McDonald's wants to add second drive-through; Norwalk delays decision on granting request

Norwalk City Council has delaying acting on a request to give back to McDonald's land that would allow the fast-food restaurant to add a second drive-through lane.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 19, 2012


Norwalk City Council has delaying acting on a request to give back to McDonald's land that would allow the fast-food restaurant to add a second drive-through lane.

Council on Tuesday tabled the ordinance dealing with the vacation of property near the northside McDonald's on Milan Avenue. The property, if vacated, would be used to punch out the parking lot and add a second drive-through.

"They gave (the land) to us originally," Councilman Chris Mushett said. "The city has no further use for it so this makes sense. If this helps them out, then great."

The legislation was sent to the city's planning and zoning commission for its recommendation. After that, an announcement about the matter has to be published in the paper for six to nine weeks, "so this will be a while," Mushett said.

The ordinance would vacate a portion of the Milan Avenue parallel access street. The existing parking areas and roadway will not change.

McDonald's currently maintains the property and was not originally compensated for the donation.



swiss family

AMEN.... funny though .. the Norwalk dealers will tell you that they do not set the price!!!! or the profit..... RIGHT!!!!?????? they must think we never leave town and are totally stupid I am with you I never buy gas in Norwalk... you can bet it is usually more expensive, and that means I do NOT trust them.. I shop from people I trust... you know it would be nice to see the Mayor have a meeting with these gas station owners and seriously discuss the price gouging... if I buy gas out of town, there is a really good chance I am buying other goods out of town as well..


Like NYC limiting soda sizes to help curtail obesity, by delaying Mickey D's second drive-through Norwalk CC is helping citizens keep additional pounds off. :)


Huron and Erie county are one of the fattest counties in ohio. Maybe they should just get rid of the second McDonalds and put another gym there instead.


I am sorry, but a 2nd drive thru lane does NOT help. The food still all comes out ONE window. Do NOT understand how this is faster or helps move things along.....all the food still comes out ONE window. Heck you pay at ONE window. And getting rid of fast food is NOT going to slim down America. And if I go to NYC I will just order TWO drinks. Not sure how this is helping anything either!


Well Im almost positive that McDonalds has done a survey of whether two lanes is an efficient thing or not....they do not just throw them up for no reason.


The ones here around Toledo are NOT faster. You go to McDonald's at NOON with 2 lanes FULL of cars and it is NO faster. It is kinda like trying merge in a construction zone. You take 2 lanes of people in a hurry all trying to get to the FRONT and then make them MERGE into a single lane. It all just STOPS. McDonald's likes to TRY and please people......if customers THINK they are getting thru the line faster it makes them happy. (Not to mention have you ever tried to go IN and order when the 2 drive thru lanes are full? You wait for a half hour for a cheeseburger. All they worry about IS the drive thru) No bother to me. I do not eat McDonald's that much. The last couple of times we have tried it takes TOO long, the food is NO good, and the price is not so cheap anymore. The prices keep going UP and the size of burgers/chicken goes DOWN. I would rather wait in line for 5 guys or Applebees (for a GOOD burger, I do not mind waiting)


5 guys I can agree on....solid burgers.

Guy on a Buffalo

Seriously, no second drive through. The one one the south side of town is horrible now - my order is rarely correct and they never know how much I owe them. I also get tired of the other lane cutting me off! And this only happens when I go, which is maybe twice a month! This should refer to the old KISS method - Keep it Simple, Silly!


I'm usually not a fan of the double drive-thru, but I think it's a good idea for this McDonalds. The backup of cars is an issue for those 5 or so parking spots on the left and any kind of DT line adds to the safety concerns for people walking in or out of the store.

Blart gets it

Norwalk gas 22 cents more than Milan STOP buying gas in Norwalk. Use Milan or Monroeville fuel stations.

swiss family

trying to stay as close to the topic as possible, and since we are talking about McDonald's and their mascot is a clown.. I hope everyone reads in the court report in today's paper .. in Judge Ridges court this time, and note that the two cases that involved improper touching of young girls by both Norvelle Macintire..... who tried to have sex with 12 year olds, and Andrew Clark ,who followed the young girl from near Dave's to St Paul's school and circled her and grabbed he behind were sentenced ..... Norvelle , who is 44 and has been involved in crime for years and years was was only sentenced for "disorderly conduct??????????????????????????????????????????????"and paid $150.00...for again trying to entice children to have sex with him, and exposing himself to them?????Andrew Clark..who is repeatedly arrested for breaking and entering , theft, and has admitted that he can not control his sexual behavior around girls...was sentenced for sexual imposition ,ordered to pay $200.00and 60 days in jail..and was "ADVISED"of tier 1 sex offenders status??????????????????????????????????????????? was he just told about it?? or classified as it??? big difference.. does anyone think this is justice???? how many offenses do some people have to make, how much jail time do they have to serve before they are labeled a mennace to our community, and sent to the big house for some real justice???? feel safe out there ladies... 2 habitual sex offenders will be out there soon... and one could possible break into your home and if he sees you he admits he can not control his sexual actions... good luck ... and the other has habitually exposed himself and inappropriately touched little girls..... thank you Judge you are really doing a GOOD job keeping criminals off the street....I don't know who the biggest clown is here... the Judge??? the pedophiles???? who admit they will do it again???? or is ir Ronald Mc Donald... sorry but I had to bring it back on topic.....I think we need to demand justice and professionalism from our Judges if they can't do the job correctly step down


And what does this have to do with a second drive through at McDonalds? Lol


Yea, how's ol' "Jobs, jobs, jobs" Duncan come down on this issue?

Construction jobs...more "McJobs"....more jobs at FTMC with the higher cholesterol due to the increased burger eating...

Swamp Fox

swiss where are you getting your information on the recent Norwalk Municipal Court cases that you cited, Clark is not being sentenced until 10/09/12 after a pre-sentence invesigation is concluded and there is a no contact order in effect with anyone under the age of 18 orderd by Judge Ridge according to the records from the court and McIntire(correct spelling) sexual importuning charge was bound over to the Grand Jury and Huron County Common Pleas Court on 09/07/12. as a felony..

You are correct on two points, this is off the topic and a clown is involved......

swiss family

I told you where I got my information... it was in the printed newspaper from Wed.September 19, 2012... on page A-8 and the entire page is Municipal court cases...column #2the 4th and 5th paragraph in that column... it says that "Norvell T. McIntire,44,47 Cline street, Norwalk; disorderly conduct, conviction date SEPT 4 fine, $100,cost $55, case was waived by paragraph....Andrew M. Clark,22,308 Rae Court Willard sexual imposition, conviction date ..SEPTEMBER 4.. fine $100, cost $100,jail, 60 days,defendant shall pay fines and costs within 180 days, defendant advised of tier one sex offender status, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code, Section 2950.01including registration requirements.... I am pretty sure that BOTH of the offenses that these "Men" were involved in were the "trying to sexually assault their victims" and I am very sure that the offenses in question were on September 4 th...m this happens too often in Norwalk, they arrest criminals for some outlandish and appalling crimes, and by the time the Prosecutors and Judges get done reducing and plea bargaining it down, they have the sentencing, and then post it in the court news and people do not even recognize it as the crime that they remember.... I am sorry Fox if this dose of reality disturbs you... because I know it disturbs me..

Swamp Fox

well swissy your were wrong, call the court for the correct information, the disorderly charges were not the felony charge that was bound up to the Grand Jury, and Clark has not been sentenced yet on the most serious charges he was facing, check for yourself on line with the Norwalk Municipal Court, (which is updated nightly). Much like swiss cheese your facts have holes in them, just because you think it doesn't make it fact...........


Note to council just do it