Commissioners refuse to sign airport grant application

The Huron County commissioners ended all suspense Thursday and voted down the airport's federal grant application.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 3, 2012


The Huron County commissioners ended all suspense Thursday and voted down the airport's federal grant application.

The application needed the commissioners' approval and signature before it could be forwarded to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its consideration.

The vote to turn down the application was 3-0.

The commissioners also voted to send a four-page letter to Dennis Sokol, airport board president, and the airport board members explaining the reasons for their decision.

The grant could have brought about $232,000 in federal funds to the airport for improvements, including tree removal and drainage work.

See Friday's Norwalk Reflector for complete story.



Thanks, Verbal. Do you have the number for the Ohio Ethics Commission and Attorney General, too? I have lots of phone calls to make this week.


Where can someone actually see the airport budget? It just seems to me that this is a money pit for the county and taxpayers.


I like your ideas below, why just single out the county airport, after all they have received no funding from the county for 2 years. Let's take this a step further and make each and EVERY county department self sufficient. First let's take away the tax that the highway department gets from license plate sales, and put it back in our pockets. Hell you can fix your own roads if we want to use them bad enough. If you want to drive in the winter, that's your problem, not mine. By yourself a truck with a snowplow or a snow cat. Next, lets make sure every time you call the sheriff for anything you receive a $50-100 billing, paid in advance. The court house can install a turnstyle so you pay every time you enter. On top of that, pick your door or department and pay again. Judges, if you want a verdict, not my problem, you pay them for his integrety, or lack their of to get your way. Oh and Child services, let's make sure all those mothers and fathers pay a fee every time they call in. We can get them all to swipe their credit cards when they need a county agent to inspect for a child's welfare. Wait we have the Economic development people. They need to give back the $60,000 from last year and start strong arming local businesses. People cry for new development, new businesses, and investment, yet you act like a bunch of vigilanttes wanting to hang a piece of your transportation infrastructure that 87 businesses have used or benefited from. In the end, after enough businesses become tired enough of your rhetoric you may have exactly what you want, a quiet little bedroom community made up of slums, and heoin dealers / users. Let's make each and every county department or county service self sufficient, including the commissioners office!!!

hit the road jack

This is the problem with people who think like you that our roads are as bad as they are, fees from license plates are taxed to fix roads,not the general fund for bike paths,parks and so on,this goes on at the state level even worse. We should be eliminating county agencies (or state) that really serve no one but a few,but don't worry,soon the govt will need a long enough runway to fly drones in and out so they can spy on everyone in the area on a regular basis.


You missed his point. He was pointing out what would happen if every other county agency had to do as the commisssioners claim the airport must.


Grant money isn't "free" and never comes without regulatory strings attached.

Econ 101: TANSTAAFL - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.


One person's government subsidy is another person's tax.


I tend to agree. The application for the grant was to provide the airport and county entitlement money to meet the contractual obligations signed by the commissioners in 2007. These grant assurances require the commissioners to maintain and operate the airport in a safe manner. Specifically, the tree obstructions need to be removed and the pavement needs to be maintained. Now the county will have to pay for it out of their own pocket which WILL cost the taxpayers of Huron County where with the grant funds, the money comes from fuel and airline ticket taxes.


Tree obstructions and pavement maintenance can be done the county engineer's office.

citizenof hc

That's right Carl, you have been so reliable in the past. I read that you volunteered at one of the airport meetings to mow the runway area this year but only did it once. Also heard you volunteered to put a culvert someplace, but 4 months and to date no action. Great work from the county highway dept. Ask any of the townsip people who have to deal with you. They come with their teeth gritted hoping they can get you out of the loop so they can actually accomplish something for their residents. Besides your so called "civil disobiendient attitude" (what I call arrogance and ego) and your conscience, you are nothing more than a chronic delinquent tax payer with a county job and 3 buddies who happen to be commisioners, who let you get away with actions you should be fired for.


that's right, the tax is placed on the pilots and customers who use the air transportation system, so you are right once again, the lunch is provided by the pilots who use the facility.


It is tax money someone is going to get anyway. It is federal money earmarked to be given out. It won't be put back in the federal account. It will be given to someone else.

Jonathan Christman

There have only been 3 candidates in 20 years that I have ever let put their political signs in my yard. Council candidates Sharon Ward and Tom Dunlap, I offer you my front yard for your signs. My address is 34 Marshall Street. You can call me at 419-668-9962, or email me at for verification.


On the tiny chance that your friends win, please tell us how you/they will replace the revenue that Summit currently brings to Huron County? (fyi...Summit wants to expand and may move to Mansfield).

How about you and some of your plane owning friends kick in some green? After all the savings made from the cheap airline fuel and hangar space you all should be rolling in the dough.

citizenof hc


It's hard to argue with stupid, but You know everything so why don't tell the people that Billy didn't like the conditions he would have to abide by down there so gave up his quest for Mansfield property. He just cries here and you your friends want to roll out the red carpet. They can have all the SELF CONTAINED motor homes and noise if they like that, and then you can move with Billy there if you like. The vasts amount of money this county gets from his operation is only in your mind, and those of his supporters.




Easy choice wouldn't ya say?


Summit big bucks - you really need to get some medical help. You sound like Larry Silcox. Maybe you are his speech writer. When you have to try this hard to bash your opposition, it's obvious that there is a benefit you don't want anyone to see. Must be worried for Larry in November. Doesn't look good for him, but that is good for the county.


He cant move to mansfield...they tried making a track years ago and due to something about a natural spring they legally cant build one the airport down there owns all the land around it lol


Airplane hangar space is based on the area, services offered by FBO, quality of building space, and aviation services provided. Fuel rates are based on current prices which fluctuate daily with the market, going up, or down. Surprised you are not smart enough to know that Carl. You can't expect to receive the same money from a hangar space in Norwalk, that you would get from 10x20 space at Joe Bob's downtown storage sheds, but that seems to be your mentality. Many airports have specials on fuel to draw in business on a volume basis, rather that sell a few gallons at a high price. Not one of the roads in this county make money, but becasue it doesn't suit your plan, all of a sudden, this county dept has become a business required to support itself instead of transportation infrastructure, and a service to the community. At Norwalk, people like you complain about everything you think stands in the way of Billy and his exhaust fumes. You apparently are on the take receiving something from Billy directly. I don't fly, or own a plane, but I know that a roadway brings business and opportunities, and this airport/runway is no different. I'm smart enough to know that the type of busieness we need in this area is that which employs people year round and pays a decent salary to live off of. That is never going to come from Billy Bader. The motor homes with their trailers come and then go home. His numbers have been dropping drastically over the past years, and this year is no different. The money was available to remove hazards, and your people weren't smart enough to do nothing more than sign a grant. I wonder how many other grants they have scutinized so closely and refused over the past 3-4 years???


Bull....nice spin though.....fuel and space is so cheap here that out of county plane owners come here to fuel up....tell us, what is the markup on the fuel? How about you provide us your cost in comparison to 10 other airports? Wanna talk about the prepaid charge cards that some of you hold that aren't actually prepaid? Wanna tell us if these charge cards are through Huron County? Does Huron County even use charge cards?



You can argue, spin, stretch, malign, accuse, scream and throw all the hissy fits you want but the AIRPORT WILL NEVER, EVER COME EVEN CLOSE TO PROVIDING THE FUNDS THAT SUMMIT HAS AND WILL FOR THE HURON COUNTY TAXPAYER.


They seem to call you Carl for some reason, and with that - Stupid is as Stupid Does - If Bill is so set on staying here he can buy all the land he wants on either side of 18. Like you said, You have argued, spinned, stretched, maligned, accused, screamed and thrown all the hissy fits you can, and in the end BILLY's PAYROLL AND CUSTOMERS WILL NEVER, EVER COME EVEN CLOSE TO PROVIDING THE JOBS OR FUNDS THAT THE PEOPLE OF HURON COUNTY NEED. It has got to be difficult to be so ignorant. I'd suggest a weekend away from the exhaust fumes at the track. You are not smart enough todebate or understand the benefits of a well rounded transportation infrastructure.


You are so full of ##it. This seasonal business isn't doing anything for Huron County. Show us the money!!!!


Norwalk-Huron County Airport = $5.79/gal.

1. Willard Airport = $5.35/gal.

2. Elyria Airport = $5.85/gal.

3. Ashland County Airport = $5.95/gal.

4. Fremont Airport = $5.49/gal.

5. Galion Municipal Airport = $5.79/gal.

6. Seneca County Airport = $5.82/gal.

7. Port Bucyrus-Crawford County Airport = $5.89/gal.

8. Medina Municipal Airport = $5.60/gal.

9. Fostoria Metropolitan Airport = $5.55/gal.

10. Wadsworth Municipal Airport = $5.72/gal.

It appears as though the Huron County Airport has their gas priced comparable with similar airports in the area.


I hope he does go to Mansfield!!


If he does, will he take his temporary bleachers/stands with him?


Where can I get yard signs and bumper stickers for Sharon WARD and Tom DUNLAP?


Did anyone notice the letter was drafted the day before the meeting was held to vote this down? Also, the video cut off just at the point where Joe Huntz says Billy told him if he does not acquire the land...... What did Billy say?


um. you guys have me so confused!!!!!!


The airport is like the on/off ramp on an interstate highway,only it connects the community to the airial highway. It will not make or break a business but offers great opportunities for local businesses to expand their reach and revenues just as the interstate highways,railroads and canals did in the past. To fail to see that WILL hurt the community as a whole. The commissioners are failing all the citizens of Huron County by what they are doing to the airport.
Would anyone go to a restraunt, auto repair shop, lumber yard or a department store that was being verbally trashed by leaders of a comunity?
Would any business move into a place that was was doing that to the existing businesses? Or into a place that wasn't maintaining needed infrastructure that is available elsewhere?

That is what the voters need to look at in november when deciding whom they will vote for.


It has been 40 years......FORTY YEARS that this airport has had a chance to enhance Huron County and contribute to its revenue.

It has failed.

It only serves a select few at taxpayer expense and liability. Move your little planes to Willard or buy some land and build your own airport.

Taxpayers want this monkey off their back.