Boose takes heat for Senate Bill 5 support

State Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township) wouldn't change a thing about Saturday's town hall meeting regarding Senate Bill 5 at Main Street School in Norwalk.
Scott Seitz2
Mar 15, 2011


State Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township) wouldn't change a thing about Saturday's town hall meeting regarding Senate Bill 5 at Main Street School in Norwalk.

Boose, who represents the 58th district, knew going in the potential was there for emotions to run high and they did. He also was aware he would received a good deal and grief and that part came true as well.

"I'm definitely leaning to support Senate Bill 5," Boose said. "There are a few things that might be cleaned up, but I expect to vote on it in the House either this week or next. That would be my guess."

(NOTE: To watch additional video coverage of Boose's town hall meeting, click HERE and HERE.)

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Fibber Mcgee

You gotta give the man credit for hosting this meeting. I wish he hadn't already made up his
mind before listening to those on saturday.


Lets ignore the fact that the biggest increases in the state are public healthcare and pension. Yup, lets just keep spending money we have and not fix a thing. The problem is this. People all want our government fixed, but do not want their program to take cuts. Sorry but some people are going to be upset. Stick to your guns Boose.




Pugsly -

Why did you edit your last comment?


Im gonna add more to it.




Im all for good mature debate. Yes I agree he was very short at times, but people insulting him was uncalled well. Bad behavior doesnt warrant more bad behavior. Lets look at whats going around the country, things have to change. This bill is not gonna cut their pay they are just gonna have to pay a little more for benifits,( welcome to the real world). And the one thing I thought very funny was when a teacher said " If we go to a merit pay system we will have backstabbing and favoritism." So what he basically said was his union brothers and sisters were gonna backstab and lie to get raises. That was laughable. Ive worked union and nonunion and I have to say there is less backstabbing in nonunion work. But enough on that. I also heard someone yell out calling Terry Hitler. I mean come on is that really what this has been reduced too? If you want respect you must give it and there was nothing but disrespect in that meeting. The unions have fed alot of money into trying to beat this bill and feeding into the myths that have everyone upset. WE ALL have made sacrifices, why is it that public employees feel they dont? Plus I hear them crying that they have to pay for continuing education, well guess what so do I and millions of other people in the private sector. Peoplehate change but times are changing quickly right before our eyes and changes have to be made deal with it.


This bill isn't just about "paying a little more for benefits." It's about having the opportunity to negotiate for a fair contract that includes wages and benefits taken away. No matter what you're thoughts are about unions, contracts are negotiated by two sides: the labor and the management. And the contracts for state or county or local government workers have been negotiated over a number of years by administrations of both political parties. Sorry, but SB 5 comes across as anti-labor and weighted to management. The bill certainly was not that well received by the state senate, passing only by a 17-16 margin, and I would urge the state reps to vote it down.


Entitlement mantality, The problem I have is these folks think its a right, well there is nowhere in the constitution that says you have that right. They are employed by the taxpayer, so why dont we put this on the ballot and let the people decide? Like I said earlier I have no problem with people protesting but do it in a respectful manner. And again I repeat things are tough all over and WE ALL and I say again WE ALL need to bite the bullet and make sacrifices. The private sector has been doing it for a while now well its time for the public sector as well.


Don't believe there is any indication in my post of an "entitlment" or "it's a right." Stated that SB 5 would take away the "opportunity" to negotiate for a fair contract.


yes, this is weighted towards the management. But in a public company such as this, the management is the tax payer. I am pro taxpayer.


Well get ready pro taxpayer, the word is on the street that your county commissioners will be extending pay raises to county employees. Of course, no increases to union employees that had already agreed, through negotiations, to take a pay freeze. Oh, and that's with a new commissioner that campaigned to cut government spending.


Last time I checked this bill has nothing to do with wage negotiations. So what you are posting on here is FALSE.


The Ohio Legislative Service Commission has a fantastic website for those who are interested in any aspect of our state government. The site is easy to navigate and you will get a completely unbiased look into the workings of Ohio's legislative process. The link is:

For those who's only interest is the currently debated SB 5, you can find links to the complete text of the bill, analyses, synopsis, fiscal notes, and status of the bill here:


Fox News, the Associated Press, all online newspapers, and the myriad of political blogs that proliferate the internet supply only biased interpretations that are worded to influence your opinion. I urge anyone, who actually wants to form an opinion for themselves, to visit this site.


His past actions speak much about him. Not to mention incoming administration (the top) got raises. People please vote in our next election.

the golden rule...

1. If you do not stand to inherit $600,000, your best interest is not being looked at by these guys.
(I guess family farms are worth over this amount many times)

2. If you make under $250,000 per year, your best interests do not matter. Why can't we just give
half the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy(and selfish) and let the little guy (teacher, social worker) make enough money to at least buy some products, maybe a new car every ten years.

3. If you are a government employee, you are not a hard worker and nobody cares that you
gave up $3800 per year the last two years and are paying more for health care each year now.

4. If you are a politician and on the government dole as well, you can still bad mouth others who get a goverment check, oh by the way, any farmer who ever took a government subsidy, any nurse or doctor who serve about 70 percent Medicaid and Medicare patients, any grocer or store who takes in Food stamps, you are all benefiting from government handouts. What about the road construction workers who build roads, aren't these folks all on the goverment take.


How about we drug test everyone on welfare? Think of the money we would save if we did. You fail, no money! And how about no assistance for illegal aliens think of the millions there being squandered.


Mr. Boose needs to put away the Republican playbook he was reading from and learn to think for himself. Anyone who is really familiar with the contents of this bill and takes the time to think about what the various provisions and prohibitions mean could easily see how it is unfair to workers in the extreme. Nobody of high character should be able to support this bill and then be able to look a public employee in the eye, or sleep with themselves for that matter.



You said: "Anyone who is really familiar with the contents of this bill and takes the time to think about what the various provisions and prohibitions mean could easily see how it is unfair to workers in the extreme."

What is unfair with taking away the ability of an employee paid by the taxpayer to withhold services through a work stoppage?

What is unfair with requiring an employee paid by the taxpayer to contribute 15% of the cost of their health plan?

What is unfair with the requirement that all managers have the same health care plan as the public employee?

What is unfair with removing a convoluted and arbitrary system of "levels" and "steps" in salary progression and replacing it with a salary range system determined by the level of professionalism attained and performance criteria?

What is unfair about the the process of collective bargaining for wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment. prior to contract renewal?

What is unfair with requiring the public employee to pay their share into their own pension fund (they don't pay into Social Security)?

What is unfair with the provision that a school district, municipality, or township that has been declared to be in fiscal emergency or fiscal watch may alter an existing contract and re-open negotiations?

The provision that says the employer is no longer required to withhold union dues from the employee's pay and deliver them to the union may be unfair to the union, but I probably won't loose any sleep over it.

Ralph Wiggum

Why do people think that because they have government union jobs they become immune to any downturn in the economy? The private sector took their hit a few years ago. It was only a matter of time for these people but now that it's here, the world must be coming to an end for the middle class. Like it or not we are no longer the country that drives the world's economy or sets the world's prices on goods alone anymore. Just look at the price of oil for an example. If we're not willing to pay $3.50 a gallon for gasoline there are plenty of countries that will. So why do these state employees think they are immune to losses and can continue to dictate to all other tax payers what their wage will be? Where were all of those people I heard yelling in the background during Boose's speech when Norwalk was losing jobs in the private sector? Why weren't these same people marching on the state house when CVG, Norwalk Furniture, IPC or any of the other factories and businesses in our area were closing up shop or shaving their workforce demanding the state of Ohio offer financial incentives that would keep jobs here and in Ohio? Wasn't that as much of an attack on the middle class or is it only an attack when it affects their wallet? How many of those same people I heard in the background shop at Walmart? A place that is known to keep out organized labor and even go to the length of closing a store and moving it to keep unions away. How many people yelling also drove to the meeting in a vehicle made by a non-union factory like Honda or Toyota? Make sure your hands are clean before you accuse someone else of trying to break a union or "attack the middle class". This is only the tip of the iceberg for the economic changes coming and it won't get any easier.


You bring up a great point. I have seen many of these hypocrites at walmart shopping. And I agree I never saw any of these spoiled brats out protesting in support of workers that lost jobs around here. But remember they only care about themselves and there entitilements. That they feel they have a right to.


Something most will agree on....eliminate upper tier criminals. Not only would this send a message & save $$$, politically it would be safe for any politician. Do criminals vote? Terry you read these blogs before, you paying attention? What does it cost per year to maintain 1 criminal in Ohio's State Prison? Anyone??????


I read an article that said its around 40,000 a year per inmate


Terry have YOU taken a pay cut?


We all know the answer to that, kURTje. A big NO. Also, I'm sure Mr. Boose has also enjoyed the benefits of health insurance coverage at a very reasonable cost.

future in jeopardy

Actually, Rep. Boose proposed a 5 percent paycut for all legislators and staffs. So he tried to cut his own salary.


Mr. Boose proposed a bill that he knew had no chance of even making it out of committee to the house floor for a vote. A grandstanding move that sounds good but has no substance. He can always voluntarily cut his own salary. Maybe he should try harder.

future in jeopardy

Retired, he may have known that it wouldn't pass, but the effort was there. You are simply speculating by making it sound like he didn't ever even want the bill to pass.


Not speculating a thing. Mr. Boose could have simply taken a voluntary cut to make his point and take a lead in trying to get his sponsored bill passed. Now that would have been real effort.


Sorry unions. You have to take less like everyone else.

Thru the roof demands only = jobs leaving to Mexico. Reality check called 5-10 years ago, time to answer the phone.