Norwalk police invites fugitivites to come clean

The Norwalk Police Department wants you. If you're wanted, that is.
Apr 29, 2011


The Norwalk Police Department wants you. If you're wanted, that is.

On May 6 and 7, Norwalk Municipal Court will set up shop in the old Check into Cash building at 80 Whittlesey Ave., next to Best Cuts in the former Tops/Giant Eagle plaza.

Norwalk Police Officer Seth Fry announced Friday the Operation Safe Surrender program. Anybody who has an active warrant can turn themselves in.

Norwalk Municipal Court Judge John Ridge and his staff will be on hand in the old store for open court. It will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 6 and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. May 7.


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Awesome, Uputwhatwhere and NERD can go start new pay agreements and be back on the blogs the same day.


So how is this different than someone being able to turn themselves in to the court or police department?


Maybe if they turned themself in any other day there would be chance they would have to stay overnight in jail until they went to court the next day.


Dear Fugitives, we here at the Norwalk Police Department are too incompetent to find you so we need you to come to us. And by the way, if you turn yourselves in, we won't punish the crime, you'll just go back home!! If it works out we'll have one every month!! Don't worry about the crime, we just need the paperwork!! Thank you for your cooperation.

support norwalk pd

The officers are cabable of finding people, the problem is with the budget cuts. The budget has been cut so bad the officers aren't allowed to go pick up people when they are located outside of Norwalk because it would cause overtime. This is a good program and it would be nice to reduce the number of warrants, or maybe they should just put people in jail right away instead of giving them tickets/fines which they never pay and end up with a warrant!


I hate the honesty with this program. In times past, the police would advertise the loosers had won a tv or some other prize, then arrest them when they showed up to pick up their loot. Far more entertaining to read about.


Well most are probably just old ticket fines, dog barking fines, bad checks and such. I would think with the judge on hand. Clear the books and get a little cash for the broke city instantly. I wouldn't be surprised if a person showed up with... say... 50% they would take it and all well. Surely this is not for harden criminals. I think if someone is driving around always pinching there hemroids every time they see a cop cause they know of a fine they have outstanding. Now is your break. Take advantage if you owe, go pay, remember it cost them money n time with booking when they catch, so i am SURE it's Not trick. I might go up and see if i have anything. Who knows, there maybe a 20yr old parking ticket i never paid and with interest, heck it might be worth 1000's, 10 bucks all good.