Monroeville woman survives beating, sustains skull fracture and broken eye socket

A felonious assault suspect is prohibited from having any contact with the alleged victim and from being within 500 feet of her during the pending case.
Cary Ashby
Dec 21, 2010


A felonious assault suspect is prohibited from having any contact with the alleged victim and from being within 500 feet of her during the pending case.

Jose Cosme, 45, of 40A S. Main St., Monroeville, also is prohibited from entering the premises of the home he shares with Judy Marks, 48, and from being in the driveway or parking lot. Marks testified Monday in Norwalk Municipal Court she has a broken bone in her eye, which might require surgery and a concussion as a result of Saturday's incident.

Judge John Ridge, who set Cosme's bond at $25,000, asked Marks how she knows the suspect.

"I met him through my brother," said Marks, who has lived with Cosme for the last four years.

"We were arguing; I don't know what the argument was. Then he hit me," she told the judge.

Marks said Cosme didn't want her calling 9-1-1 about the alleged attack and took the phone from her three or four times.

The Monroeville Police Department was advised of the domestic disturbance via the Huron County Sheriff's Office about 10:45 p.m. Friday. Officer Matthew McPeek, in his report, said the call came in about a woman yelling at a man about her glasses being broken, but when he later searched the bathroom -- where Marks was injured -- and the other rooms in the apartment, the officer couldn't find her glasses.

When McPeek arrived, he said he could see and hear Cosme yelling at Marks and that he "was taking an aggressive stance" toward her. The officer also said it appeared Marks had a bloody nose, he saw swelling on Marks' left eye and "an odor of (an) alcoholic beverage was coming from her person."

"Her eyes were red, glassy and bloodshot. Upon asking, she admitted to drinking this evening with Cosme," McPeek wrote.

She reported Cosme started drinking between 6 and 7 a.m. and she began drinking about 1 p.m. Police said Cosme's blood alcohol content tested at .165 -- more than twice the legal limit.

"(Marks) stated she had approximately 12 beers in the nine and three-quarters hours," McPeek wrote.

Marks told the officer Cosme broke her glasses. In a separate interview while Cosme was being escorted into McPeek's cruiser, Cosme said Marks called his mother a vulgar name, which angered him and they started to argue.

Cosme denied hitting Marks. When McPeek asked about blood that he found on the suspect's hands, Cosme said "he was helping Ms. Marks clean herself up," the officer wrote.

In court Monday, Ridge asked Cosme about the incident, reminding him several times what he said was being recorded and could be used against him later in another hearing.

"I don't remember exactly what happened," Cosme said through a court-appointed interpreter.

As part of the temporary protection order, the judge prohibited Cosme from having contact with Marks, consuming alcohol or abusing substances and from possessing a deadly weapon while the case is pending.

Marks, who initially refused treatment when an ambulance responded to her apartment, later went to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. Her family said Marks had seen a doctor who determined she had a skull fracture, concussion and broken eye socket, McPeek said.

Norwalk Assistant Law Director T. Douglas Clifford said Cosme is considered a flight risk because he has relatives in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico.

Police, after requesting a complete criminal history on Cosme, determined there was an inactive New York City Police Department warrant on conspiracy to commit murder. Clifford and New York police were unable to provide further information Monday.



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Please stop including a comparison of a suspect's blood alcohol level with the legal limit for driving, where there is nothing in the story about them driving. The .08 limit for presumption of driving while intoxicated has no bearing in (nearly) any other offense. There is no legal standard for being drunk in any non-vehicle related situation. Why a breathalyzer test was even administered is beyond me. Any lawyer worth his diploma would have any statements about the test or its results excluded from testimony or evidence. It could be considered inflamatory and prejudicial, both in court and in your stories. Until there is a legal standard set for these cases, please exclude this information. Actual observations and statements are great; amateur analysis should be left to the experts. Apparently intoxicated is just that, Thank you.


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so if bond is set at $25,000.. then isn't bail set at 10% of that?? so he could be set free until his trial date if he can come up with $2,500.??? and he has an earlier warrant on conspiracy to commit MURDER????? how safe is this woman or her family or any of her friends or neighbors supposed to feel if he is loose???

also, since an interpreter was needed.. and if he does commit murder.. doesn't;he have a better chance of being pardoned because he "didn't understand the language and laws of the land"??? sounds like she is getting set up to be "offed" and he is getting a free pass again!!

I think the only reason that the breathalyzer was done was to determine how intoxicated he was , for a determination of claiming later that he was too intoxicated to know what he was doing...I could be wrong, but I doubt that he was driving, or intending to drive and the police were fully aware of that..


Judge Ridge has the case LOL what a joke of a judge he is. The guy will only get a SLAP on the wrist I'm sure LOL!


"Police said Cosme's blood alcohol content tested at .165 -- more than twice the legal limit."

My only point is that there IS NO legal limit for intoxication UNLESS you are operating a vehicle. I was NOT addressing whether or not he was an upstanding citizen. There are some old alkies who could blow a .20 without having had a drink for a week. This guy COULD be one of them, in which case he MIGHT have been in full control of his faculties if/when he assaulted the woman.

I ain't sayin', I'm just sayin!