UPDATE - Shooter caught

(UPDATED at 3:35 p.m. with the mother's condition.) Authorities have caught a local 16-year-old boy who is accused of shooting his mother today.
Joe Centers
May 31, 2012


Authorities have arrested a 16-year-old boy who is accused of shooting his mother and then fleeing.

Michael Mason was arrested on Pearl Street in Willard at about 1:30 p.m.

Alerts sent via phone calls, emails and texts through the Huron County's public alert system had advised area residents to be on the look out for "Michael Mason," who was described as a 5-foot-8, 140-pound white 15-year-old boy wearing Army shorts, a black shirt, glasses, orange backpack and a black hat.

Residents also were told that Mason might be armed and dangerous and driving a 2001 brown SUV.

A final alert notified residents that Mason had been caught.

The shooting took place at 23 N. Main St., Willard, in the house where Mason and his mother live. Court records indicate that Mason is now 16.

Willard City Schools were on a lockdown today due to the shooting but were just removed from lockdown status.

“We immediately went off lockdown status and right to regular procedures,” Willard Superintendent David Danhoff said.

Danhoff said Mason had not attended Willard schools for about a year. “He was a student here, but was a drop-out and was not at this school this year,” he said.

Danhoff had high praise for many who handled the situation.

“I want to thank the Willard police, which did a great job, and Chief Mark Holden, who also did a great job keeping us informed,” he said. “I also want to thank the staff and support staff and administrators and especially our parents and guardians for paying attention to the One Call.”

The Huron County Sheriff's Office assisted Willard police with the search.

The boy's mother, Melissa Mason, is listed in good condition at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, where she was taken after initially going to Mercy Willard Hospital. She sustained a gunshot wound in the back.



believe it

lol at this post, I don't even know which part to talk about? Let's start with the last name thing, which last name is the one to have? My class I graduated with had probably 100 different last names, which one was the right one? That excuse really gets old. Usually the people that use that excuse were the ones who had problems in school and need an excuse instead of holding themselves accountable. And what does that have to do with this kid shooting his mom? Was he pissed at her for giving him the wrong name? You also mentioned leaving Willard last year but yet you know what the cops are doing? Must be pretty knowledgebale even from where you're living now. And how are the schools so pathetic? They were rated Excellent and every year our students rank the highest in the county in state testing, not too shabby I'd say.


Don't start assuming things, I am stating the facts. Not my problem you can't deal with the truth. And like I said... I lived in Willard for over half my life. I know how Willard is. I just moved last year and am happy about it. And Willard Schools EXCELLENT? Hhahaha, yea that's hilarious.

believe it

Well I just provided you with a fact as well, Willard was rated Excellent this year. I'm not sure what's so hilarious about that? Seems like you have an ax to grind with the schools.


WIllard was rated "Excellent" last year which is a big deal! The schools, community members, parents, and students should all be very proud!! As for this whole "name" thing.... It is an uneducated comment that is very annoying to hear.... People make choices in the life, it has nothing to do with what your last name is.... People choose to work hard to get where they are or don't, period.... Also, like you, I grew up in Willard and have moved away after high school.... I have been gone for 10 years... So, to clarify, I have no buy in with Willard schools... However, I am a teacher, and an "excellent" rating is something to be very proud of! Whatever bitterness you have from Willard is on you, but don't try to negate and knock down the hard work these students and teachers put forth in order to earn that rating.... It isn't very becomming to you.


Thank you for moving. Willard has been better since you left. Cheers :).


Here it is, the typical nut job 'I am not saying what he did was right' garbage, followed by defending someone that just shot their own mother. Go away, stay away.

sunshine 0604

Don't have a problem with Holden, however I feel he was unprofessional in his interview. Holden does need to go back to a village where there is approximately 1,500 people and no major crime. Just don't feel this guy is cut out for a bigger city. Trust me I am glad the kid was caught and people can sleep easier in Willard tonight.

believe it

So a jump from New London to Willard is a big jump now? To a big city? Damn, I don't wanna know what you'd think if he moved to Columbus or cleveland...

sunshine 0604

believe it....if you could read you would see that I stated bigger city as in more crime and a bigger population!!!

believe it

I read it just fine...I'm just laughing at you making it seem like a huge jump from New London to Willard, it's practically a lateral move...a bigger move would've been from New London to Mansfield.


Don't believe it.Why dont u get a life,really or put your name with some of these crazy comments.Here to judge everyone.


Who cares about this nonsense with having the right last name. Ridiculous and not relevant to the topic. The decline of Willard is rapid. Too many government dependents or wannabe government dependents. I also see no evidence of an attempt to address the drug problem. My kid is in elementary school and I have always said that I plan to home school him at the 7th grade level and beyond because of fear of something like this happening. I am not prepared to have a phone call with a shooter IN the school and I expect that day to come. No one sends their kid to school because that's where they want them to be. These days, it is a place to get shot or have sex with your teacher. People send them there simply because it is free babysitting. Thanks, but I can babysit my own kid. There is no education here.....my kid is bored to tears in school. There is much review of already covered material and accomodation in the classroom for the gentically challenged and non-English speaking students. I am ashamed I have chosen to raise my kid in this welfare, drug-infested town.

Most Wanted

Sellitall.... I know what a non-English speaking student is...but what is a genetically challenged student?


Please feel free to list the people who have these names in Willard who under some of your terms were born into great wealth, went to college without ever taking a class, and made something of themselves by constantly making bad choices. I'm waiting on this list.... This should be good.


arnmcrmn- I think I know who you are and I am so glad you wrote this.I get so sick and tired of hearing about people having "names". My parents raised me right (ex- when I did make some bad choices growing up- my parents DISCIPLINED me for it)!!! I did NOT make something of myself by making bad choices b/c I had parents who wouldn't let me get away with crap! If more parents did their jobs today, situations like these wouldn't happen so frequently. There are some people in Willard who think that if you were raised with good parents, you've had this amazingly easy life. It's rediculous... I lived a nice life... Yet I still have been in college from 9 years... Worked my butt off to just graduate with my Master's Degree, and have a boat load of student loans to prove it.... Yet, most people ASSUME crazy things like "her parents paid for her college so, it was easier for her." Bullcrap... I made a choice to take out student loans so that I could live a better life, and have a job I love. I've bene going to classes for 9 years and wasn't born into "wealth"... I'm sorry for my rant but when I saw your post (and saw that no one had responded with names) I was so happy...I get so sick of people making untrue assumptions about people in order to make excuses for themselves...


This is all pathetic I mean obviously the boy had problems if he shot his mother. He didn't just wake up one day and decide to do that to his mom there had to be a reason. He had a lot of issues at home with his parents. Then on top of all that no one at school would ever give that poor boy the time of day at school. Everyone treated him like crap and bullied him. What is the high school doing about bulling? Nothing because they push everything to the side basically. I am not saying what Michael did was right but things had to have gotten pretty bad in order to shoot his mom. Maybe it really was just a cry for help maybe all he wanted was a friend to be able to open up to. This is all just really crazy, it should have never got down to this.


there was only about 4-6 people who gave him crap. we all tried being friendly to him, but that's kind of hard knowing you might be on his hit list.

Most Wanted

WILLARD2014....Are you high, drunk, stupid or just feeling guilty? At 8:03 p.m. you are writing that you tried to get him help last year. At 8:09 p.m. you are writing that you were on the hit list? At 8:13 p.m. you're writing that only 4/6 people gave him crap blah blah blah....but it was hard knowing you might be on his hit list? And at some point today you were ranting about if only the school would have listened to Smetcalf last year? Are you just a trouble maker or do you feel guilty for picking on this kid at one point and time and trying to make him look bad because you haven't stuck to a story yet?


Ok MOST WANTED, I have had enough pity from u that it makes me sick! IS THAT WHY UR NAME IS ( MOST WANTED) because u have had ur trouble with the same problem in the past???????? I am not, HIGH, DRUNK,OR STUPID ,, NOT EVEN FEELING GUILY!!! U r upholding child that just shot his mother, made a hit list, and has no remorse for any nof it! OH,, i forgot,, Poor little boy needs help???!!! Yeap, He needs help, That is why he has gotten this far to do what he pleases is PEOPLE LIKE U ,,, PITY , PITY, PITY. Oh and let him go so he can do this again as soon as he gets the chance???? How high,drunk, or stupid are u ? Well u can blow smoke all u want but it evaporates as soon as it hits the air!!!!!! U have got to be kidding me that u have the ,,I Q just like everyone else who THINKS HE NEEDS HELP!. The help he needs is just what he is getting now and keep him off the streets hopefully forever!!! U see u cant help the willing who has a pattern of nothing but tragic trouble. DUHHHHHHHH,,, When did u come to know all about this child????? U related?????? Or do u just have pity...Awwwwwwww,, Bubba will take care of him for u and i hope he does it well !!!!!

Most Wanted

Summer59...Pity? Where have you seen the word pity in any of my statements? My point is and has been: A school is a learning institution, not a mental institution nor a babysitting service. You should enter with manners intact, basic behavior problems modified, know your colors, abc's and how to tie your fricking shoes. Today's kids....it's lucky if they show up out of diapers! Do I think he needs help? I think most of them need help....but my pity is reserved for the teachers and administration. And by the way...I think you are a nut case.


MOST WANTED,,NUT CASE? I must have hit a nerve with my statements to u ,,=) And everyone is a nut case just comes out in different ways, So = on this subject i guess its showing on me, oooopppsss. And it seems on the schools its showing what a nut case u are for praising the schools , Ohhhh its ok little boy, U didnt do anything wrong. Everyone is just out to get u. But we will have to give u some time off so the parents of the kids on the lists are happy....U cannot deny the fact that last year the school told all those parents whos kids names were on his list ,,,,OH, ITS NOTHING. ! I dont think they need ur pity at the schools because they get paid well for letting all this happen and alot of other things that is swept under a rug that they walk on. This right here goes to show everyone how wrong they were for sweeping this one under the rug. And u just cant stand that for some reason??? HMMMMMM.. Sounds to me like u are one of the nuts up there. ?? Well ur not getting pd to act now, But im sure the school is praising u . So go get your slap on the back and feel like your so high and mighty, But when ur kids name is put on a hit list,, U better shut ur mouth and not say a word. Since u wouldnt care/ Manners??? What are manners??? Well im not one to sit back and think i smell like a rose! Of course in your case since u have to uphold your easy money,,, Better use alot of bath and body works ! People like u need a rude awakening and i do believe god will give u one at the rate ur going.

Most Wanted

Summer59, AKA Nutcase...you just made my case...and you made it too easy. The school removed him. He also no longer attended Willard High School. Just exactly what else did you expect them to do? What else was there responsibility? You bitch, rant and rave here, but what exactly do you expect? Spell out your expectations and quit your ranting and raving, not that it will make you sound any more sane because you don't have a leg to stand on.

believe it

Most Wanted, I'm so glad there's someone else with some sense on here...but what summer59 is doing is the American way now, just blame everything on everyone else, always someone else's fault for their actions.

Most Wanted

Believe it: Yes, I can tell she's the one that everyone prays doesn't take their side in an argument because they know they will end up looking stupid...yet the whole time she stands there thinking she's the brightest light bulb in the room!


The schools are only as strong as the parents behind it... The schools can counsel a child (on a very low scale), they can reccommend a lot of things, but if parents chose not to put this child in aggressive counseling outside of school, then the school did all they could. If parents would do their job raising their children today, things like this would not happen. About the schools "getting paid well" to let things like this happen... You CLEARLY do not have a clue what teachers/staff get paid or else you would not be saying that. I do not teach at Willard, however, I was raised in Willard by fabulous parents... If parents these days did their job, you wouldn't be looking to blame the schools for everything...


yes, i was on the list. for only god knows why. but i still was sympathetic towards him. and yes, we did want him to get help. and as for the 'not knowing if you were on his list or not' was regarding everyone in general. im 16 and a lot more mature than you are. stop dogging on everyone. and no. i don't do drugs/get drunk. im actually a fine young teen. think before you open your mouth.

Most Wanted

If you really are a kid, I apologize to you. If you really want to help in situations like this the biggest help you can give is get together with your friends and start telling on those 4 to 6 bullies. This is where it starts. The bully gets away with it because no one will back up the kid getting picked on. It's great trying to befriend a person who gets bullied. They need a friend...but they need to not be bullied just as much, if not more.


and if you actually had some common sense, you would see that all of what ive said fits together? there really isn't anything to complicated to it?

Are You Kiddin

These kids tried to get him help last year. A lot of the kids that were on the list went to the office to talk to the principle and all they wanted for him was to get help and ensure their safety. This child who wrote this post (I'm not sure which one of the kids this is) is not high, drunk, stupid, or just feeling guilty. How would you feel if you were put in this child's situation? I know several of the kids on this list, including my daughter. My daughter still has nightmares over this and she was extremely upset because, and I quote her, "I was hoping someone would have helped him!" Over the past year and 4 days (remember, I have a letter that I sent to the principle regarding the list) anytime she mentioned Mr. Mason, she wondered if the school, social service agengies, and his family were able to get him some help. Quit blaming these kids that were involved last year. The blame goes a lot of other ways.

I will say this though, Mr. Mason was responsible for his own actions. If he was offered the help, it appears he didn't take advantage of it or he faked a lot of people. These actions taken today were at his hands. He told many of the kids involved that he was from an abusive home and I know my daughter did report this twice to the school. He was also bullied by several kids at the high school and even before while in junior high. I feel sorry for him because of the life he lived but needs to be held responsible for his actions.


Sending up prayers for Melissa to have a full recovery . And for Micheal to be able to get the help that he needs .