Girls face off over Facebook

A 16-year-old Norwalk High School student who was upset about things written about her on Facebook attacked the girl who was believed to post those rumors.
Cary Ashby
Nov 18, 2010


A 16-year-old Norwalk High School student who was upset about things written about her on Facebook attacked the girl who was believed to post those rumors.

Norwalk Police Capt. Michael Conney said the older girl approached a 14-year-old from behind, grabbed the younger student by her hair and pulled her to the ground. The incident, caught on the school video surveillance system, happened Thursday in the main front hallway.

“She didn’t even see it coming. She had no idea; you could tell,” Conney said, referring to the video.

Officer Christian Hipp watched the video footage before interviewing the two girls.

Once the pair were on the ground, Conney said the attacker attempted to hit the younger girl in the head.

“The juvenile was protecting herself pretty well,” he added. “The assistant principal was there to break it up pretty quickly. … He was there right away.”

The attacker, when interviewed by Hipp, “alleged the other girl made a face at her,” Conney said, had “written things” about her on Facebook and spread rumors about her.

“I would assume they are one and the same,” he said about the possible connection between the rumors and the Facebook postings.

The 16-year-old girl was charged with assault. Shortly after being brought to the police station, she was released to her mother.

“They (the school) suspended her immediately for 10 days,” Conney said.



That what happens when you talk smack. She should not have done it though. Especially from behind. That is uncalled for.

swiss family

well I guess there goes that old myth, that "sticks and stones could break my bones.... but names can never hurt me"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stupid girls...


Do people think that just because it's the internet and not 'passed notes' nowadays that it's ok to say whatever you want, or be as mean as you can be? Noooo, you talk smack, watch your back. I'm not saying what happened here is in any way right, but you're not gonna be untouchable if you scathe someone online. Common sense goes a long way, for that matter, so does courtesy and human decency.


This is the huge reason teenagers should not be allowed on these websites... I wouldn't allow my child to be on Facebook or My Space because it does nothing but cause problems. Parents need to take more control of their childrens internet availability... I know it's not easy raising kids now a days and thank God mine are grown... I would never allow a computer in a childs room where I could not see what they were doing and I would also have locks so they can't go into areas. There's no reason for children to be on Facebook or My Space or in chat rooms. If they want to chat ... use the phone or face to face. Look at what is happening to young people because of these internet sights. If it is not for a report or school reason for them to be on the computer... Kids are going to have spats and say things about one another but when it's put on these computers the whole world is able to see the comments.
Too many use it as a way to hurt others. It's caused suicides of young teens and when are parents going to wake up and stop their kids from this kind of harm? I also don't think Libraries should allow children on the computers unless they are accompanied by a parent to make sure they are using it for school work ect. That's just my opinion but I sure would do everything in my power to keep my child safe.


The view that young people should not be allowed on Facebook is about as antiquated as young should not be allowed to watch Elvis Pressley's hips....


Alter Ego,

Americanonly is correct. Facebook, texting, sexting, myspace,, nothing but a social gathering of immature, rude, cruel, and hostile children. The art of traditional communication has been replaced with degregation, humiliation, threatening images and text. These kids post on these webpages to talk trash to each other for everyone to see. Messages sent from their peers fan the flames already lit by a comment, image, or single word. We're not stupid! We know what it's all about. Heck, I'd rather see them playing the dang video games then sitting on the computer or cell phones talking trash! Both both are simply a complete waste of time. These kids need another more positive outlet for their frustrations. Drama is the king of the thing!


Or you could just raise your children right and give them a bit of freedom now so that they dont go crazy once they leave your constant hawkeye watch...


You better realize children will NOT always do as they are told and when your back is turned they will try to push the envelope... The internet is FULL of danger for our children. I'm glad mine are grown but I do have grandkids and I would NEVER allow any child to have his/her own computer in his/her room. You are asking for problems and remember passing a note in school is not out there on the internet for everyone to see and neither is their pictures that some of them seem to take and think only one person sees them. You can raise your child right and they will not always pick the right choice... If you believe that they will then you haven't raised a child to adulthood or been around someone who has. I know many parents who never thought their child would make the choices they made because they raised them with good values. A bit of freedom goes a long way... and I think it is good to give some freedom but not where the internet is concerned... Teens have a lot of peer pressure and sometimes they give into it no matter how good they are raised...


I swear I think Norwalk Reflector searches and posts stories related to other stories and / or comments. I wouldn't doubt it.


Noooo, you talk smack, watch your back.

People are only going to be pushed so far.


This fight wasn't even over facebook rumors, it was over a boy, shows how much the cops know,.

BaileyOriginally news for ya: 99.9999% of fights between teenage girls are over boys. Facebook, Myspace, Tweeting...those are just another avenue for them to fight on. What it sounds like is this girl talked smack, and got a good-ol-fashioned a$$whooping. Remember when we were in many fights there would be a year? Sure never made front page news then. It was over the same stuff.


I couldnt agree more. Moral of the story is dont let your alligator mouth over ride your hummingbird as@.


This is not the only fight that is going on between girls at the school. But assualt charges? What happened to the principal punishing kids with detentions and demerits for fighting, atleast the first time. Now we get the police involved for ever infraction. I went to school with a lot of kids who if they had been charged with assault for fighting in high school they would not be in the positions they are in today, i am talking about a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, and a politician or two, oh yes, and atleast one cop too.

I am not sticking up for the attacker in anyway, attacking someone form behind like that is cowardly, just making an observation about how we react to these situations now a days.

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I would say any girl who would come up BEHIND you without you knowing it, knock you down and not give you a fair chance in hell, then proceeds to hit you in the head while you try to figure out what the heck is going on while trying to defend yourself at the same time isn't going to learn much from a detention or you think? What the girl wrote was probably stupid and wrong but the reaction of the other girl is ummm......trash.

U get what u give

This is a shame..............the girl knew it was comin! These kids aren't learning anything because all of them are like oh heck yeah she beat the crap out of her!When u run your mouth for the world to see this is what u get! People fight over internet crap all the time even grown folks on here but u can be someone u can't track down on here or i'm sure there would be some serious fights! Point blank u have a problem do it face to face,call them or zip it & no drama will be started!It may have looked like the girl got her from behind but if u have a kid there & seen it u know better & fighting is not the answer but in some cases some people just don't have that attuide!U can only put up with so much trash talk u feel like people believe the drama & defend youself...............she should have just kept quiet & none of this would be going on girl thought she was cute & hard talkin trash & got dealt with period!NOT EVERYONE thinks the same just read on here u will get the pic. i'm sure:)


Are you male? I only ask because the 'female handbook' strictly prohibits us from 'getting everything out in the open' talking face-to-face, etc. No, we backstab, we connive, we stew about things sometimes for years and bring it out during the next fight! If you're married, you know what I'm talking about! ;)


Fighting used to be 3 days in school suspension, thats it.


i know both of the girls involved in this fight
this is truley pathetic and immature.
fighting over HEAR SAY?
and the hear say not even true?
i really hope she grows up.
so basically she attacked her for no reason.. since the rumors were not true..
and where did it get them....? no where!!!
why would anyone believe any rumor?
thats how teenage girls are
it is also very pathetic to attack someone from behind
all these norwalk girls talk like they are hard...
then sneak attack someone from behind.. espically in school
where they know the fight will get broken up at...
if they were truley hard as they claim...
they would do it out of school... and fair.
im very disapointed in this
this is what rumors do.
totally uncalled for, pathetic, immature, and all of the above


Where are the parents for these individuals? I would like to know, who in their right mind would give permission to show this video for everyone to see? The Board of Education, Police Department or the City itself should have put a stop to this before it became publicized. There are many reasons this should have never been a public issue. Bullying has become a huge topic within the United States itself for individuals in school and this constitutes such. Airing this video to the public opens the bullying doors for individuals who attend the school and who know the fighters. The fighters have many weeks of school to finish; now they will attempt to finish school without another incident. Students who happened to view the aired video may attempt to commit slander, defamation or other cruel acts toward either fighter (regardless of their part in the video). Adults and all people categorize things but High School Students or Student in general; categorize all situations more by placing their peers into groups which sometimes humiliate other students. If each fighter is under the age of 18, I think it would be up to the parents to whether this should have been a public issue. They have a reputation to protect and a responsibility to protect their children’s reputation. A legal matter may resolve the airing of this video to the public but it will never solve what the fighters will have to experience in their school career.


This is the parent of the 14 year old girl and I have tried to stay away from all of this nasty gossip. Neither of the parents gave anyone permission to air anything accept for channel 19 news and that was the 16 year olds family. I have to agree with Envestigator. I am already looking into retaining a lawyer. This would have all blown over if it was not aired for all the children to see. This fight was not because of a fb comment or status or any such thing. People do not even know what they are talking about and continue to spread rumors. You think they would have something better to do with there lives then gossip. My daughter has been bullied since September and I have gone to the school numerous times. Nothing has been done but calling in a two girls who continue to do the harassing and posting nasty things on fb. I have gone to the police and will work with them now and a lawyer to make sure it stops. After this incident I have had numerous people approach me to tell how there child was bullied or beat up in school and the school continues to do nothing. A ten day suspension and trip infront of the judge for a slap on the hand. I was told that the court system in Norwalk has know where to put these kids since the Sandusky and Lorain detention centers are full and the county does not have one of there own. I have only lived here for 3 years and can"t believe how the children here are left to run the streets. Some people on here say my daughter deserved this if she was talking and making comments. Come on people grow up. We try to teach our children that fighting does not solve anything. At least I try to teach my children that. Maybe others should do the same.

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My comment below was before watching the video. I just now watched it and am flabbergasted (spelling) that not one student stopped walking or even paused while this happened. They just all walked by. I wonder how beat up this 14 year old would have gotten had a teacher not been at that particular spot at that particular moment? Not one student tried to stop or help her? And the 16 year old should not be allowed around any female population. She obviously cannot control herself and obviously can do much worse harm if not babysat 24/7. Who wants to take responsibility for her actions when she gets back in the school after watching on tape what she is capable of? Mom of the 14 year old....I'd have an attorney also, to make sure that animal couldn't come within 5 miles of my daughter again.


No one tries to stop a fight in high school, never did when i was there. You get in the middle of a fight, you end up as the next target, let the teachers handle it. Now if it were in the middle of a back alley well then yeah i'd probably try to stop it but its at the front of the school where all kinds of teachers and what not are. Now back to the fight, the 16 year old is a chump, if your going to fight someone do it face to face, not from behind, chump move.


I cant believe Norwalk Reflector would post this video! Nothing like feeding into a bunch of teenagers. Don't you thinkk this girl has been through enough? You are really going to let it be posted for everyone to see? This video is the hit of the Norwalk High School - you should be so proud to boost your internet hits! Jerk-Move!