Ohio Street grain elevators explode

Two metal grain elevators on Ohio Street buckled and exploded Tuesday afternoon, covering a yard across the street with corn and blocking the State Street intersection.
Cary Ashby
Dec 1, 2010


Two metal grain elevators on Ohio Street buckled and exploded Tuesday afternoon, covering a yard across the street with corn and blocking the State Street intersection.

Residents in the area lost power about 3:30 p.m.

A house facing east on State Street was knocked off its foundation. There was running water on State Street until the League Street intersection. There was deep water in the front yard of 35 State St.

(NOTE - To view photos of the collapse, as well as the clean up, click on these ReflectorCam 2.0 galleries HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.)

Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light said officers spoke to a witness "who saw the whole thing" and said he didn't see any nearby pedestrians. Norwalk Fire Capt. Bill Knadler said there were "no solid reports" of anybody in the area.

"I'm not going to be happy until we know for sure nobody is in there," Light said.

Look for the full story later on this Web site and in Wednesday's Reflector.



yea. im in norwalk on west main street and we saw the power go out. it sucks. i heard theres a 14year old boy missing and he is thought to be under there.


They have located the missing boy and have dogs there checking to make sure there is no one else missing before trying to more the corn to shut off utilities.


Which elevator was this?


Corner of State Street and Ohio Street. About 2 blocks west of the fire station.


Two metal grain elevators on Ohio Street

hor mone

OK, where is the guy with the boots? Is Bill Murry directing traffic? Chief! How can Norwalk have an event without them?

Kottage Kat

Sad to say that Bill Murray passed away several years ago. Your sarcasm is wasted on me.

m schaffer safe...

You will be reading this in the paper tomorrow, grain elevator explosion was Norwalk's First Combustible Dust Explosion. This happens when you have a combustible dust, an ignition source, dispersion of combustible dust, and confinement, this was why once the explosion occured there was no other fire, because you no longer had confinement.


in order to have a dust explosion you need to have a ignition source. There was nothing running in the grain bins. no motors were running, the dryers were not running.

U get what u give

Sad that a family is now homeless someone should be checkin on these kind of things...so sad!


I drove past the elevators less than five minutes before it blew. I parked at the BlockBuster parking lot and saw/heard the explosion. At first i thought it was electrical. Norwalk Fire Department, Police, and E.M.S. were there in minutes. What kind of response would it have been after the lay offs??

David Deerest.

In the Register you said it exploded.
Let me guess: Grown Ups?


I would say the response time would be about the same..the layoffs would just make up for the ones sitting around on thier duff. ( On the police departmant staff anyways) And if you ask why...it is why a state trooper had a car pulled over on a residental street at 1:30 am and not a city officer...obviously they felt after standing at the corners around the grain bins they didn't need to patrol the streets anymore. Plus we have had a few situations in our neighborhood (which is a block away from the station) where the neighbors and i had to put into phone calls to get them here! While i don't take nothing away from the officers that do thier jobs...it just really hard to have faith in PD that don't give a crap about you because of the crappy neighboorhood you mistakenly moved into.


opps put in 2 phone calls a piece


Looks like someone is going to be getting free room and board and possibly a new house. And some furniture. Nice Christmas gift.


OH and a new car too.


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