UPDATE - Shooter caught

(UPDATED at 3:35 p.m. with the mother's condition.) Authorities have caught a local 16-year-old boy who is accused of shooting his mother today.
Joe Centers
May 31, 2012


Authorities have arrested a 16-year-old boy who is accused of shooting his mother and then fleeing.

Michael Mason was arrested on Pearl Street in Willard at about 1:30 p.m.

Alerts sent via phone calls, emails and texts through the Huron County's public alert system had advised area residents to be on the look out for "Michael Mason," who was described as a 5-foot-8, 140-pound white 15-year-old boy wearing Army shorts, a black shirt, glasses, orange backpack and a black hat.

Residents also were told that Mason might be armed and dangerous and driving a 2001 brown SUV.

A final alert notified residents that Mason had been caught.

The shooting took place at 23 N. Main St., Willard, in the house where Mason and his mother live. Court records indicate that Mason is now 16.

Willard City Schools were on a lockdown today due to the shooting but were just removed from lockdown status.

“We immediately went off lockdown status and right to regular procedures,” Willard Superintendent David Danhoff said.

Danhoff said Mason had not attended Willard schools for about a year. “He was a student here, but was a drop-out and was not at this school this year,” he said.

Danhoff had high praise for many who handled the situation.

“I want to thank the Willard police, which did a great job, and Chief Mark Holden, who also did a great job keeping us informed,” he said. “I also want to thank the staff and support staff and administrators and especially our parents and guardians for paying attention to the One Call.”

The Huron County Sheriff's Office assisted Willard police with the search.

The boy's mother, Melissa Mason, is listed in good condition at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, where she was taken after initially going to Mercy Willard Hospital. She sustained a gunshot wound in the back.



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How's the mom?

Aaron Krause

She was listed in good condition as of early this evening


if the willard school/police would have listened to ssmetcalf around this same time last year, this whole thing wouldn't of happened. but no. everyone accused her of overreacting and that he was a 'shy boy'. WELL DONE WILLARD, WELL DONE.


Is 2014 the year you turn 10? The kid was suspended last year and was not even in the school systems this year. Uneducated comes to mind when reading this post.


its the year that i graduate actually. which would make me in the same grade as Michael. and ive had first hand knowledge on how he was and how he was treated. this isn't a case of bullying. he was treated like any other high school student. clearly we all knew he had mental problems. and i don't recall saying anything about him being in the school system this year? therefore, it was not uneducated. were you there to witness the school do nothing and put our lives in danger? what if it was someone on the hit list that he shot? would the school still not be to blame in your eyes? stop acting like you all know the whole situation. because none of you do.

Kottage Kat

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I am greatly disappointed. Everyone shrugged us few off last year when we tried to point out this kids mental problems. You shunned us, called us liars, and refused to investigate. WE TRIED TO WARN YOU HE NEEDED HELP! The superintendent, principal, and guidance counselor all ignored our pleas. We posted on facebook, we told what we saw, and what we found. And what happened? WE were the bad guys for wanting to get this boy help. We were trying to cause trouble for the boy you all said. We wanted the boy to get help. Now (a year later) that he has shot his mother, maybe now he will get the help he needs. I pray for that family. We are NOT looking for fame or recognition. What we are after as dedicated, involved, protective parents, is for more investigating to be done when a situation as such presents itself in the future. Some of us were troubled teens and recognize the signs some of you, "normal" family upbringing folks would not see. Just because I don't have a degree in education or psychology, doesn't mean I can't recognize my past experiences and pain in anothers eyes. NEXT TIME PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO PREVENT THIS! God Bless and good day.

Are You Kiddin

I approached the principle at the High School after my daughter was shown the hit list with her name on it that Michael Mason was going around showing to the students. I was told that the allegations were not true and there was no hit list. However, he was removed from school. He did not drop out like the school is telling the readers. He was home-schooled because he was removed from Willard. This child needs all the help he can get. This was his last cry for help and look what happened. If he was given the help that us parents begged for him to get last year, this may not have happened but Willard Schools brushed it under the rug. I was told I was a mad father that wanted to blame something on another child. Almost a year to the day that I contacted the administration at the high school, look what happens. I still have the letter that I e-mail to the school and it expressed my concerns and I remember sitting at my desk at work being told by the principle that I was pushing the wrong buttons. Look where that got you. Be thankful no students were injuried but the next time, listen to your parents when they bring a concern like this to you. I think it's time for the whole administration at the high school (principles allt he way down to the bad attitude secretaries) should be fired and replaced with people that care.

believe it

I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone would blame the schools/administrators/teachers in some way...sooner than I thought it would be though. Kudos! (sarcasm)

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run for the hills

School System-Check! They put their heads into the sand.

Are You Kiddin

The school needs to be held accountable for the way they treated the situation last year. They knew this child was unstable.

believe it

This is how America goes now, just blame everything on someone else. No one ever accountable for their own actions.


So the school needs to be held accountable for a non student for his actions today? Wow, thanks for making this forum dumber.

Are You Kiddin

They had an opportunity to give Mr. Mason help last year. They could have taken the steips to see that he got the help. However, that being said, I have to say that his family knew there were issues so if they didn't get help for him (which I'm not sure of) then they need to be held accountable. I forbid my daughter from having any contact with Mr. Mason after this happened and she lost touch with him (which I'm extremely thankful for). I'm sure there are more facts out there that none of us know about.


Im certain the schools had counselors that talked to him, but the schools are not psychiatric wards and are not the guardians of these troubled children. The only thing they can do is follow protocol, which they did by suspending him and inform his parents of the situation, which they did. Its very uneducated to say its the schools fault for this happening. But given the mentality of today's society, its expected when things like this happen. Its not the schools responsibility to raise these children, which is exactly what you want them to do. They do not have the manpower, nor money..etc to ensure that every kid that may be going off the normal path gets help, meds...etc. What if the schools contacted the mother and asked if they had sought counseling for this kid and the mother said "no, we do not feel he needs it". What are the schools to do then? Again, its not the schools job to make sure kids that are in trouble seek help and follow through with it. They have limited powers these days and are very limited with what they can and cannot do. The only thing they can do is suspend, have school counselors talk to them and inform the parents....bottom line. Shame on the mother for not getting this kid the help he needs and shame on this kid for picking up a gun and using it....what a crock.


I totally agree and everything u have said is the honest truth because my grandson was on that list also. Was told the same thing,, U shouldnt pick on this kid !!!! DUHHHHHHH,,, WAKE UP WILLARD !!!!


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This is the same boy who was found with a list of children he didnt like, Called it hit list. Well it was taken up in the principals office of course by concerned parents for their childrens lives. It was passed off as nothing!!!!! Good job schools of willard !!! This is ridicoulous ,, Especially when it is happening in all schools and that town laughs it off. I would not want to be one of those parents with their kids in lockdown knowning what that town laughed off, and now his mother is shot and he wasnt stopping there.........WAY TO GO WILLARD!!!!!

Most Wanted

Really? "He wasn't stopping there".... Did he send you a text message and tell you that? Don't you think this is bad enough without you making it worse? Your added drama isn't necessary unless you have the text message as proof dumbass.

Are You Kiddin

MY DAUGHTER WAS ON THAT HIT LIST!!!!!!! There were no text messages because he didn't have a cell phone. It was written out on paper. This boy needs help and I hope now that this has happened he will get the help he needs and changes will happen within the school district so this never happens again!!!!!

Most Wanted

What? I think you missed the point.

Kottage Kat

MW, sarcasm at it's finest and zoom it few right over. Kat


i was on the list also. they did confirm that it was a hit list. i hate how people are sticking up for him .. - what about the people he threatened to kill? no one gave him a hard time until he told us stories about how he killed his parents in england and then made the hit list. hes had several of them, including a 'rape list' which he made in 8th grade and showed his friend. no one believed us. guess they should have.


BAD ENOUGH... U MAKE ME LAUGH ! This kid is making lists with kids names on them calling it his hit list bragging around school and they let him go??? Then last week was taken in for problems by cops which was also in the paper. Then shoots his mother in the back. If u r defending him then u need to go get a reality check ! He needs no defense because he denies none of it,. Why r u saying that??

Most Wanted

No...here is what I'm trying to figure out: Situation happened at school last year. No one really figured out whether or not this kid really did or did not have a hit list. From what I read on last years article it seems the school removed him from the school for the remainder of the year (whether it be for his safety or others) and let him finish his course work. Considering the school and police could not determine whether or not he actually had a hit list...and after reading comments I'd say it's about a 50/50 split...even students were sticking up for this kid...and the school stated he'd never been in trouble before I'd say the school did what they could do. What else did you expect them to do? What else is the schools responsibility? Any further responsibility for this kids mental health was the PARENTS responsibility. Now...today...this happens....the paper says the kids a dropout...not enrolled...and you are blaming the schools? I really don't see what else the school could have done last year given the circumstances? And it's certainly not the schools fault if the kids not even enrolled. It just amazes me that none of you parents who state your kid was on the hit list even stop to think WHY your kid got on a hit list? Schools do not create bullies. In no way am I defending him, but where does the school get all the blame


Most Wanted, You are right on about summer59 being a drama queen. When incidents like this happen, people too often want to blame everyone and anything for being the reason why. I was wondering when someone was going to bring up "parent's responsibility". If this kid wasn't receiving the help he needed then it has to fall back on the parents or an assigned case worker. It seems obvious that he had a troubled past, so again what help was he getting at home???




The school gets the blame because , THERE WAS A LIST IN HIS POSSESSION- AND HE WAS TELLING THE STUDENTS IT WAS A HIT LIST.So it was taken before the PRINCIPAL of willard school and blown off because he claimed ,, It was just a list he made outta fun. And the reason he did get time outta school was because the PARENTS were mad and had every right to be. So Willard did it just to make everyone happy,, Well i wonder if willard school is happy now???? KNOWING LAST YEAR A 14 YEAR OLD MADE THEM A LAUGHING STOCK. OH,, And by the way,,, There were kids on that list that had never had anything at all to do with the kids! SO START BLAMING WHERE THE BLAMING BELONGS AND THAT IS ,,, WILLARD , SCHOOLS BECAUSE THEY WANT AN EASY PAYCHECK AND GO HOME TO THEIR WONDERFUL CHILDREN WHOM THEY DONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BECAUSE IT WASNT THERE CHILD. PLEASEEEEEEE... Enough about the high and mighty willard secretarys, and their principal, and guidence councelor. PUKE !!!!!


Most Wanted, Quit calling people names. Are you that immature? Grow up

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Kirsti....is all anyone needs to do is read your jibberish above to understand that you had to look up in the dictionary how to spell "immature" before you typed it....dumbass!