Ridiculous, bold 'The Producers' presented with flair by Huron Playhouse

Aaron Krause • Jun 26, 2014 at 8:07 PM

By the time this review is complete, a new genre of musical theater will exist, created by yours truly.

I'm calling it the unabashedly shameless, unapologetically stereotyping, insulting, widely entertaining feast for the eyes and delight for all senses bold musical comedy.

It's a longer title than the first name of the Swedish beauty in "The Producers" -- the daring, fully entertaining, big, bright splash of a musical that opens the 2014 Huron Playhouse season.

This madly comical show, being given an impressive, energetic, playful production, will either leave you lightheaded from laughter or, if you're the overly sensitive, grinch type, walking away with righteous indignation.

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