To shoot or not to shoot?

Do I shoot or don't I?
Cary Ashby
Oct 18, 2010


Do I shoot or don’t I?

A disgruntled man holds a gun to his temple. A student keeps three others captive in the school media room while threatening them with a knife. A man armed with a handgun suddenly pops out of the back of a parked van.

When to shoot was the question facing Huron County sheriff’s deputies when they experienced the tense, aforementioned scenarios during video training simulation this week. Sheriff Dane Howard used a state grant to rent the equipment for two days for $1,900.

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Okay, I got this one....

Let the disgruntled man shoot himself. Don't waste your ammo, if he's got his own. Shoot the student with the knife, he should have known better than to bring a knife to a gun fight. And for sure shoot the armed bandit popping out of the van. He's being overly protective of his parking spot. That wasn't so hard?