Norwalk Reflector: Renaissance and local partners to raise $100K toward arts education

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Renaissance and local partners to raise $100K toward arts education

• Nov 16, 2016 at 12:42 PM

MANSFIELD — The Renaissance Performing Arts Association officially launched their 2016 Annual Fund Campaign on Wednesday, November 16th. The organization has between now and Dec. 31 to reach its campaign goal of $100,000.

Two local foundations have partnered with the Renaissance in reaching their goal by providing $50,000 total in matching grants. The Richard and Arline Landers Foundation and the Hire Family Foundation have each offered to match the first $25,000 the Renaissance receives toward their annual fund from the community of givers. Any donation is worth triple its value through December 31, 2016.

The Annual Fund Campaign enables the Renaissance to open its doors to over 40,000 community members annually with 15,000 of them being area children. The organization produces and presents over 50 performances annually, produces 56 educational events in-schools and 37 educational events in the Renaissance Theatre, and is the location to various community events per year.

“We’re incredibly grateful to both the Landers and Hire Family Foundations for supporting the campaign this year,” states Mike Miller, President and CEO of the Renaissance. “While the goal is ambitious, the Renaissance is confident we’ll reach our campaign target with the partnership with the two area foundations.”

“The Renaissance’s Education Department is a shining beacon in our community,” explains Jessica Dulle, Director of Development of the Renaissance Performing Arts Association. “We offer over 13 programs geared to assisting children of various ages in development, creativity and self-esteem.”

Research from the National Endowment for the Arts concludes that children who participate in arts education programs have better academic outcomes, higher career goals, and are more civically engaged.

Only 30% of the theatre’s annually budget is reached through ticket sales. Support from private foundations, the state, corporate sponsors and individual donations make-up the additional revenue.

Contributions to the annual fund campaign will benefit the Renaissance Performing Arts Association.

To support the Renaissance’s 2016 Annual Fund Campaign, please send a check to “The Renaissance” Mansfield or visit where you can make a gift securely through Paypal.

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