Hunter receives three-year prison term

For almost the next four years, authorities and the public will know Gerald Hunter's whereabouts. He'll be in prison.
Aaron Krause
Jan 8, 2011


For almost the next four years, authorities and the public will know Gerald Hunter's whereabouts.

He'll be in prison.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge James Conway sentenced Hunter, 29, to three years and 11 months in prison for domestic violence, aggravated menacing and other charges.

Hunter had been free on a $100,000 bond posted Sept. 9. But when he didn't appear at a hearing Wednesday, authorities issued a warrant for his arrest.

Defense attorney Barry Bova said his client was under the impression that the hearing was scheduled for a different time.

Hunter had been on the lam since June 14 before being arrested at an Elyria motel.

Deputies received a tip that Hunter fled into his late grandmother's home at 4507 Hartland Center Road after a suspected domestic altercation. The special response team (SRT), two canine units, three sheriff's cruisers and a marked sport utility vehicle surrounded the house.

Authorities later determined Hunter wasn't in the Collins-area home.

Hunter reportedly was suicidal May 10 when he held his girlfriend hostage at his home and had threatened to shoot a Perkins Township doctor when Hunter couldn't get pain medication. Hunter was taken into custody and left his house unarmed after about 1 1/2 hours of negotiation following the May 10 incident.

Huron County Sheriff's spokesman Capt. Ted Patrick said they received a tip before 1 a.m. Friday that Hunter would be in the area of Bouscay Avenue apartment complex. Deputies, along with Norwalk Police officers, had a description of his vehicle. When Hunter arrived at the complex, authorities surrounded the car and arrested Hunter without incident. Patrick said Hunter indicated he had planned to surrender.

In addition to issuing the prison term, Conway ruled that the shotgun Hunter used in the crime would be forfeited to the state. Conway also placed Hunter, who wore a prison outfit, to three years post release control because of threats the defendant made.

Hunter showed no emotion as Conway went over procedures and announced his sentence. The defendant blinked several times and his head was tilted slightly to the right. The defendant also conferred with his attorney, Barry Bova.

In a general monotone, Hunter read from a prepared statement before Conway sentenced him.

"I know that I have not performed a good job of being an upstanding citizen," he said. He added that being away from his girlfriend has allowed him to think about what type of life he would like to lead.

"I want to be around to help my mother with things she can't do because of health problems," Hunter said.

He apologized to his girlfriend and her family for his actions.

But the judge said "I don't believe he has true remorse for his actions."

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler recommended a three-year prison term.

"This was over the top," he said of Hunter's actions. "This went on and on. Threats were made constantly."

Leffler noted that Hunter kept telling his girlfriend he wasn't far away from her and she wasn't aware what he could do to her.

"He threatened the entire family," Leffler said, adding the defendant used vulgarity.

The prosecutor said he was satisfied with Conway's sentence.

"It's pretty much what I asked for," he said.

Bova said his client could have received as much as six years in prison.

"I think his remorse is genuine," the attorney said.


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swiss family

"mommy" I am a little confused as far as what motivated you to respond the way that you did?? I would think that the comments that you thought were wrong, needed to be corrected, I would have thought that the people who thought that this guy was "bad news" or possible comes from a "bad family" needed to be informed that they were wrong.. instead you come on here and threaten and insult people and make unsubstantiated claims, which only re enforces their belief that he might come from questionable genes!!!! I really don't think that your posting helped your cause in any way.. it is also ironic that you claim the people are sitting behind their computers and "down grading" well I hate to point this out to you.. but that is exactly what you just did....... I hope this guy straightens out whatever problems that are holding him down... I don't know if it is drugs, booze, voices in his head, angry family members and loved ones.. .. whatever it is he needs to deal with it, and come to terms with it, before it destroys his life completely and permanently..