Norwalk Reflector: Matt Doughty appointed to Norwalk City Council

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Matt Doughty appointed to Norwalk City Council

By Norwalk Reflector Staff • Jul 31, 2018 at 9:14 AM

The Huron County Democratic Party has appointed Matthew K. Doughty to the Fourth Ward council seat on Norwalk City Council.

Doughty fills the vacancy created by the resignation of Chris Castle.

Doughty is a life-long Norwalk resident. He has been employed at Miller’s SuperValu for the past five years, where he moved from stocker to department manager, to his current position as system administrator. In this position he has developed managerial, financial, technological and regulatory experience. Doughty is within a semester of completing a bachelor’s degree in business communication with an emphasis in political science.

His commitment to the democratic process is seen in his service as a poll worker in the past five elections. He credits his parents, Mike and Michelle Doughty with the example of integrity and strong work ethic he strives to model.

Doughty said he is pleased to use his experience to serve Fourth Ward residents.

“I have obtained much experience in the business sector that makes me well suited to address the needs and concerns of Norwalk’s constituents,” he said. “It is our job to provide the community with the tools it needs to nurture a future generation not bound by the constraints of unemployment, poverty and the effects of our current opioid crisis.”

Doughty’s familiarity with Norwalk is reflected in his commitment to families.

“I am familiar with the struggles facing young families,” he said. “I firmly believe that Norwalk should be a kid’s place. A place which is safe, and encourages education, recreation and creativity. I may be young, but I make up for that with my drive, passion and experience to fight for our community. It is only by working together that we can hope to succeed.”

Local Democratic Party leadership is excited with Doughty’s commitment to serve. Chairwoman Sue Lesch appreciates the interest shown by many.

“We had five outstanding individuals who put their names forward for this position,” she said. “We’ve been energized by their enthusiasm and commitment. In the end, given Matt’s energy, dedication and ability to run for this seat next year, all agreed that Matt was the best choice.”

Dennis Stieber, HCDP second vice-chair, said he appreciates Doughty’s work ethic.

“Matt will always do his homework when it comes to council issues. Because of Matt's love for the city of Norwalk, the welfare of the citizens of the Fourth Ward will be well represented,” Stieber said.

Central committee-woman Angie Smith is happy to see the next generation get involved.

“He's qualified. He's dedicated. He's ethical. And he's a millennial. We need more of all of the above in public service,” Smith said.

Doughty will be sworn in at tonight’s city council meeting by Mayor Rob Duncan.

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