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City need to forward specific concerns to Boose

Scott Seitz2 • Aug 20, 2014 at 10:59 PM

A state official said Wednesday there are proper steps to take in dealing with the fomer Eagle gas station.

"The city of Norwalk can't just say, 'we'd like you to take care of this gas station for us,'" said State Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township).

Boose said there is a process and it should begin with BUSTR (Bureau of Underground Storage Tanks Regulations).

City council members have't been thrilled with BUSTR's progress.

"They do a lot," Boose said about BUSTR. "And, if you ask them, they will say they are grossly underfunded. I know they don't have as much money as they had at one time. They still have a number of employees, but they don't have money to pass along to the city."

Boose has recently met with Councilman Dave Wallace, the city administration and Councilman Stephen Schumm about the Eagle situation.

"As far as what the state can do, the law is carefully worded what can be done on someone's private property," Boose said. "You can't just go on to someone's property. You have to have a reason."

Boose stressed again there is a process to go through.

"To the best of my knowledge, the property has never been deemed a nuisance or a problem," he said. "And, BUSTR has inspected the property and has not found that the tanks leak.

"The court or the health department has to determine the property is a nuisance," Boose said. "The city has to ask them to do that.

"Again, to the best of my knowledge, the property has not been declared a nuisance," he said.

"Once that happens, there are a lot of things to look at," Boose said. "Maybe we need to look at changing the law.

"The state can't pay for every abandoned gas station around the state," Boose said. "I told the administration and Councilman Wallace to let me know if they want me to contact the Attorney General's office or go in some other direction. But, they need to be specific on what they want me to do.

"I can look to see if any grant money is available, but I know that grant money is drying up," Boose said. "If the city has something specific, they need to bring it to me."

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