'I was a complete idiot'

Norwalk Municipal Judge John Ridge wanted to know what Christina A. Salmons was thinking when she didn't show up for her initial hearing.
Cary Ashby
Jan 19, 2011


Norwalk Municipal Judge John Ridge wanted to know what Christina A. Salmons was thinking when she didn't show up for her initial hearing.

"I wasn't thinking; I was a complete idiot," the Norwalk woman said via closed circuit television from the Huron County Jail.

"You don't get to choose when you're in court," Ridge said.

About 5:35 p.m. Sunday, Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Todd Temple spotted Salmons in the back seat of a vehicle that was traveling southbound on North Hester Street. She was arrested on two warrants and charged with driving with a suspended license for two Dec. 20 incidents that happened within 19 minutes of each other.

During her Jan. 3 arraignment, Ridge issued the warrants because Salmons, 22, of 11 Ford Ave., was a no-show. The same hearing had been rescheduled from the previous week.

Salmons said she was "stuck in Florida" and couldn't return to the area until the next day. Her story to the judge during Tuesday's hearing was the same one she told a court clerk prior to the one in early January.

"Miss Salmons, you're fortunate that by state law there is no potential jail sentence on the second (driving) offense. ... You'd be facing a jail sentence," Ridge said.

The defendant pleaded no contest to the two charges Tuesday.

After finding her guilty, Ridge fined Salmons a total of $700 and suspended her driver's license for one year. One of the convictions came with a six-month license suspension.

She also must show proof of performing 40 hours of community service within 30 days. Salmons must pay her fines within four months and the $200 community service fee within 30 days.

At 2 a.m. Dec. 20, Sgt. Tom Cook responded to 81 Parsons St. because a female driver was blowing her horn repeatedly in the apartment complex parking lot. He cited Salmons for driving with a suspended license, told her not to drive and to have a licensed driver take care of her vehicle, a 1991 Ford.

Nineteen minutes later, Cook confirmed Salmons was turning onto Gallup Avenue from Parsons Street in the same car. He stopped her near the intersection of Gallup and Milan avenues.

Kasper's Towing towed the Ford after the second offense.

During Tuesday's hearing, Salmons said nobody notified her about her license being suspended. Court records indicate she was charged with failure to reinstate June 1. Salmons later was sentenced to two years of probation, was fined $300 and given a 60-day suspended jail term.

"I had no idea my license was suspended," she said.



yes you are an idiot!

swiss family

"I WASN'T thinking, and I WAS a complete idiot..." if only it was a reality that those were things that you used to be.... I would say that it is a pretty safe bet to conclude that you ARE an idiot, and you NEVER think !!!


the judge said that it didnt come with jail time ? i have seen in the paper he has gave jail time for this before.and she was the one that found the coat that had coke in it and didnt know it right????? iguess she is smart enough to come up with a good lie


It's apparent she doesn't think the laws apply to her. Just another 22 year-old airhead.


At least she got a better photo this time around! Mabey she can pull it together this time. If not, We'll bring the old photo back!


It's all an act. She knows what she's doing. She knew her license were suspended. Her troubles started with her first hit and run before she was 16. Too many times the law has looked the other way with her. It won't be long before it all catches up with her. I am sure she'll be begging family and friends for money to pay her fines, because according to her it's not her fault she didn't know her license was suspended, therefore it's not fair she has to pay the fines. Idiot doesn't even begin to describe her.


apparently you know her too. always a victim. it will catch up with her and she'll no one to blame but herself but will still blame others for her own stupidity.


This is a case where two idoits''' came together in the same court room---Ridge and Salmons LOL

Robert Banks



I wonder if the officer identified her in the back seat when he saw her ears.

Long Duck Dong's picture
Long Duck Dong

A picture can be worth a thousand words. If you want people to trust you, then perhaps a good place to start would be wiping off the smirk on your face in the photo attached to this article.


I totally agree with Lourella. I think it is an act. She knew exactly what she was doing. She knew that her license was suspended. It was all a game to her, I will drive and see if I get caught because when I do, those idiot cops won't do anything to me . And the legal system is a joke too.

She tries to be all sweet and innocent in front of them and then she is laughing in their faces when they walk away. She knew as soon as the cop pulled her over and told her to get someone to drive her car back that she was going to be driving, she just didnt think she'd get pulled over (again). And she knew that her license was suspended! But for some reason they believe her.

How many times does she have to get pulled over before they actually do anything to her? Do they really think suspending her license is going to stop her from driving? In the fall she got pulled over by the Norwalk PD and then a week or so later got pulled over in Milan. And she got off on both charges. Milan told her to get her license, so after a few weeks she did and they were suspended right away. Milan wasn't aware that she was recently pulled over in Norwalk. So of course she got off. Ridge said a 2nd time doesn't carry a jail sentence what about a 3rd or 4th time?

And what about the incident with the coke in the jacket? Has anything ever been done about that? Who would leave a jacket with coke in it in the park? And who would be walking around in the rain and pick up a jacket that they find in the park?

What about her shoplifting at Walmart? Nothing was ever done about that either. She was told to stay out of the store but she still goes there all the time.

Seriously, what is wrong with this girl? Or is she working with the NPD and is she immune to any kind of real punishment? Do the laws not apply to her? Ragtop mentioned that, and I don't think it's that she is an airhead, I really think they don't apply to her.

What is this teaching her? Nothing. And what is it teaching the youth of Norwalk? It's teaching them that they can do what they want, when they want and get away with it. I seriously hope that someone from the NPD or the court house reads these comments and sees what is really going on in our town. I'm really kind of embarrased to say that I live in Norwalk.

Do they seriously think that she will pay this fine? Why would it be different than any other fine she was supposed to pay? And what about community service? I see her doing that too-no not really. And what will they do when she doesn't pay or do her community service? Issue a warrant for her arrest? That will just mean they will have to look for her again and she will be hiding out in her friend's house until they find her. And when they do find her and put her in jail for a day or two what will that teach her. Nothing, it will give her a roof over her head, a shower and 3 meals a day. She is probably excited to get picked up. She can sleep all day and all night if she wants to, she can smoke she can watch tv-what ever, it will be a mini-vacation for her.


I agree with you completly...Norwalk is very trashy and been takin over by drugs, i am from norwalk but no longer live there. I would never even consider movin back there


Christie is a known junkie, i met her thru people and shes just a waste of space. Shes addicted to oxys and so is her mom. I dont know why they are making a big deal about her shes just another junkie thats been taken off the streets.

swiss family

what a difference in the way she looks.. I might not even ever think that it is the same girl. I hope she gets a look at herself, and compares the 2 pictures, and see how bad she appears when left to her own devices, and is all strung out .. and compare that to the actual human that appears in the video picture, where , at least I am assuming that she is sober...look at that first picture.. do you really think that people don't know what you are up to????

he is not the daddy

Christy, her brother "Tank", and their mother Penny are all idiots. But then again, when you grow up being exposed to drugs, sex, and violence, it's hard to realize there is any other option out there, especially in a small town. This family has nothing going for them and will always rely on others to clean up their mess. Christy won't pay her fines, and IF they end up being paid it will more than likely be her grandmother Joyce who will pay it for her, just like everything else. Someone needs to put their foot down with Christy and make her act her age and get a real job and take on some responsibility. She won't ever own up to any of the stupid things she's done - her coke deal gone wrong, driving with a suspended license - and it's obvious she will always get away with whatever mistakes she makes. Her little brother needs a better role model...he's already heavy into drugs and drinking. Such a sad, pathetic family...


It doesnt carry jail time just like her crack in her "boyfriends" sisters/friends or whoevers coat she lied about having didnt carry any jail time ! cuz shes a junkie and gets out by being todd temples best friend WOW WAY TO GO AGAIN NORWALK leave the junkies keep telling on each other so u can just keep rearresting them and letting them get out to continue to use and never get help. NORWALKS FINEST POLICE DEPARTMENT needs to really start doing there own job and stop having the junkies do it for them if u ask me


U NAILED IT RITE ON THE HEAD ruffledfeathers11