Commissioners refuse to sign airport grant application

The Huron County commissioners ended all suspense Thursday and voted down the airport's federal grant application.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 3, 2012


The Huron County commissioners ended all suspense Thursday and voted down the airport's federal grant application.

The application needed the commissioners' approval and signature before it could be forwarded to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its consideration.

The vote to turn down the application was 3-0.

The commissioners also voted to send a four-page letter to Dennis Sokol, airport board president, and the airport board members explaining the reasons for their decision.

The grant could have brought about $232,000 in federal funds to the airport for improvements, including tree removal and drainage work.

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Even with all three dressed up just proves you cant polish a turd


Surprised ?? Nope, not even a little.


Say good bye...Come November, these three seats will be occupied by new people...


Only two seats are up in November, not three, with Dunlap and Ward supporting the airport. The 60k voters of Huron County who do not own a plane will vote for Silcox and Bauer.


Verbal: Those 60K won't vote for Bauer and Silcox after an ethics investigation is launched. You just can't put wrong and unproven charges in a letter that defames the Airport Authority which is a legally constituted public body under the Ohio Revised Code. That is known as libel.


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This airport is greedy, I would of refused to sign as well. Remember they were trying to bully Bader into more money after an agreement..They should of taken what was offered, instead they look greedy

Annoying squirrel

Obama tax power November b
November November oh yay


Some points in the Commissioner's letter as to why they denied the application:

The Airport Authority in violation of FAA requirements, has permitted certain select pilots to purchase fuel at discounts and to pump the fuel without the fuel being paid for!!

Subjected the county to possible daily fines of one thousand per day by the FAA by failing to timely post Notice to Airmen of the closing of the airport in 2011.



Some Airport Authority members attempted to mislead the Commissioners of a June aircraft crash asserting the crash was minor and did not have to be reported when there was actually substantial damage requiring a report. A witness was involved even though the Commissioners were advised there were no witnesses.

The Airport Authority has and is renting hanger space to two business for non-aviation purposes (storage of a house and the running of a barn demo business) in direct competition with private business, in violation of FAA grant assurances.



After an oral agreement, the Airport Authority, without consent of the FAA or Commissioners demanded a last minute increase in rent from Summit, which resulted in a rejection of the agreement and caused the loss of 10 thousand dollars in revenue as well as putting members of the general public at risk.

After initially offering to rent the empty business complex to a local business for 42 thousand per year (plus 30k in tenant improvements), members of the Airport Authority doubled the amount of rent without consulting the commissioners resulting in the loss of 72 thousand in income and improvements to the airport.


This is an outright lie. There was never oral agreement and the official action of the Airport Board by resolution was to set the Summit rent at $10,000. NO offer was ever made to a local business to rent the business complex for $42,000. No written offer was received to supply $30,000 in improvements. And no member or members of the authority doubled any stated rental fee. The Authority is not required to consult with the commissioners regarding the rental structure of airport buildings. Ohio Revised Code assigns that authority to the Airport Authority. You cannot lose what you are not offered and in real estate, there is no offer unless it is in writing.


Wrong! This newspaper printed an article on this February12, 2012: “County airport loses out on having IHRA as tenant, receiving 42,000 annually”.


Verbal, Do you believe everything the newspaper prints. This was a false and misleading story. Go ask the airport for its board minutes and records. No offer was ever received from IHRA to rent space. They told the part-time manager that it would cost too much to renovate the building to meet their needs. Furthermore, the use proposed by IHRA would not be approved by the FAA and would be a violation of the grant obligations.



The bid submitted by the sole bidder for the project doesn’t comply with FAA requirement, nor does it comply with bidding instructions/requirements of Federal and State Law.


The bid submitted was done by a company that has done work paid for by the FAA in the past, and is currently doing work at the Ashland County Airport. Haynes Construction knows how to comply with federal, state, and county requirements. The commissioners failed to identify how the bids do not comply. Their statement is a false one.


Wrong again. Not sure if it is Federal or State law, but any government bid over 25k has certain criteria to meet.


Verbal: What are these criteria that the bidder did not meet? One one who has extensive experience successfully bidding on government contracts including several in Huron County? Why didn't the commissioners specify what criteria were missed? Don't you think they owe that courtesy to a Huron County business?


….“matching funds” of over 29 thousand has not been deposited to the order of the Commissioners therefore they are unable to certify that these funds are available.


According to the David Welhouse of the FAA, the matching funds are not required to be available under the commissioners actually sign the grant acceptance agreement. The airport's cash reserves, already in the county's accounts, are more than adequate to cover the matching requirement.


Wrong again, check county policies.


Verbal - How do you know all of the county's policies? Are you a county employee? Since you are so well versed in the policies of the county, maybe you can tell me what is the county's policy on its employees paying their personal property taxes on time and their not using the county's resources for personal use while they are on the clock?



The Airport Authority, in addition to more than 2.1 million dollars of property at cost (which if invested could bring in at least 84 thousand) receives 6 thousand from rental farm land owned by the county, 28 thousand from the rent of county owned hangars and 8 thousand in payments by the Commissioners of real estate taxes on the non-tax exempt real estate.


This is another untrue fabrication. The sale of the property would NOT net the commissioners $84,000. Of the 2.1 million, at least $1 million or more would need to be paid back to the feds and the state of Ohio. Another $300K to $500K would be spent on legal fees getting FAA permission to sell and fighting various lawsuits. The county would be lucky to net $600K out of the deal. At 4%, that is $24,000 interest. Regarding the real estate taxes, that is the commissioners' fault for failing to file for a real estate tax exemption which they could get according to the county auditor. It is pure negligence on their part.


So you are actually going to argue and accuse the Commissioners of falsehoods and negligence of COUNTY PROPERTY at the risk of COUNTY LIABILITY so that you and your friends can continue to get cheap fuel and hangar space at what you seem to think is your own playground?

I have news for you:

The TAXPAYER via the Commissioners are sick of giving you a free ride at their expense. It may take some time, but your entitlement will end and Summit will expand and the Huron County TAXPAYER will reap the benefits.


Additional points of concern are included in the Commissioners letter listed above in the pdf file.

I no longer see where the airport board nor their supporters have any leg to stand on.

Thanks to our Commissioners for doing what we elected them to do, be stewards of our tax funds and put the needs and future of the county first.

Vote for Bauer and Silcox in November.


I couldn't agree more. Grant money funds are already there....why would elected officials make a decision to leave money that is available on the table? I am baffled!


Did you read below.....I think you should.


How do I book a flight in and out of the Huron Co Airport? I do not own a plane, or know of a Charter service there that will fly you in and out! What use is this airport to citizen's like me?