NHS Facebook fight trial set for Jan. 4

A Norwalk High School (NHS) student entered a denial Monday to attacking a 14-year-old girl over things written about her on Facebook.
Cary Ashby
Dec 1, 2010


A Norwalk High School (NHS) student entered a denial Monday to attacking a 14-year-old girl over things written about her on Facebook.

The 16-year-old defendant was suspended for 10 days after the Nov. 11 incident in the crowded, front NHS hallway. The altercation, which was witnessed by multiple passing students, was broken up by Assistant Principal Dan Bauman and caught on the school video surveillance system. The video clearly shows that none of the students stopped to break up the fight or assist the victim.

The girl made her first appearance Monday in Huron County Juvenile Court. She is charged with assault, a first-degree misdemeanor if committed by an adult.

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U get what u give

The mom is sue happy because this was posted maybe they should check facebook a little harder i seen pictures of the girl with a bottle of alcohol clearly drunk but yet she wants to sue everyone she can because her daughter got into a fight!Come on lady maybe you should watch your daughter a little more becasue she is far from innocent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not all kids are but she sure runs the streets and does what she wants partying with men that are way older this was posted to let parents know what happened not to down anyone but like i said the mom plays her daughter is so innocent by the pics i seen....................not!!!!


First of all, I’m not sure who wrote the previous comment but I am certain that it was not written by an adult. Or perhaps they didn’t watch the tape to see a 14 year old being attacked from behind.

Second, we have some serious mental and behavior issues with adolescents today. What constitutes this violent behavior? Gossiping, stealing a boy/girlfriend, name calling? And it is no surprise why these teens are stressed or feel pressure such as drugs, drinking, sex, academic troubles, and depression. Studies have shown that students that get support from their parents and school are less likely to snap.

It makes me wonder if this 16 year gets any support at home and also, why she is so unhappy. I hope she gets help, she clearly needs it. The way the fight went down shows she has a mental health disorder.


or maybe it is just the fact that there is an increasing # of teens and youth that are growing into an unruly generation whether they're getting guidance, love and support at home or not. what i've seen is that it really doesn't matter what kind of home life a child has because parents can't shelter the child 24/7 and as soon as the parents let the child out of their sights they decide then to be "cool" with the drugs, drinking, sex, academic problems, and depression (although I truly believe depression is beginning to become a cop-out for just being miserable) ALL BECAUSE THEY WANNA FIT-IN .... BECAUSE EVERYONE'S DOING IT!


Increasing number of teens, parents dont want to watch thier kids, blah blah blah. Come on people we all had our fight in middle or high school. Everyone is just pointing fingers looking for people the blame and there isn't anyone to blame. Not everyone is perfect and most of us have probably been in a fight at some point in school. It's just something that happens and is part of growing up. The fact this is on video should only be used for cops and the schools i don't agree with it being posted up online for the world to see. They are all underage kids you don't see the kid's names in the newspaper so you shouldn't see a video or picture of it either.


I, too, am very disappointed that the Reflector would show this video on the internet. They have certainly lost my respect.


First of all I cannnot believe the Norwalk Reflector keeps posting this video. Do they not think my daughter has been through enough. Yes, fights happen everyday, but they are not posted 3 times in a paper or hit the news. As far as watching my daughter I probably watch mine much better then U get what u give says. I never said my daughter was innocent. No one is innocent not even you! My daughter does not do drugs, drink or even smoke cigs. Also own a vechicle and drive my daughter where she needs to go....she is not running the streets. If anyone knows her and looks at her pictures on fb the only thing she is drinking is a 2 liter of coke and the only she is smoking is a straw. Unlike alot of parents I take an interest in my childs life and well being. I have the password to her accounts on the computer and watch them daily. So before you go off and attack somebody............PLEASE make sure you have your facts correct!


Youwish.....maybe you need to realize there are two sides to a story and obviously you have only heard one. My daughter did not even know this girl. It is people like you that runs there mouths and that is why false rumors start. This had nothing to do with fb so I suggest you get your facts straight and quit making a obstacle of yourself. Thank you!


Did all of you attend high school? Did you not see the fights that happened once or twice a week in hallways b/c someone talked something else about someone's boyfriend, etc? This happens ALL the time. This girl ran her mouth, the other girl made her pay. This shouldn't be front-page news. NOR should there be a bunch of do-gooders on here saying 'how dare the Reflector for posting blah blah blah...' Are you that ignorant and out of touch? The only thing I'm amazed with is how no one even stopped to watch the fight. They all kept going like it was commonplace. Either they're so used to this sort of thing that it doesn't attact attention, or figured this girl had it coming to begin with.


leenieshere- i know what you are saying you think is true and all that but i've hung out with your daughter when you weren't around and i don't know you but she is not as innocent as you're making her out to be, you may have not used the word innocent but that is how you are putting her out to be and i'll leave that at that


First time I've seen the video and I'm disgusted by this 16-year old PUNK who attacks someone from behind. Freaking coward. I think you should be thrown out of school for the year, and if it's your mother on here defending you, it's no wonder you are like you are.


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