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Norwalk man facing felony charges after allegedly hurting baby

Scott Seitz2 • Aug 4, 2014 at 11:27 PM

A Norwalk man is facing a pair of felony charges after allegedly causing injuries to an 8-week-old girl.

Nathan Wohlever, 24, of 5144 U.S. 250, Lot 116, has been charged with assault and child endangerment after an investigation by the Huron County Sheriff's Office.

"We received a call at 2:54 p.m. Tuesday from a Norwalk Police Department officer who said he was at Fisher-Titus Medical Center and possibly looking at a child-abuse case," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

"The officer asked if our deputies could assist in the investigation," Patrick said.

The suspected incident took place outside Norwalk city limits at Wohlever's residence.

"We were greeted at the hospital by a 21-year-old mother and 8-week-old baby girl," Patrick said. "There were possible injuries to the baby and (Huron County) Children's Services was called."

The child was transferred to Akron's Children's Hospital for further examination where the baby was treated and released.

"The baby had a number of injuries, including a bump on the top of the head, bruise on the nose, a small bruise on the upper lip, bruises on both legs and a slight bruise on the right side of the face," Patrick said.

"Deputies interviewed the mother and baby's aunt and discovered the baby had been left in the care of Wohlever for about 45 minutes while the mother was at work and before the aunt could pick the baby up," the chief deputy said.

"When the aunt received the child, the child would not stop crying," Patrick said. "The aunt also noticed the injury on the upper lip.

"The baby would not stop crying for the aunt, so the baby was taken to the mother who was at work at a local grocery store," Patrick said. "An ambulance was called and the baby was taken to Fisher-Titus."

Patrick said a number of people were interviewed during the investigation.

"We met with the family, including the mother, grandfather and 8-week-old child and gathered additional details," he said.

Detective Eric Bardar then located Wohlever on Thursday for an interview. Sheriff Dane Howard and Patrick participated in the suspect's interview.

"Wohlever made some admissions he was responsible for the injuries," Patrick said.

Howard said the suspect wasn't cooperative at first.

"This was the third time he was interviewed and he was dishonest with the deputies the first two times," the sheriff said. "He first told a fairly elaborate story -- a lie -- that was not conducive to the facts. There were six points of injury on the child that did not come from one harmful event."

Wohlever posted bond Friday and was released.

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