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2014’s best and worst cities for Fourth of July celebrations

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Jun 25, 2014 at 4:07 PM

With Fourth of July just around the corner and holiday spending expected to rise significantly compared to 2013, the leading personal finance social media network WalletHub has announced its rankings for 2014's Best & Worst Cities for Fourth of July celebrations.

With cost-effective festivities in mind, WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities in the United States based on how well they balance cost and fun. We used 14 key metrics to explore a number of different factors, including the number of food establishments, fireworks laws, attractions, weather and more in each city. By doing so, consumers planning to travel for the Fourth can effectively plan their celebrations while spending less. Below is a brief overview of the findings.

   Top 10 Cities    

   1  Richmond, Virginia    

   2  Irvine, California    

   3  Cincinnati, Ohio    

   4  Oakland, California    

   5  Washington, District of Columbia    

   6  Fremont, California    

   7  San Bernardino, California    

   8  Irving, Texas    

   9  Long Beach, California    

   10  Riverside, California    

Bottom 10 Cities

41  Corpus Christi, Texas

42  Chesapeake, Virginia

43  Louisville, Kentucky

44  Charlotte, North Carolina

45  Winston-Salem, North Carolina

46  Toledo, Ohio

47  Lubbock, Texas

48  Greensboro, North Carolina

49  Anchorage, Alaska

50  Durham, North Carolina

Other key stats:

• Jersey City, NJ, has 120 times more accommodation and food services establishments per capita than Laredo, TX.

• The price of a three-star hotel room is six times higher in Virginia Beach, VA, than in Glendale, AZ or Jacksonville, FL.

• In cities such as Richmond, VA, Cleveland, OH, Kansas City, MO, Indianapolis, IN, the traffic congestion is 3.5 times lower than in Los Angeles, CA.

• New York’s walking score is four times better than Chesapeake, VA’s.

• Cleveland, OH, has 42 times more public swimming pools per capita than Forth Worth, TX.

To see where other cities ranked (sorry, neither Norwalk nor Sandusky is on the list) and to find money-saving tips, click HERE.

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