'Slice of life' play about impact of boy's estranged dad, radio

Cary Ashby • Updated Nov 10, 2017 at 2:04 PM

MILAN — Rob Radkovitz, the main character in the upcoming Edison High School play “Seek,” is focused on the impact radio has on his life.

“It is an interesting role to play,” said junior Evan Hoffman, the son of Kevin and Kim. “Rob is basically torturing himself by this presence that’s not even there.”

That “presence” is Radkovitz’s father — a man he has sought since grammar school and heard about but never seen. 

Radkovitz, a high school senior, is assigned to write his autobiography. He “listens” back on his life, which includes his grandmother’s mystery novels, Mexican soap operas, short-wave radio announcers, his multi-lingual mother and his rabble-rousing grandfather. Most cherished of all, Radkovitz hears the voice of his absent DJ father, from a single tape of one of his radio shows.

“His life is focused on radio,” said EHS freshman Noelle Marcy, who plays Radkovitz’s Aunt Jessica.

“She is a part of his life. She has a boyfriend; she consistently puts them together to make (her boyfriend) like kids,” Marcy added.

The young actress enjoys the awkward situations that Aunt Jessica creates between her boyfriend and nephew.

“It’s a slice of life (play),” said Marcy, the daughter of Shawn and Alice.

The EHS Drama Club will perform “Seek” at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 16 through 18 in the auditorium. Tickets for students and senior citizens are $5 and $6 for adults. 
For reservations, call 419-499-4652 ext. 1080.

Marcy said the cast is attempting to contribute “a visual level” to the audio-dominated play. Author Paul Fleischmann adapted “Seek” from his award-winning novel of the same name, which was published in 2001.

The Edison version is set in the 1980s and 1990s. Junior Megan Morley said the cast will wear costumes with “a lot of bold prints.”

“I really like it,” added the daughter of Mike and Deb. 

Morley is the stage manager. That means she oversees the lighting and sound cues and makes sure the props are in place.

“A big job, but it’s good,” said Morley, who has done similar work over the last three years.

“We’ve progressed a lot in the last two weeks. We’ve gone from being on-book to not at all,” she added, referring to the cast knowing their lines.

Morley was asked about her take on the main character and his journey.

“His father, who left him, was very involved in radio; he was a DJ. That influenced (his son) a lot,” she said.

The set and light design is by senior Maura Schmenk while junior Michael Roth handles sound design.

The rest of the “Seek” cast includes: Senior Dustin Kaniarz as Boy Rob; junior Allison Pennell as his mother; and senior Lydia Hoag and junior Vernon Kluding as his grandparents. Also included are: Junior Morgan Otto; sophomores Gabby Reiter, Meredith Holler, Jared Everman, Hannah, Micaela Coon, Sarah Bursley and Kyla Brown; and freshmen Leo Schnellinger, Ian Maag, Trevon Lassen and Maci Conrad.

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