Norwalk man charged with murder

A Norwalk man was arrested and charged with murder in connection with the February death of his girlfriend's 10-month-old son. Jeffrey Resor, 26, of Bouscay Avenue, is accused of shaking Donavan Lykins, the infant son of his then girlfriend, Gwen M. Herber, to death on Feb. 24, said Norwalk Assistant Law Director Stuart O'Hara. Resor allegedly shook the child while babysitting for Herber.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 24, 2010


A Norwalk man was arrested and charged with murder in connection with the February death of his girlfriend's 10-month-old son.

Jeffrey Resor, 26, of Bouscay Avenue, is accused of shaking Donavan Lykins, the infant son of his then girlfriend, Gwen M. Herber, to death on Feb. 24, said Norwalk Assistant Law Director Stuart O'Hara. Resor allegedly shook the child while babysitting for Herber.

At the time of the child's death, authorities called the situation suspicious and mysterious and an autopsy was ordered.

Lykins died of shaken baby syndrome, according to an autopsy report from the Summit County Coroner's office that was tuned in to the Norwalk law director's office Thursday. O'Hara said the report indicated the death was a homicide.

On Feb. 24, the infant was taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center after 1 a.m., then flown by helicopter to the Akron hospital, where he died.

A previous complaint of child abuse concerning bruises on Lykins had been reported by a concerned neighbor on Feb. 11.

O'Hara said Herber was not a suspect, nor was she believed to be involved in her son's death in any way. Authorities have not yet determined a suspected motive for Resor.

Resor was arrested without incident Thursday afternoon and his bond was set at $1 million. O'Hara said the bond was so high because Resor is considered a flight risk. Resor was also ordered to have no contact with any non-relative younger than 18.

If convicted, he could face 15 years to life in prison. He is currently in Huron County Jail.

O'Hara said the case will be presented to a Huron County grand jury sometime in the future. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said he could not comment because the case was ongoing.


Anonymous (Anon...

Lets think about this. Reports were being made of child abuse previous to this childs death. Obviously something was going on. Where were Children services on the follow up from the February 11 incident? Our county doesn't seem to be doing much for area children recently. So now a child is dead because this man wasn't stopped and punished to begin with. Other papers read the coroners report found there to be previous injuries of child abuse nature. Come on people lets get something done for the children and something needs to be done for the family of Donavan because they could still have him if someone would have done something. Though nothing can bring him back. Think about it.

name withheld (...

Did anyone read the morning journal??? I know for a fact that there is a psych ecvaluation out there from his previous case. It states that he cannot handle any kind of stress. Now what is a 10 month old? A great big ball of stress. I think that they should fry jeff resor.

alice (Anonymous)

this man should face death children are the most presious gift from god . i know his grandmother and greatgrandparents this family has been through let some punk take this childs life.give me five minutes with him. save the court some money

Kitty Ann (Anon...

I soely agree with the comment posted on April 13th,2007!

But think of this aspect.

What is wrong with Gwen staying with a man like that? I mean there were obviously a major problem with Jeffery Resor's mental state. I mean Gwen had to have know that her boyfriend was that way! Right?

So what was wrong with her Mental State as to why she choose to stay with him after her knowing that there were problems.

Angie (Anonymous)

I think you all should shut up! I know Jeff personally. He has 2 kids of his own. He would never do that a kid. As for you guys saying he deserves the dealth penalty that's bull. Jeff didn't do this. I know he didn't, Why would he when he has two kids of his own. I am not the only one with this opinion. If you have anything to say email it to me at I will be glad to take any kinda comments you guys have.

R.D. (Anonymous)

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crystal (Anonymous)

Well angie I am the mother of one of his kids. The oldest the one that he doesn' t call about or pay for. Jeff beat me when we dated he is waste of a human being. Until you have baby with Jeff Angie or deal with him for years. Then angie you need to shut up. And I know for a fact Jeff has a temper towards anything and anyone. In court he lost his temper in April and guess what he lost his visitation rights to my son. And by the way my husband takes care of Jeffs son!!!!!!! Oh and Jeff doesn't his see his other kid too. SO ANGIE WHEN YOU CAN GET YOUR FACTS STRIAGHT then you can talk so until then SHUT UP!!

crystal (Anonymous)

Well Angie I think you need to SHUT UP! Well lets see I am one of the mothers of Jeffs kids. The oldest is mine the one he doesn't call about or even pay for. He is so far behind in child support that its not funny. Jeff has always had a bad temper even when we dated. He would hit me and control my ever move. Jeff lost all visitataion to my son because of many reasons and one of those reason why was because he lost his temper in court. And I know for a fact he doesn't pay or even see his other son too. My husband is the one that pays for and takes care of my son.So Angie when you found out the facts about Jeff or even have a baby with him or date him and you realize
who he is then you can write good things about him. Because he is the worst guy! So Angie you SHUT UP!!!! And Jeff should not be the one we all should be writing about it should be a this poor little baby who did not ask for any of this. Shaun or anyone in his family please tell him this I AM SO SORRY ABOUT YOUR SON AND YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE IN MY FAMILIES PRAYERS!!!!! and I hope that Jeff burns for what he did!!!!!!!!!

Kitty Ann (Anon...

Hi Crystal,

I am so sory for what you had to go through. I am sure that you are happy that jeff is behind bars.

How did you stay with him? I commend you for trying to work it out.

But people need to think of this as well,

Where was the mother? Where was the father?

Schaun and Gwen had a court order to stay away from each other for 2 years starting in JAN>2006.

I know for a fact that they were seeing each other in JULY>2006.

So obviously Gwen dont care who she hangs out with.

Rest In Peace Donavan Ian Allen Paul Lykins!!!

Ryan (Anonymous)

I have seen Jeff's temper firsthand. He likes to tell everyone that he is a father of 2 children, but ask him how old they are. He thinks his oldest is 4 or 5. He turned 6 in January. Did Jeff call for his birthday? NO! Did he call to set up easter visitation? NO! I should know I have raised A.J. since he was 2 years old. Angie, did you know that the last time Jeff saw A.J. he constantly hit him in the back of the head for not calling him daddy? When he came home after christmas he asked me what ICE was. How do you answer that question Angie. How about this one, Jeff's STEPDAD has called to ask about A.J. more than him. Does anyone think that Jeff is a father? I consider him a sperm donor.

father of an an...

I know what it feels like for a father to lose a son due to somebody else doing something wrong. I wish Shaun the best. I know if Donavan was my son Jeff Resor would be wishing that he does get life in prison. The death penalty is to good for him, he should suffer, he should suffer alot. If I ever see Jeff out in public somebody had better call the paramedics!

volunteer (Anon...

If they take volunteers to throw the switch on jeff resor, somebody let me know so I can Be first in line!

Anonymous (Anon...

In all of this we must remember one thing, there is a little baby dead and it is very unfortunate. One of the worst things that can happen in life is a young child being killed. Do I think Jeff did it, I don't know I wasn't there. Honestly, I hope he is innocent, I have known him for 18 years. However, saying that, I do know the ugly side of Jeff and he has had some problems. If he did do it, then I believe in the death penalty. In all of this I hope and pray God will comfort the babies family as well as Jeff's family because I am sure it is hard on them as well. May we all learn a lesson from such an unfortunate incident. Blessings!

Crystal (Anonymous)

I hope that everyone remembers that this poor little baby didn't ask for any of this. I know for my son he is happy that he doesn't have to see Jeff for a while. So for Shaun I am so sorry for what happened to your son and I know that the other mother is sorry too. I tried to tell the courts how bad Jeffs temper was, they never listened. I kinda know what you are feeling. I had a son that was taken from me too but my story is a little different. If Shaun or anyone else wants to talk or write you can contact me at Again Shaun I am so sorry about your son me and my family pray for you everynight. Just remember you now have a beatiful angel now watching over you everyday.

Kitty Ann (Anon...

I wish to say at this time that I feel for Shaun!!

Not only did he lose a son but he lost a part of him!!

Let's all get together and say!!!!..........

Rest In Peace Donavan Ian Allen Paul Lykins

But think of this why would shaun trust the mother's boyfriend with his son?


Any one wanting to respond to me can!!!!

Rebecca Absher ...

My prayers and thoughts go to all of you that are suffering for this little angel.

May those of you that are the cause of such horrible things upon a child feel no love for all of your eternity.

I try very hard never to hate..I try very hard to forgive...and I try even harder to understand- but I will NEVER understand this.

family member (...

i am a family member of jeff and even his family think that he is trash.he has always never been all there.our families thoughts and prayers are with the babies in peace donovan

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Just a Thought ...

Everyone, including me, is emotionally charged up, angry, etc., if Jeff did the unthinkable. But for some of you who post messages with God in mind, let's remember something. God never gave us humans the right to "fry" anyone. Eternity is a LONG time - stop and think about how LONG eternity is - anyone that isn't living a Godly life will pay FOREVER when their earthly existence is gone.

are you sure? (...

Are we sure Gwen knew about Jeff's history? It's not like he would have told her. I once dated a man that I had known for years. I met up with him at work after not seeing him for 4 to 5 years. He mentioned he had gotten a divorce and that his ex-wife and child lived far away. I was divorced too. A lot of us got laid off. I found another job immediately and he didn't. My kids had a babysitter but my then boyfriend would volunteer to stay there with them to save me some babysitting money. I was working third shift. He didn't live with me. I got a call at work one night from Norwalk PD letting me know that my small children were at home alone. Apparently he had been leaving after I went to work and I only knew this because one of my kids had went outside looking for him. It was the police that told me he had been leaving at night and that he had been to prison! He failed to mention that to me. We were friends when I was a kid and I did run into him at different times over the years. I had no idea a man that I knew with a child of his own could turn out to be so pathetic. Again I ask, are we sure Gwen knew about Resor's past before it was too late?