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Is economy in trouble?

By SCOTT SEITZ • Jun 11, 2016 at 10:00 AM

There has been a good deal of discussion lately about the current state of economy.

Economists enjoy tracking economic indicators as a way to try to prepare for a recession and predict growth.

A recent report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the loss of 21,000 temporary jobs in May and 63,800 in December. Some online analysts say this same thing took place in 2000 and 2007 before recessions. Economists stated the loss of temporary jobs typically occurs before the loss of overall jobs.

Jill Nolan, director of the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services, keeps a close eye on the job market.

“At Job and Family Services, we continue to work with our clients to provide the services they need,” she said. 

The staff at JFS will do everything it can to assist residents find work.

JFS assists with resume preparation, helps individuals match their skills with the appropriate job, and will even provide transportation to work for a person who qualifies.

JFS is in the midst of its summer youth program, where the agency is working with more than 50 people ages 14 to 24.

“We help place them in a business and help pay for their salaries,” Nolan said.

As far as temporary jobs, Nolan hasn’t heard any reports of a sudden decline, locally.

“I know in the southern part of the county, businesses use them (temporary staffing agencies) a great deal,” she said. 

There is work in Huron County for those seeking employment.

“Sometimes people have expectations,” Nolan said about why or why not a person might accept a job.

“There are good federal and state programs,” she added about further assistance in helping people find work, both temporary and permanent.

“We help individuals find employment,” Nolan said. “That, in turn, helps their children and the overall quality of life.”

Economists nationwide also have said recently a sudden collapse or problems with the “food stamp” of food assistance program could be an indicator of an economic downturn.

In a story reported this week, a number of Americans have stated their food assistance cards had not reloaded as of Wednesday, more than a week after they expected benefits.

According to a national survey, 40 million Americans are on the food assistance program.

On more than one online message board involving the food assistance program, residents asked, “how are we supposed to eat?”

Lenora Minor, administrator of the food assistance program at Huron County JFS, said Thursday this county has not received any reports of food cards not re-loading.

“I can tell you that food stamps reload at different times of the month,” she said. 

“What happens is, there is a re-determination date set for benefits. If that date is June 2, and the person comes in later, that will change the date for loading food stamps. We have not had anyone come in and see us about this.”

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