Monroeville schools go back to the voters

MONROEVILLE It's back to the voters for Monroeville Local Schools. A pair of levies will be on Tuesday's primary election a 3.75-mill emergency tax renewal and a 5.5-mill bond issue.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


MONROEVILLE It's back to the voters for Monroeville Local Schools.

A pair of levies will be on Tuesday's primary election a 3.75-mill emergency tax renewal and a 5.5-mill bond issue.

The renewal, which is not a new tax, will be for five years. It will cost the owner of a $100,000 house $114.84 per year.

The bond issue will be for a maximum of 28 years and the money collected will be used for "renovating, adding to, constructing, furnishing, equipping and otherwise improving school facilities and clearing and improving school sites," according to the ballot.

This is the fifth time the bond issue has been on the ballot in the past four years.

The 5.5-mill bond issue will cost the owner of a $100,000 house $168.44 per year.

"I just sent out a mailing with the language of the issues to let the people know what exactly each levy is for," Monroeville Superintendent Carol Girton said.

"We had teachers give us names of five parents of kids in their classrooms in grades kindergarten through eight. And we had those people call five other people. Anyone who had a question we had them turn them in. The whole experience was very positive for everybody," she said. "Most people were very nice, very open and very understanding. I'm always positive because these kids need more educational space.

"With this renovation, that would really help us upgrade our facilities. We are taking tests this week and we have every conceivable space they are even using my office. I just hope the people who said they were positive remember and go out to vote.

"We have a list of about 450 or 500 names and we are calling them reminding them to vote. We are not telling them how to vote, but to just go out and vote."

Girton calls the bond-related levy "a wonderful project for Monroeville," which should make the residents proud.

"It would be great. I just hope it happens for the community," she said.

Monroeville resident Matt Most said enough is enough when it comes to new taxes.

"There is a growing number of people that literally just cannot afford additional taxation, and that in the process of trying to bully voters into supporting the schools there may be more harm done than people realize," Most said in an e-mail. "Nothing is free, and as you are well aware the working class in this country is getting squeezed pretty hard. Unfortunately, this is the same group of people whose taxes are relied upon to fund schools."


There are 11 issues on Tuesday's ballot:

1. Bellevue City School District Income Tax Additional.

.75-mills for five years.

Voting on the issue: Bellevue 3, Bellevue 4, Lyme and Sherman townships.

2. Herrick Memorial Public Library Tax Levy Additional.

.77-mills for five years.

Voting on the issue: Clarksfield Township.

3. Lorain County Joint Vocational School Tax Levy Renewal.

.75-mills for five years.

Voting on the issue: Clarksfield Township.

4. Monroeville Local School District Bond Issue.

5.5-mills for maximum of 28 years.

Voting on the issue: Norwalk 4-C, Bronson 2, Lyme Township, Norwalk Township North and South, Peru Township, Ridgefield Township, Monroeville Village, Sherman Township and (Oxford Township in Erie County).

5. Monroeville Local School District Tax Levy Renewal.

3.75 mills for five years.

Voting on the issue: Norwalk 4-C, Bronson 2, Lyme Township, Norwalk Township North and South, Peru Township, Ridgefield Township, Monroeville Village, Sherman Township and (Oxford Township in Erie County).

6. North Fairfield Village Tax Levy Renewal.

1.8-mills for five years.

Voting on the issue: North Fairfield Village.

7. Ripley Township Tax Levy Additional.

1.9-mills for three years.

Voting on the issue: Ripley Township.

8. Plymouth-Shiloh Local School District Tax Levy Renewal.

4.8-mills for five years.

Voting on the issue: Plymouth Village and New Haven 1.

9. Vermilion River Ambulance District Tax Levy Replacement.

1-mill for five years.

Voting on the issue: Townsend Township North and South, Wakeman Township North, Wakeman Village and (Florence Township in Erie County).

10. Willard City Income Tax Additional.

1/8-mill for five years.

Voting on the issue: Willard 1, 2, 3A and B and 4 A and B.

11. Willard City School District Tax Levy Renewal.

1-mill for five years.

Voting on the issue: Willard 1, 2, 3A and B, Greenfield Township, New Haven Township 1 and 2, Norwich Township and Richmond Township.


A Concerned Mon...

An emphatic NO!If Monroeville School Officals& Parents want this to pass, then tax only parents that have children going to that school!With the high cost of groceries,gas,utilities,& so on some of us are having a hard time keeping our head above water.You ever stop to think, there is a reason why so many houses have been sold here in town in the past couple of years!Because some residents have stated, they cannot afford any more taxes if this passes! My family cannot!Get this-even the guy that we were told who is donating property on 547 for the "new school"if would pass,you have to wonder if that local business owner is struggling to afford gas in a lawn mower, because i'll tell you-he own's property on Rt#99& his property IN TOWN!!!!! only get's mowed ONCE a YEAR!! And that is when there is a complaint about it!Otherwise it doesn't get mowed at all!Stop the Insanity! Vote No!Again!

no way (Anonymous)


anon (Anonymous)

my children will range fom kindergaten to freshman this coming school year and let me tell you thos poor kindergarteners and their teachers have really suffered with lack of space. i know during change of class in the upper grades there is hardly any room in the halls for them to go to their lockers and make it to their next class without someone bumping. the children are our leaders of tomorrow. what does it teach them if there is not enough space to teach them in the first place. i do agree that to get a little you have to give a little, so let's have the higher school officials take half a raise next time or not remodel our office when it was just done and not a shabby one in the first place. let's work together to give our children the best school environment possible not against each other.

Confused (Anonymous)

I'm confused! Is this some sort of trickery or what? I received the letter from"Citizens for Monroeville Schools" on Monday.The print is so tiny& half the paper, the ink drown's out the words-so it is very difficult to read.Not to mention I think it is misleading too!It states-To Vote:Completely darken the oval[s]opposite of your choice[s],as shown. Why would I even want to vote on the "OPPOSITE" of my choice! I think the way they are wording that is very misleading!Other people that have seen it say the same thing. Your either for or against! This should be corrected before it is too late! People need to start making some phone calls now! Ohh- The Glory of Politics!

paying now (Ano...

We are paying now! A good education is based on a good school system! Which we have now! Please don't rock the boat& make it more of a burden money wise than it is ! A good education doesn't mean you have to have new brick's& mortar!The teacher's teach, not the building materials!!

anon (Anonymous)

TO WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? NO ONE HAD THEIR OFFICE REDONE AS FAR AS I KNOW IT WAS FIGURITIVELY SPEAKING. i just want to comment on the family that has computer, large flat screen, cars and medical/food stamps: i may be optimistic but what if they fell on hard times after they aquired these material things? just a thought.... the children are the ones who are suffering in the school the parents are patrons that go to basketball games are truly suffering. has anyone ever been to monroeville/st. paul game? i have and you have to get there 2 hours before game time just to get a half way decent seat to watch your child play!! i agree that with the way our economy is going new taxes are a big burden but hello! give a little get a little. gas prices are on the rise agin, jobs and pay are getting cut and health insurance--i cannot afford it myself and i am not on welfare you just do without so your children can have. on average isn't the tax per month on a 100,000 home only 14.00? PLEASE VOTE YES FOR OUR CHILDREN

awake in Mon...

Hello! I'm awake & I live in Monroeville! When this comes down to brass tacks, people are already making choices in their lives.Hmm! Should I go hungry this week& only eat 3 or 4 meals of some unhealthy cheap overprocessed food that stretches longer! Or should I buy my medicines I need!Or should I forget all that & just wait because I know my property taxes will be coming soon also! Ohh! Dear I also need to put gas in my car!This is our reality for a lot of good honest hardworking folks in this town,& not just the elderly! And the school wants to take more from us! We would all probably live a lot better off if we quit our jobs today & go on welfare! We have seen a family here with kids in Monroeville school that are not working, with computers,a large flat screen tv, cars, medical,& food stamps! What is going on here! We cannot even afford a new computer! Ours is so out of date it's not even funny!

CJ (Anonymous)

As the parent of a Monroeville grad I know what kind of shape the school is in. However, in the face of the pay cuts, benefit concessions and higher costs of living that the taxpayers of this area are dealing with I say let Monroeville schools learn how to deal with what they have and leave the taxpayers alone.
Better yet, let the school administrators take pay and benenfit concessions and ease the schools financial burdens.

NOWAY (Anonymous)

VOTE NO!!!! Monroeville still mismanages money !! Tehy are completely going about this the wrong way .. I have over 100 people who are voting NO! and have the VOTING NO! campagin under way! When Monroeville schools decide to properly manage their money and staff then maybe we will vote yes... but we are tired of our tax dollars being wasted!

NO WAY (Anonymous)


anonymous (Anon...

People who undervalue education, perpetuate that feeling. I don't have kids in school. I'm not overly impressed with the administration at the school however I want the kids to have the best learning environment they can have. You can tell alot about a community by its' school. I certainly am not rich but I am voting for the school.

We (Anonymous)

Simply put-- We CANNOT afford this!!!

whats up (Anonymous)

By the way, what is up with that official election ballot they sent? I agree, it is very misleading!

limits (Anonymous)

Hey- maybe the City can expand the city limits,that way the parents out of the city limits could share in the cost.Ohhhh!

Idea! (Anonymous)

I like the idea of taxing only the parent's that have children going to Monroeville School!

no (Anonymous)

Just Say No!!

Vote for Monroe...

WAKE UP MONROEVILLE!!!!!! I wish I still lived in the district so I could help pass the levy to make renovations and additions.

I'm voting YES ...

Let's support the education of the kids in the Monroeville School District. Please vote yes, and support levy.

money (Anonymous)

Even if you don't live in Monroeville,& you wish you still did,I suppose you can be a good supporter& donate your money to the school!!!!! Just an Awakening Thought!!!!

Concerned Citiz...

It amazes me how people can pay over %15 of their wages to the federal government, which you don't neccessarily see the immediate results of, yet are NOT willing to pay a HALF percent more to see their kids and grandkids in a better school environment. The real problem with people who say they can't afford it is that they can, but would rather throughout the year spend $114 on wants, such as going out to dinner, movies, etc. Another option is for people to drop their high TV cable bills to basic service. Doing this for 2-3 months will more than make up for the money needed to improve the schools in the community they live in.

Deserving! (Ano...

As a employee we have to pay our % to the government, it is not by our choice!That is how it is done in this country.And I have worked very, very hard through my life& it has not by any means been easy.It seems that as soon as you get some bills paid, you have car repairs or doctor bills come up.My point is - it seems like everyone always has their hands in my pocketbook! It would be nice to save a little in the bank for a rainy day, or to help out a family member if needed! So I think I deserve to rent a movie or go out to eat once in a while! And I do have only basic cable!And I don't drive a new car! I wish I could!!

just_me (Anonymous)

I think its sad that the people of Monroeville don't care enough about their kids and vote for this. The children are our future. Whats more important then a good education?

norwalk residen...

compare the norwalk school district to that of monroeville's. norwalk continues to pass the levies and their schools show the evidence.

wake up monroeville, you are ruining these kids' lives!

How Insulting (...

Please-give me a break!How are some Monroevilleites ruining the kids lives?Are you going to hold it against these taxpayers because they cannot AFFORD this?!People WAKE UP!This is not selfishness, this is ECONOMICS!!!!

Comparing (Anon...

Let us compare-Norwalk has 5 grocery stores, Monroeville has none.Gas,physicans,hospitals,drug stores.Do the math kiddo! There are a lot more taxpayers in the city of Norwalk, to ease the burden of this financial problem!So please excuse some of these people for not being able to afford this.Monroeville village is smaller than Norwalk.

jumping in (Ano...

hope you folks don't mind me jumping in here too!one of these posts put it very well I believe! And I'm told this came from a local teacher too! BRICK'S & MORTAR do not make for a better education!!! It is in the way our children are being taught!!! Thank-You!

Monroeville Gra...

To the people who think that only the taxpayers of Monroeville with children should pay the extra taxes My son lives in Monroeville School District, pays his Taxes and still cannot send his children to Monroeville Public School For Pre-school because he makes too much money and the school has to take the lower income famiies first so the people that are paying more taxes because they make more money can not even get use of the school that they support with there taxes.How fair is that?

Wondering (Anon...

My question is simple, if the schools are strapped for money for improvements, then why is it they had the funding to purchase a house directly next to the school property, with no apparent reasoning. It's a 100,000+ home and was bought with no problem, it now sits empty and I can't remeber being asked if I as a voter and a taxpayer wanted to spend money on a house for any reason. Can someone explain this to me, the school needs money for improvements, but has it to spend freely on a house that isn't needed???

wondering (Anon...

This is a very good question you put up wondering. I would like to know about this also!Someone must have a plan up their sleeve!I wonder if the school bought it for future additions or what? I noticed there was no mention of that purchase in their little newsletters they sent to the residents! Hhmm! Very intresting!Maybe we should send them a newsletter asking why? Wouldn't that be a hoot!

grandma (Anonymous)

that bites