Humane Society: Removed cats doing well

Only five of the 86 cats removed from a Willard home last week were not put to sleep. But those five are doing well.
Aaron Krause
Feb 5, 2011


Only five of the 86 cats removed from a Willard home last week were not put to sleep. But those five are doing well.

They are warm, healthy, eating good food and active, Huron County Humane Society board vice president Kathy Olak said.

“We have good vet care out there. They’re very well cared for out there,” she said, referring to the humane society shelter on Woodlawn Avenue in Norwalk.

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Kottage Kat

I am so sad for the 80 that were "put down". Will always wonder if some could have been saved, if the space and medical csre had been avaiable. Just so glad to hear that those left behind are doing well and pray they will be adopted by good folks. They will be "special needs" and with the right home and lots of love they can be brought back. I have 2 "special needs" felines, and one is doing very well. The other abused by an 80yr. old lady, is coming along so much better it has taken 3 years of love and patience. Good luck kitties.

swiss family

this is so sad, on so many levels...I am glad that some of the cats were saved, they will probably be like the animals that are on the ASPCA commercials where they have fear, and mistrust in their eyes, and would be wonderful pets if they were in the right homes, with the right people..I wonder what the rate is for the animals that have their pictures in the paper,how many get adopted, and how fast?? compared to the ones who are never pictured in the paper??? if the percentage is high enough, why not put a picture of one animal per week in??? or possibly more..I think many animals would be adopted if someone would make eye contact with them either through a picture, or in person./.. and since so many read the paper, use it to help the animals????


It would be interesting to know if the lady that had these cats actually surrendered them to the humane society. Unless she surrendered ownership, there is a possibilty she may be given the cats back by a court of law. The only thing she has to do to get the cats back is to clean up her place enough to make it habitable for them and pay any fine she might receive. She may get a follow up visit or two from a humane officer, but then she'll start the whole animal hoarding process over again. Sad.


Well, I did a little research and YES the Huron County Humane Society does receive county funds! It was noted in the minutes of the Huron County Commissioners, that they have given large amounts of money to the Huron County Humane Society to stay in operation. It looks like some of the money has come from the Dog Warden's office in the past. Miss Olak states they do NOT receive county funding - that is false as they do receive county funding! Just contact the local auditor as I did and they will tell you. Say what you want but the situation is still the same.... SAD!