South Central students earn TrojanBucks

Zoe Greszler • Jun 21, 2014 at 8:07 AM

South Central school officials have found an effective way to motivate their fifth through eightth grade students to do well at their studies while teaching them important life skills -- imaginary money called TrojanBucks.

"(The students) can earn the TrojanBucks for good grades, kindness or for helping a teacher or janitor," South Central sixth grade language arts teacher Christina Warrick said. "They can also get them for doing simple tasks or for random acts of kindness. Anything that goes above and beyond what you would normally ask of a student."

The TrojanBucks are also used to reward good effort.

"It's at the teacher's discretion," Warrick said of rewarding the fake cash. "If there is a student who isn't an exceptional student, but they studied really hard and maybe they got 10 points more than they did on their previous test, she might reward the student's hard work with TrojanBucks."

The school then helps the students to put an auction together where the students are able to spend their fake cash.

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