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Searching for real estate from your mobile device

Zillow • Sep 24, 2013 at 4:07 PM

By Monte Mohr

Searching for Real Estate from Your Mobile Device

Are you in the market to buy a new home? If so, chances are pretty good that you’ve sat down in front of your computer to do some sort of real estate search. Ninety percent of home buyers today start their home searches online. But did you know that in addition to your laptop or desktop computer, there are a growing number of ways for you to conduct home searches from your mobile device and/or cell phone?

With 49 percent of homebuyers and sellers turning to their mobile devices to help find solutions for their real estate needs, real estate professionals have made vast improvements in the mobile market. There are currently mobile real estate apps for all the various Apple products (iPod, iPad, iPhone), Android devices (Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle), as well as Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

If you are working with a real estate agent, check to see if their brokerage website has a mobile application available for downloading; this will give you immediate access to local listings in your area. If agent does not have a separate application, they may have a mobile version of the website which will facilitate your real estate searches on your mobile device.

In addition, for those who are interested not only in conducting localized searches, but also in searching properties throughout different regions or within certain school districts, there are mobile applications like Zillow.

Just visit the app store on your device and you will find these free real estate applications available for download. The apps allow you to conduct home searches based upon your individualized criteria such as price, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, specific amenities and more. You have the ability to save your frequent searches and in many cases you can catalog your favorite search results. And, just like an ordinary online search, mobile devices allow you to map out your search results.

The really unique ability that a mobile real estate search provides is the ability to do real-time searches while you are out scouting various neighborhoods in the community. If you are passing through an appealing area, you can use your mobile phone/device to do a very quick search to discover home values in the vicinity. Or perhaps you like a particular neighborhood as you’re driving through but you aren’t sure if it’s located in a good school district. Should you spend any more time looking or should you move on? Pull up your mobile app and find out!

If you are a homebuyer in today’s real estate market you can leverage the benefits of modern technology and put your search right at your fingertips.


Monte Mohr has sold more than 2,500 homes, making him one of America’s top Realtors for the last 25 years. This experience has given him a unique perspective on the Nashville real estate market where he can be found at www.tennesseedreamhomes.com. He is also a regular contributor of real estate information to Nashville’s NBC affiliate station, WSMV Channel 4. To learn more about Monte Mohr’s experience as a real estate agent, to get free advice about your biggest real estate challenges or to request an interview, contact him at Info@TennesseeDreamHomes.com.

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