow, 5 years is a long time to stay with someone after repeatingly cheating on you with every underage girl he can. Must be nice to trust someone after all that. I've know the kid since gradeschool he is the same piece of crap kid today and he always will be. You support him as in you pay his bills and give him money to support his habit thats great. Props to you for supporting him and staying with the abusive compulsive liar. Oh you don't remember that incident? So...Your happy he got caught stealing.. how about all the other money and items he stole from his "friends". But Good Luck with all that happens. May God Bless you. =)


What did I say...Wag of the finger... omg.. "I'm sorry" should be made a legal plea from now on... SMH

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Got the same kind of judge in Lorain County.....Judge James Burge.


They need to make these criminals do a ton of community service. Mow lawns, clean up things around the town and make them wear shirts that say something like "I got caught stealing, this is my punishment.:


U know not everyone gets out Of jail and goes back to there own ways believe it or not some people change and I've seen first hand that he has completely changed. I feel that first time people get in trouble they should get some time and then probation with random drug tests if they are doing good continue the probation. But if it's someone who stays in trouble then they need to be punished harder!!! I'm not saying it's okay to commit crimes but I do believe in second chances!!!!


N fyi we don't give a f*** about anything you guys say. Especially when all u guys just sit there n type about people u know nothing about!!!

Sitting In The ...

@ wrdamcer0529....You make a claim stating " U know not everyone gets out Of jail and goes back to there own ways .... Do you have any examples of this in Huron County in the last two years?. I can make any claim, I could say "I can fly" but if I have no proof of this then it means nothing. I wish your friend, relative etc good luck and I hope he does stay outta of trouble, but the odds are definitely against him.


i'd like to start off by sayin this guy is my fiance of 5 years( 7.17.2007 ). and just to prove all ya haters wrong but this guy does NOT have the same story as the rest of the people in huron county. he got clean and stayed clean wit no detox, rehab, or counseling and i LOVE him to death because of it ( btw: he took a drug test today & PASSED! ). think what u want but all his loving family & friends are Very proud of him, he is a great new man & we(even him) are happy this happened.. so to our family and friends still on the shit, jus kno that there is hope and u Can change, u just have to want it bad enough. if any of you need to talk to us we are always here to help and u kno how to get ahold of us love you guys, & thanks for all the true ppl out there for ya support & helping me & josh through this! couldnt have done it w/o ya all :) <3
& i love you babe im so proud of you, you fought the fight of your life!!!
i'll always be here right by your side.. Always & Forever !!!!!!!!!! <3~

swiss family

how did he apply for , and get a job when he was in jail??????


Not that its any of ur business but he's been out of jail over a month.. how bout you jus worry about ur "swiss family"! mmk thanks so much!

your kidding right

So, If you say your really really sorry you get out of jail for free? Never thought life was like the game of monopoly. When he does it next time he has to say he is really really really sorry. lmao Wonderful.


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i think 90% of these comments should be removed because they contain "personal attacks" Good job NR, goodjob

your kidding right

First off learn how to spell you idiot. You really do need to get your GED. Second I have no idea what your talking about or who your aunt is. I Have no problems with your family it's you dragging them down. Third my fiance can do whatever he likes he's a grown up and makes his own desicions. If you want to compare me to white trash.. perfect I'm proud of the things I have and what I have succeeded in with life. Last your the one needing the growing up stealing, doing drugs and living at home is what grown ups do right? Nothing you say has shaken me I am not scared of you we have locks and cameras to catch you if need be. Thanks♄


This is better than Jerry Spring.....listen to these rednecks try to use English and fight online....this is comical.....although reading this crap is hard to do with no periods and all the text appropriate wording.


wrdamcer alwaysand forever. you guys even graduate high school? oh yeah ang and josh how is that relationship workin out for ya