Commissioners refuse to sign airport grant application

The Huron County commissioners ended all suspense Thursday and voted down the airport's federal grant application.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 3, 2012


The Huron County commissioners ended all suspense Thursday and voted down the airport's federal grant application.

The application needed the commissioners' approval and signature before it could be forwarded to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its consideration.

The vote to turn down the application was 3-0.

The commissioners also voted to send a four-page letter to Dennis Sokol, airport board president, and the airport board members explaining the reasons for their decision.

The grant could have brought about $232,000 in federal funds to the airport for improvements, including tree removal and drainage work.

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Hey JohnJ, I can copy/paste the posts of others, too:
Aug 08, 2012 10:10 PM EXCELLENT POST racer0220 says I race and enjoy going to the races but I also know that the airport is a valable tool for Bill right where it is. It needs to be kept and maintained. Too bad they didn't take the grant money. A foolish move by the commissioners. Bill can expand in other directions. I watched a number of planes come in for the July Nationals, and they weren't all small planes. It is only the small minded people who don't believe the airport is important to the race track. Hell go down south to Datona, FL, there is an airport right next to their track, and it's busy during Datona's larger events!!


I would agree. Change is very much needed in local representatives. In this case the two county
commissioners running for third terms. Thanks boys, but eight years is enough.


Like many taxpayers the guy had a right to dispute his taxes. That is not illegal nor immoral. Whether or not someone disputes their taxes or pays them late is not relevant to his employment or serving on any board. Personal attacks only make your arguments seem weak.


AnAmerican, Why was it not until what Essex was doing (not paying) came out in the comments that no one was hearing anything about it. He is a county enployee who was apointed to a leadership position while failing to pay those taxes or even working to get the tax dispute resolved. Anyone else and the property would have been seized in less the 3 years.


Why should anyone hear about it? Just because he is a county employee the rules are the same for all. He was disputing his taxes, many people do in this county and rightfully so (please look up the history of valuation determinations for Huron County that last go-around, many, many complaints). He has paid his taxes in the past but disputed this one. Call the Auditor if you have a beef.

Airport board members are appointed by the county, how about we check all of their taxes, court histories, bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc. It would not be relevant but only used to demean, slander, malign, and divert attention from what is really going on.


AnAmerican - Go ahead and do a check on all the other airport board members. My bet is that they're clean. Only one of the Commissioners' cronies would ever be allowed to get away with "civil disobedience". Sure, Essex was "disputing his taxes" . . . AFTER HE GOT CAUGHT! At least his wife has a conscience! As Judge Judy Sheindlin says, "Don't pee on my shoe and tell me it's raining."


As written, I have no intention or desire to check board members as it would not be relevant but only used to demean, slander, malign, and divert attention from what is really going on.


You have no time to do any background checks on the other airport board members because you are so busy posting BS on the NR blog for the commissioners. Don't worry, you'll have a LOT more free time come November.


What is really going on is the commissioners are trying to sell County property to bader for the benefit of the very few (Bader and the commissioners). to close the airport will cost the County funds that the commissioner say it doesn't have. That means that many will pay for the benefit of 4 unless you count Essex( then 5).


Anyone who is behind in their property taxes is listed in the paper shortly after they are due. As to why it is something to be concerned about, Essex is in several positions to effect how public money is spent. That makes it a valid point of discussion here. To turn a blind eye to it is to condone corruption.


"he refused one"......refused from whom? Who are those that did not refuse? Who filled out the application in the first place and used the county name?


Application for what?


application: How were the charge cards acquired?

you said: "...prepaid access card. Sokol said that he refused one and uses his own..."

Refusing a card indicates the existance of said card(s)


You are very confused! There is a big difference between prepaid access cards and charge cards.


Not confused, just poor choice of words, my posts should have read prepaid cards and not charge cards.


Cannot wait until November when we can vote these 3 stooges right out of office, what possible good reason could there be for turning down a grant?


You have no idea what strings come with a grant. Besides, Do you know where the money comes from? It comes from those federal taxes you pay every year. The more they (goverment) spend the more we pay out. I dont care if the airport goes or stays. But it must be self supportive. It is a county facillity, It must treat everyone equal. If you voted Obama than you got "CHANGE"


This money is going to be spent somewhere - it doesn't get saved because Huron County refuses to apply for it. Some other county will now get the benefit of it. This is not a smart decision - get the money and then try to fix the problems. To refuse money just because of a local feud is not rational.


Curious to see what the reason is.


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Scranton Tibbs

Some haiku for Friday.

Three wrinkled old men.
On a constant power trip.
November. Come fast.


Are they still pouting like little kids?!


Sell it to Bader and let's move on. It is a waste of space and a burden to the tax payer. Why subsidize a playground for the rich.


Tell that to the 86+ businesses who have used or benefited from the airport since 2011. Tell that to Americraft Carton whose executives flew in and stated how important the airport was to them exactly where it is. Tell that to the 40 full time employees of Americarft Carton. Tell that to LifeBanc who recently flew into the airport to collect organs which were immediately flown to southern ohio for a transplant. Tell that to Bill Bader - 45 aircraft flew in during the July 2012 Nationals, most to attend his event, some rented cars from local dealers. Tell that to the cropduster who sprayed about $750,000 worth of chemicals purchased from the local Sunrise. Tell that to the farmers who's yields will be 2 to 3 times what they would have been without the spraying. Tell that to all the businesses who will reap the benefits of the farmers profits. Tell that to WR Meadows, or Cretex Corp, Air charters, or companiess who have flown in to do business with John Mansville. If you had even a clue of the amount of traffic at this airport you might play a different tune, and understand its importance to the entire community, and county. On sunday a family flew in on an air charter to visit relatives. They were staying a few days, going to Cedar Point and then the charter was returning to pick them up and take them back home to MA. All this has an economic impact on our area. We want people to come here and spend their money. The airport is here 365 days a year. It is part of our transportation infrastructure. It is not Cleveland Hopkins, but it does allow business and recreational air traffic the opportunitiy to come directly to our area, and today, businesses know time saved equals profits.

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Scranton Tibbs

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