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Students 'march for their lives' in Norwalk

By Caitlen Cameron • Updated Mar 25, 2018 at 11:06 PM

Local students and supporters gathered at Norwalk High School on Saturday morning as part of the worldwide “March for our Lives” movement, peacefully protesting mass shootings and creating a push for gun control reform.

The March went from the high school to U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan's Norwalk office on Main Street. Jordan, a Republican, represents the 4th district, which includes Huron County.

Similar marches took place in areas throughout the nation. Participants included some Americans in Rome and Japan, according to the New York Times. While the locations varied, the theme of the protests stayed the same with common chants such as “Books not guns” and “Enough is enough.”

Norwalk’s event planner, senior Lexi Santiago, said she was happy with the great turnout.

NOTE: Hundreds of pictures from the event are posted on this website.

“At least we are standing up for what we believe in. We are taking the courage to ask for a change, and yes, we might be kids but we will be voting in the next election year and we can make a difference,” Santiago said.

When everyone arrived outside Jordan’s office, several speakers — including Annie Hiler and Janet Garrett — discussed the students lost in Parkland, Fla., saying they hoped this would be a realization for changes in the government.

Many students said they felt the same as Santiago when marching.

Norwalk senior Laura Skinner said she felt a great need to be present at the event. “Too many lives have been taken by guns and a school is a place where kids should feel safe,” she said. “It’s just really important to fight for the ones that lost their lives.”

While the march included a mixture of different grades of students from Norwalk, there was also a diverse range of ages who joined along the way.

Kim Woodruff , a substitute teacher for area schools, participated in the march and felt empowered by the younger generation.

“I think it’s wonderful that kids are stepping up to the plate, and they’re starting a movement that is grassroots for something bigger and we are here to support that,” Woodruff said

Susan Brouse had a similar feeling, adding the students made her feel motivated and enlightened even if change doesn’t occur within her lifetime.

According to its website, the March for Our Lives movement seeks to fund gun violence research and gun violence prevention/‚Äčintervention programs, eliminate restrictions on ATF, require universal background checks for all firearm sales, ban high-capacity magazines and limit firing power on the streets.

Representatives at Jordan’s office did not make a statement when the protesters arrived.

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