Commissioners refuse to sign airport grant application

The Huron County commissioners ended all suspense Thursday and voted down the airport's federal grant application.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 3, 2012


The Huron County commissioners ended all suspense Thursday and voted down the airport's federal grant application.

The application needed the commissioners' approval and signature before it could be forwarded to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its consideration.

The vote to turn down the application was 3-0.

The commissioners also voted to send a four-page letter to Dennis Sokol, airport board president, and the airport board members explaining the reasons for their decision.

The grant could have brought about $232,000 in federal funds to the airport for improvements, including tree removal and drainage work.

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Yes Ralph, you keep trying to compare apples to oranges. Of course you cannot compare the economic impact of the airport to Summit. There is no contest!. The airport is a government owned and controlled entity. It can never meet the economic tests that the free market puts on private business. But that is not the issue even though you are trying to make it so. November is coming and we hear footsteps. So do two of the three commissioners. I think that Silcox and Bauer are very vulnerable as they should be, in part for their stupid decision to pass on over $300,000 in direct economic stimulus over two years in a county that badly needs the infusion of money. That decision is simply administrative negligence.


Essex - A board member of a business is appointed to make decisions to help the business to be SUCCESSFUL. What have YOU done as an airport board member to help the AIRPORT to be successful? NOTHING! No, you and Frankenfeld were appointed by the Commissioners to try to devalue and run the airport into the ground, doing all the dirty work for them so they can practically give that valuable piece of infrastructure to their buddy, Billy. Well, if the airport didn't make any profit on fuel sales last year, I blame YOU! Anyone can see that all you have been is a thorn in the sides of the three REAL airport board members who want to make the RIGHT decisions for the airport to help make it as profitable as possible.

Ralph Wiggum

3 to 2 voting potential and you blame the minority for the problems? Then you put all of the blame for the hosing the airport gave the taxpayer regarding fuel sales on the head of 1 individual? Just how many actions voted on by the airport board were passed with Carl's single vote if the majority voted in opposition? When that little voice in your head stops telling you to blame Essex for everything and starts telling you to start small fires, please call someone for help!


Oh, poor Ralphie! If you're hearing voices, you'd better quick get an appointment to see your proctologist before you suffocate!


It's people like you (assume you are Carl to) that try to twist statements to convince the public that a public department has to make money. Airports provide the same function as the road transportaiton system. Better leave the spin doctoring and promotions to Bill Bader, it's not your strong point. Believe the government says something about self sustaining AS POSSIBLE for public airports. If they break even on fuel, they are not losing money, that is self sustaining. Most gas stations make a minimal profits on fuel, and make up with the sale of convenience items to keep afloat. They are not there to bring business and activity to an area like an airport. Thank god there are 3 individuals who have some common sense, over the 2 Silcox/Hintz/Bauer appointed plants. When Silcox is unthroned in November you can find yourself another issue.


Summit is definitely financial viable as it currently is. I have checked out the number of out of towners and can give personal experience. Because the traffic is episodic, the increased volume does NOT result in permanent jobs. Maybe people get a few extra part time hours but that is it. My wife was at Dinky's recently and it was filled with racers. But no extra help was put on and the service was very slow. As for motel rooms, when was the last motel built in Norwalk? Most of the crowd comes for the day or brings their own RV's. There is not enough business there to justify the investment. People avoid filling up at our gas stations because the price is higher than surrounding areas especially around the NHRA events. Just ask the local businesses. They tell their employees to fill up out of town when traveling on business!


Yes Summit Motor Sports brings money into the county but at what cost? Those who live around the race way are inconvenienced every weekend there is a big event. Not so with the airport. The noise from the night under fire at the raceway can be heard for miles and miles. Not so with the airport.
The Huron County Commissioners have saddled the County tax payers with a tremendous amount liability by not signing the Grant application presented to them by the Airport board. The obstruction mitigation the grant would have financed is a serious problem at the airport. The Commissioners have stated they have no money to correct this problem but then them turn around and refuse FREE money from the FFA to take care of the problem. Many comments on this forum state that only a few people use the airport, but just how many local people use the Summit Motor Sports Facility? I for one have never been to the race way and have no intention of ever going. So just because I do not use the race way should it be sold or closed? Maybe so using the same reasoning of those commenting here.

The commissioners of Huron County do not have the best interests of the people of Huron county when they ignore safety issues at the airport because they have a personal agenda to close it and get some one time money to waste at taxpayers expense.


We don't need a grant when the Huron County Engineer's Office can provide the obstruction mitigation.


Reed5750.......noise? Those that live in that zone knew about noise before they moved there. Bader was there before them. ++++++++ geez


WAH! No one has answered my question as to why the commissioners do not have the stones to vote to close the airport!


The commissioners cannot just vote to close the airport! They must get permission from FAA to do so and the process is a long one. The report they paid something like $5,000 for has told them they most likely cannot do so. That was a wasted expense of taxpayer money. $5,000 that could have been used for the good of the county. How much money have the commissioners wasted trying to get rid of the airport? These men need to go!




It was actually $7,500, and it was 'given' to the Economic Development people so they could do the study, making it look like the commissioners had nothing to do with it. What a waste of taxpayers money. These 3 commissioners must go!


This was just published in Shore News Today:

Cape May County Airport in New Jersey has received a grant of $1.3 million from the Federal Aviation Administration. "The Authority would like to thank Congressman LoBiondo for his efforts to secure this vital federal funding to rehabilitate Taxiway G and the T-hangar taxi lanes at the Cape May Airport. General aviation facilities, like the Cape May Airport, rely on federal funding for infrastructure and security improvements that are necessary for continued aviation success as well as sustainable business development," said James N. Hogan, vice chairman of the Delaware River and Bay Authority.

“Congress’ approval of a long-term FAA Authorization bill demonstrates how improving our aviation transportation network is critical to the prosperity of our nation. Today’s announcement that this federal funding is headed to Cape May County further underscores that importance while benefiting the region’s economy,” said LoBiondo.

“Our airports are crucial to our economy and tourism. With this funding, we are helping ensure the facilities of Cape May County Airport are up-to-date and dependable,” said US Senator Robert Menendez.

Then there are the THREE STOOGES in Huron County, Ohio, with their "civil disobedient" crony, ESSEX, WHO JUST DON'T GET IT!! Silcox, Bauer, and Essex ALL need to GO in November!


Essex isn't an elected official, he works for the Engineer, he isn't going anywhere, so get used to actually for once having to be accountable to someone other than you tiny few on your board and your old cronies. Keep up the good work Essex, these guys had no idea how to run the airport or even their board without someone holding them accountable to THE TAXPAYER!


According to Forbes:

Companies are taking to heart the old adage “time is money” as they seek increased productivity and profitability, while providing healthier, happier work environments for their employees. And they’ve found several instances where business aircraft accomplishes both — such as when a sales team has several places to go in a short amount of time, when more than one employee is traveling on the same itinerary, when their destination isn’t a major airline hub, or when airline schedules simply don’t fit the company work schedule.

Aviation actually gives business travelers the freedom to go where they want, when they want. And with the trend in business to decentralize from major cities, that’s important. Today, if your business destination isn’t a major commercial airline hub, it takes you twice as long to reach it.

Only about 3 percent of the approximately 15,000 business aircraft registered in the U.S. are flown by America’s largest and most well-known companies, while the remaining 97 percent are operated by a broad cross-section of organizations, including governments, universities, charitable organizations and businesses — large, medium and small. And that 97% represents the vibrant heartbeat of what keeps American business humming… or in this case, flying. Business Aviation is an invaluable business tool in order to survive — and thrive — in today’s tough economic climate.

And then there is Huron County, Ohio, where ONE SEASONAL business is considered over EIGHTY-SEVEN FULL-TIME businesses. No wonder the county's unemployment is 9.1%. I'm surprised it's not a lot higher . . . oh wait . . . Silcox and Bauer and Essex are not through yet. ALL THREE NEED TO GO this November!


ZZZZZZZ keep exaggerating and dreamin-----YOU MAKE NO MONEY FOR HURON COUNTY


This is from WBOY (Channel 12) in Morgantown, WV:
The Morgantown Municipal Airport will soon get some updates thanks to a $1.2 million grant. The funds are coming from the Federal Aviation Administration and the State Aeronautics Commission. They'll help pay for a new taxi-way, resurfacing the runway, and new paint on the tarmac. All of the projects are designed to improve service and safety for pilots and passengers.

People in West Virginia understand the importance of the upkeep of an airport, an important piece of infrastructure. And then there's Huron County, Ohio . . . .


Good for WV, not the same here cuz you make no profit. Our big moneymaker needs to continue to make big money as they have for years, contributing millions to our base, so MOVE ON OVER cuz the big money needs to continue in order to save Huron County......stop your lies, spin, rhetoric and greed, your PLAYGROUND will cease to exist can all say BUH-BYE!!


The FAA conducted an 18-month study to enumerate the many diverse functions of GA airports. The analysis lists 2,455 GA airports (from a total of 2,952) based on their existing activity levels–national, regional, local and basic. “GA airports can serve many different functions and advance the public interest, ensuring that Americans nationwide have access to medical flights, search-and-rescue, disaster relief, aerial firefighting, law enforcement, community access, commercial and industrial activity, flight instruction and air cargo,” the study said.

And what functions does the racetrack provide to advance the county . . . um . . . noise, and exhaust fumes?


Such a small useless argument.....come on now, you know what is best, what is most logical, what is common sense and not fodder...come on you idle-bored-rich-old pilots you can doooooo it....come on now, all together now, you can dooooo it!!! MOVE ON OVER ......BUH-BYE AIRPORT, BUH-BYE!

Ralph Wiggum

Ummm, thousands upon thousands of dollars to the local tax base in one season the airport couldn't provide in 40 years of operation even with taxpayer subsidies?


WOW, "thousands upon thousands of dollars to the local tax base"! What percentage of tax do they assess on TEMPORARY structures these days?

Ralph Wiggum

More than what's assessed on the airport?


Which other county departments pay property taxes? That would be like paying yourself . . . duh!


The airport is County property and as such shouldn't be paying any taxes, but still is since the county commissioners have not filed the proper paperwork.
Doesn't that sound like what the commissioners used as one of their excuses not to sign for this years grant




Officials of Murfreesboro Municipal Airport in Tennessee want to extend the runway. The plan would extend the runway by more than 1,000 feet to a total of 5,000 feet. "We forecast about 1% growth a year as a result of the bigger runway," said airport Manager Chad Gehrke.

Wow, 1% growth a year! Just imagine the possibility of improving OUR county's economy if the runway at OUR airport were extended! Instead of trying to sell the airport, why don't the Commissioners wise up and work it out so that BOTH the airport AND the racetrack can COEXIST? Huron County could become the economic powerhouse of northern Ohio!


Just like several pilots from the Norwalk Airport who volunteer to do "Angel Flights" (free air transportation for charitable and medical needs), "Pilots 'n Paws" flew a pup from a Pendleton shelter to a foster home in Cottage Grove, OR. According to, After her owner's death, the six-year-old dog, Maggie, was taken to a dog pound in Pendleton where she faced being euthanized. The volunteer organization "Pilots 'n Paws" agreed to fly Maggie to live in Cottage Grove until she is adopted.

One mile of road will take you one mile. One mile of runway can take you almost anywhere! The possibilities for that airport are only limited by our imaginations!

Mr Wizard

BUH-BYE Mr. Bader!